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5 Boho hairstyle ideas with a scarf

5 Boho hairstyle ideas with a scarf

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Let your hair breathe. Natural yet sexy, boho looks and their tousled hairstyles are in vogue 👌. Among them are wavy hair, braids, fuzzy buns, as well as vintage accessories to embellish your hairstyle.

Add a glamorous and hippie touch to your look... The scarf is the perfect item to compose stunning hairstyles and embody the bohemian spirit in no time.

Let's have a look and focus on some hairstyles to do with a boho head wrap!

Which bohemian head scarf to choose?

No matter if you have long or short hair, the scarf is a trendy styling accessory that allows to vary styles and looks endlessly. Whether you wear it as a headband, on the forehead, in a hippie way or as a turban, this fabulous piece of fabric can be adapted to all your desires. Did you know it is also one of Dior's favorite elements 🤩?

The boho hair scarf shall be rectangular, plain or patterned. The ideal size is 50x50cm. Select a pretty, slightly transparent silk fabric that will blend in with your hair. Also think about matching your head wrap with the rest of your outfit.

Which scarf to match a colorful outfit?

With a colorful outfit, opt for neutral shades and, above all, do not accumulate colors or prints in order to prevent the too much effect. Go for white, ecru or beige, for example.

According to your outfit, you can experiment with shades of brown, green, blue, orange, and soft colors that perfectly match the boho style.

Which scarf to match a neutral outfit?

With plain colored clothing, you can opt for a printed fabric but without overloading your outfit. As for the patterns, it all depends on the look you are after: You can choose among ethnic patterns, Tie and Dye, flowers 🌼, Liberty or vintage prints such as polka dots and geometric shapes.

Also consider bangs, tassels and beads to adorn your head wrap. Colored or printed fabrics are perfect to spice up a white or neutral outfit.

No.1 : The braided hairstyle with a scarf

For those with long hair, here's an easy to do hairstyle that looks absolutely stunning �?!

To realize this hairstyle, simply bend your scarf in half to obtain a long band. Then, divide the hair in two equal sections and wrap them with the band. Fix the two ponytails with an elastic band. Lastly, weave it into a braid: the scarf replaces the third section of your braid.

Another way to achieve this hairstyle is to tie your hair into a ponytail and knot the scarf at the end. Then, separate your hair in half and place the fabric as if it is the third strand of the braid.

No.2 : The boho bun sublimated by a scarf

Nothing easier then to achieve this pretty bohemian hairstyle.

How to do: First of all, you will have to put your hair in a high, slightly fuzzy bun that you will tie with a hair band. To do so, put your hair in a ponytail and create a fuzzy, voluminous bun and hold it with hairpins. Then, wrap the scarf around while carefully tying a nice knot on the front or the back.

No.3 : The scarf tied in a ponytail

The bandana is perfect to accessorize a ponytail or half ponytail 👱�?♀�?.

Besides being very graceful, this piece of fabric will add volume to your fine hair. This hairstyle allows to easily improve your look in just 30 seconds. Simply put your hair in a ponytail and then tie the band around. If you're one of those women always in a rush in the morning, this hairstyle is perfect and will give a little originality without much effort.

No.4 : The scarf as a headband

The headband for that little hippie touch ☮ 

When worn this way, the bohemian scarf is particularly elegant. Once again, no need to be an expert to achieve this hairstyle. Lift a few strands from the top of your hair and wrap your scarf around the head.  Attach the scarf with some hair pins and tie a nice knot. You may also tie it on your forehead, according to your preference. To finish, loosen your hair by releasing your curls or put them in a high bun.

No.5 : The tied scarf in sixties version

With wavy hair, you can go for the sixties style! For a 60s look, soft colors like pastel blue or pale yellow are a definite must.

To achieve this easy-to-wear sixties hairstyle, bend the scarf into a triangle and tie it at the back of your head, underneath your hair. You may leave out a few strands at the front for a more natural look. If you like to add add a daring, pirate touch to the look, lower the scarf to your forehead and tie it in a knot at the back of your head, over your hair this time. Combine this hairstyle with a pair of cut out ripped jeans and you'll be perfectly in style! 

The Boho Head Scarf is the perfect accessory to sublimate your hair and show off your boho chic style 💜. Braids, buns, ponytails or even loose hair, the boho scarf adapts to all your desires. So, do not hesitate and try out our 5 easy to do hairstyles, and above all, let your creativity shine through. Don't forget to let us know your favorite way of wearing the head scarf!

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