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12 Bohemian Tattoos with their Significance and Meanings

12 Bohemian Tattoos with their Significance and Meanings

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Dreaming of a tattoo? Bohemian-inspired designs are true skin jewels. With their delicate lines and spiritual meaning, they exude charm.

The boho tattoo is a drawing engraved on the skin with both symbolic and decorative elements. A protective talisman, a western motif, a spiritual or mystical symbol, all boho tattoos are rich in meaning for the person that wears them.

Feel like taking the plunge? Remember that a tattoo is more than just a sexy drawing, it's a permanent mark that should reflect your soul. That's why it's best to carefully think about the designs as well as their place on your body.

Let's have a closer look at 12 trendy boho tattoos and their meaning.

Boho style symbolic tattoos

A small and symbolic tattoo, hidden on the inner side of the wrist or on the back of the neck for example, is particularly suitable for discreet and refined boho women... Those women that lead a rather ordinary life, but who escape thanks to their mindset. Their favorite boho tattoos? An arrow, a moon and sun design or floral motifs.

1. Bohemian arrow, the desire to move forward

arrow boho tattoo

Often fine and elegant in appearance, the arrow is a symbol that evokes the desire to move forward or the will to overcome trials. All of this in order to fulfill one's destiny 🏹 and find peace. It protects from dangers and negative thoughts while bringing strength. This pattern can also express love such as the cupid's arrow or friendship when two arrows cross.

2. Moon and sun, the vital balance

These two symbols 🌝🌛 represent the very essence of life. Both are divine entities in most cultures, as without them, this planet would not exist. The moon represents the feminine, darkness, and mystique while the sun is related to the masculine, energy, and light. These two vital elements evoke complementarity and balance of forces.

3. The floral tattoo, naturally romantic

Closely related to the boho style and hippie culture, flowers 🌺 often find their place in boho tattoos. Either as main design or secondary when they are added to other elements such as a butterfly for example. Flowers evoke softness, femininity, naturalness and each of them has a unique meaning. This is one of the favorite tattoos of the romantic Bohemian women as well as of the Flower Power lovers.

Spiritual & mystical tattoos

Yoga, meditation and occult science enthusiasts, Zen bohemians are particularly fond of spiritual symbols and mystical signs. They will often opt for an Om, a mandala, a lotus flower, a tree of life or a protective eye. Similarly, some will have a phrase or a small symbolic word engraved related to their philosophy.

4. Mandalas, the spiritual energy

In Sanskrit, the word mandala refers to a circle. A symmetric geometrical design, framed in a circle. Mandalas are related to Hindu deities and used in Buddhist practices. As symbols of the universe, they are composed of patterns charged with spiritual meanings and positive energies. A mandala tattoo is an invitation to meditation and happiness that will enchant the zen bohemians as well as the most creative.

5. Om, the vibration of the universe

boho tattoo om

In Hinduism, the Om or Aum is a sacred syllable that represents the creation of the universe, the energy of life and cosmic vibrations. This symbol consists of 3 letters that represent the cycle of life from birth to death. Om is a fundamental mantra (sacred sound) in Hindu and Buddhist culture as well as in other Eastern religions. Considered as the vibration of the entire universe, the Om is chanted before meditation or yoga sessions. An Om tattoo is a way to connect the body to the spirit and soak up the good vibes 🧘.

6. Lotus flower, peace and perfection

boho lotus flower tattoo

In Hindu and Buddhist culture, the lotus symbolizes the divine. It is the flower of spiritual awakening, perfection, accomplishment and purity - because even in turbid water, the lotus will always emerge intact. This aquatic plant expresses different significations according to its color. The white lotus is a symbol of purity, while the pink lotus is an emblem of the Buddha. The red one is linked to spiritual ascension 🙏 or to love. In the boho world, the lotus flower tattoo is highly valued for its beauty as well as its mystical connotation.

7. Tree of life, the life force

    A symbol of life force in many cultures, the tree of life 🌳 represents immortality, creation, evolution of consciousness as well as protection. Its deep roots embody energetic grounding, while its skyward-rising branches seem to guide towards enlightenment. The tree is therefore connected to both earth and sky. A tree of life tattoo will bring strength and accompany a spiritual quest.

    8. The Eye tattoo, a talisman of protection

    In Greece, Turkey and North African countries, wearing an eye amulet 🧿 (nazar boncuk, matiasma or hand of Fatma) is a way to protect yourself from negative energies and ward off the evil eye. These talismans are particularly fashionable in the boho world. They are often found on boho chic jewelry. Moreover, tattooing a protective eye will bring good luck but also a very trendy mystical-ethnic touch.

    Western tattoos

    The bohemian women, connected to nature 🌿 and a little bit shamanic, will appreciate the symbols of the ancestral Native American culture as well as the western tattoos. The ethnic charm that emanates from these designs will also convince gypsy bohemians and their wanderlust.

    9. The dream catcher for protection against evil spirits

    Originating from Amerindian tribes, the dream catcher protects from evil spirits. This circle, adorned with woven threads and shamanic feathers, captures negative energies. Thus, the dream catcher tattoo is like a protective talisman for boho women.

    10. The feather, freedom and nature

    feather tattoo

    The lightness of the feather evokes a desire for freedom. This kind of tattoo is particularly suitable for travelers that never get attached to a place and for those who like to wander around. The feather associated with birds is a shamanic element that stands for the spirits of nature.

    11. Buffalo skull, gratitude and honor

    boho western tattoo

    In Native American culture, the buffalo 🐃 is a particularly revered totem animal that embodies abundance and wealth. A bison skull tattoo symbolizes honor, gratitude and wisdom, but also strength and resilience.

    Decorative boho tattoos

    Boho tattoos are very fashionable this year, and particularly on the wrists, hands and fingers. Fine and delicate, they form magnificent jewelry such as bracelets or rings that sublimate your hippie-chic style. Consider ephemeral tattoos that you can wear for an evening, as an alternative to your jewelry 💍.

    12. Hand tattoos, absolutely trendy

    decorative boho tattoos

    The more reserved bohemian women may prefer temporary henna tattoos, while the more daring may opt for permanent black ink designs. From small minimalist symbols hidden on the inner side of the finger to magnificent mandalas covering the whole back of the hand: each boho woman will find her own and unique style.

    In addition to their aesthetic aspect, tattoos deliver a message, a philosophy of life or an aspiration. Each design is unique and should reflect your own boho personality and values. So, now that you have plenty of inspiration, it's up to you to imagine the ultimate boho tattoo that suits you.

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