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Top 10 of the best Bohemian Hairstyles

Top 10 of the best Bohemian Hairstyles

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What's up, our Bohemian fashionistas? We hope that you will all fine because today we will deal with hairstyles. Indeed, in this article, we will present you the top 10 of the best Bohemian hairstyles. We expect that you will love it. Let's go! 

The summer is upcoming, so as is the moment to wear your most beautiful Bohemian dresses in order to tan during this season. A white dresses that lets you breathe, refreshing, or more colorful, it's as you desire!

Now, let's talk about what to wear with your pretty Bohemian dress ... You guessed the topic of the day : The best ally of your pretty Bohemian dress will be your hairstyle. Absolutely, you have to wear your Bohemian dress combined with a great Bohemian hairstyle to be perfect. There are as many hairstyles as there are dresses that will sublimate you, so which one to choose? A crown of flowers, simple braids…?

Don't panic further because to be on top of trends this summer both in terms of clothing and your hairstyles, we have prepared this article only for you to inspire you, and give you the best ideas of trendy hairstyles.


The scarf : your best accessory for a Bohemian hairstyle

Scarfs hairstyles | Boho Mood


A simple scarf is a must-have for any Bohemian fashionista, with or without patterns, colorful or neutral, will level up our outfit. Indeed, a scarf is essential in your wardrobe: tied at the bottom, tied at the top, as a headband or even tied at your belt, a scarf is a polyvalence piece.

A pretty scarf worn with gorgeous Bohemian earrings will make the ultimate combo. We can already imagine you with your outfit : a pretty dress, your loose hair, a knotted scarf, earrings and pretty rings. It's a chic and timeless combo. This is a great hassle-free way to style your hair, which will make you look romantic or glamorous, depending on the design you choose!

This is definitely one of the trendiest current hairstyles. Moreover, we can only follow this magnificent trend : easy to wear and to match with all your outfits, because it is absolutely versatile. Eventually, if you don't have a scarf yet, you can also get a headband.

If you are not the type to put big patterns or too vibrant pop colors, a simple black, neutral or white scarf are dealing. Use it as a headband and tie it at the bottom of your head, it's very simple. If you have bangs, you can either fold it back under the scarf or leave it out. A scarf goes with all types of cuts, but also with a brushing, waves, lacquered, or quite simply smoothed, we love it.

Its main asset is its multiple use : you can wear it in so many ways. An easily profitable product, timeless and which you will never get tired of. In addition, its many patterns available will allow you to be innovative ; have fun with colors and patterns.


Braided hair : a basic and timeless Bohemian hairstyle

Braided hair | Boho Mood


 Whether you have long or short hair, this hairstyle is for everyone. Whether you want to do pigtails, glued, tight, or rather loose braids ... this is a suitable hairstyle for any event: whether it's a wedding, an outing with friends, or a music festival or even stay at home.

To give a rather relaxed effect, I recommend a simple braid rather loose behind, or even put on the side and for a more classic style, a rather thick braid that will go around your head. Remember just one thing, to separate your hair into two equal parts from the middle of your skull to balance well and better distribute your hair.


The Half-Bun, a messy hairdo :

Half Buns | Boho Mood


A simple half-bun to be beautiful. Indeed, the messy and natural effect will go perfectly with your Bohemian lifestyle. No need for a perfect bun, it's the casual, rushed and messy side that we love. A simple scrunchie to unveil your neck, and you'll be ready to face the heat.

If you want to spice up your half bun, you can do that with a hair clip too.


The perfect fresh wavy hair, ideal for a beach look, like a natural wet wavy hair :

Wavy Hair | Boho Mood


Nothing it's better than an easy hairstyle to do as the wavy hair to realize is. indeed, we are all a fan of our hair after a swim : it's this natural, relaxed effect straight out of the water that we are going to try to achieve. Whatever you have shoulder-length, long, or short hair, wavy hair is a basic hairstyle when it comes to Bohemian hairstyles. The Bohemian fashion is a fashion stemming from the hippie of love and peace movement of the 60s. During this period, people were exploring the world in their van, not to mention all these flagship festivals of the hippie movement / Bohemian, especially the Woodstock or more recently Coachella. This movement advocated the natural, and let it live, so join the movement with this superb hairstyle. You can obviously reproduce this hairstyle at home or at the hairdresser.

To obtain a chic, both original and simple to do ; try the combo bun + braids :

Buns + Braids hairstyle | Boho Mood

Chignon + braids: a flawless combo. Doable as much on short hair as on hair with lengths and completely timeless, this combo will give you a 70s side with fine braids and a messy effect bun. We still advise you to comb your hair well before starting this hairstyle (and all those mentioned elsewhere). If you have short hair and want more lengths to do your braids, just consider hair extensions.

An alternative : cornrows, curly hair to ends or even a braided half-tail.


The High Bun, an easy and fast hairstyle :


High Bun | Boho Mood


It's a simple bun, but always efficient : we have obviously taken care to choose an alternative that corresponds more to the Bohemian style.

For this hairstyle, you just need to make a high half-bun : the messy hair effect will be efficient forever. With some of your remaining hair, make a pretty braid. You can also leave a few strands sticking out to accentuate the much sought-after relaxed effect.


The revisited braided bun : 


Revisited braided bun | Boho Mood 

This hairstyle can take a little more complicated than the other above, but don't worry because all you need to do is take all of your hair and braid it, then tie it into a low bun. This one will give you a laid back look, again don't panic if it's messy, it's the desired effect.



Back in the 2000s / 2010s with the headband for you Bohemian hairstyle :


Headband for Bohemian Hairstyles | Boho Mod


Choose a headband that matches your mood, and you can go from a Bohemian chic to a stylish and relaxed Bohemian. This is a simple way to change up your entire outfit for different occasions : a neutral, silver or gold headband for chic events and colorful headbands for outings with your friends. No matter how dense your hair is, this style will be perfect, you can also leave a few strands out to accentuate the relaxed effect so sought after. We recommend that you straighten your hair or make it wavy for a total throwback to the past, typical of the 70s.


A Bohemian hairstyle with accessories : 

 Bohemian Hair accessories | Boho Mood

One of our favorites : a simple braid on the side, with jewelry, so gorgeous.

You can obviously do it at will and just use any rings or hair jewelry you find in the store, so don't be afraid, embrace it and embark on this accessorized braids adventure.


A Bohemian hairstyle with feathers : 


Hairstyles with feathers | Boho Mood

A great classic hairstyle of the 2000s, this hairstyle is back in fashion in this homecoming time with styles from the 60s / 70s and up. Back to the hippie years with strands of feathers in your hair, combined with your stunning Bohemian dress, you'll be free to move around, your hair (and feathers) fluttering in the wind. Moreover, if you can't stand the heat and put your hair in a ponytail, the feathers will still be visible.

So ! This top 10 Bohemian hairstyle trends are already over. This list gives you plenty of choices to be on trend this summer, these hairstyles will look great on you no matter how thin or thick your hair is. These hairstyles are just as perfect for the Spring / Summer as they are for the Fall / Winter, so which one are you going to choose? We know that the choice will be difficult… But you have your life ahead of you to try them all, so adopt them all!

We hope that our top 10 will have helped you, after choosing your hairstyle, why not take a look on our site to discover our range of Boho clothes? You will inevitably find your new favorite piece there!

Remember to follow us on all our social networks Instagram @bohomood_com, Facebook and Pinterest @BohoMood_com for daily inspiration for your Bohemian looks!

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