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6 Trendy Boho Hats

6 Trendy Boho Hats

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Among the accessories that will add a touch of character to your look, the boho hat definitely is a must have! Its shape, fabric and color will give you that unique style which you can adapt according to your desires. Besides perfectly enhancing your boho outfit and your personality, it also protects you from UV rays in summer and from the cold in winter.

From the Floppy hat, to the Trilby, Fedora, Boater, Panama hat or even the Newsboy cap… Plenty to choose from in 2021. Dare to wear this fashion accessory and fully assume your boho look. However, to avoid the fashion faux pas, here is an overview of the models that will perfectly match your style as well as the shape of your face. Discover our top 6 boho hats now!

The wide brim floppy hat for a boho chic style

The wide brim floppy hat represents the ultimate summer hat. With its wide, soft brim that undulates around your face, this hat will be your best ally to enjoy the beach while bringing that little touch of sensuality to your look. We simply love its elegance and timeless charm. This natural braided straw hat will definitely sublimate your summer outfit.

The floppy hat features a straw version consisting of a curved cap surrounded by a wide, wavy brim. It is also available in felt fabric for a more urban style.

The floppy hat, for which face shape?

The floppy hat is ideal for softening angular lines on a square shaped face. Oval shaped faces can also opt for this type of hat (just as well as for any other model, since everything fits them...). Feel free to wear your hat slightly sideways if you have an elongated face or forward to hide a large forehead. However, avoid this type of hat if your face is round.

Which style does the floppy hat belong to? 

Due to its elegance, the floppy hat fits very well with the boho chic style. Perfect to complement a short white lace dress, or a nice floral dress.

Regarding our collection, the floppy hat matches perfectly well with the green boho chic dress, the white boho midi lace dress or with the short ruffled boho dress.

The trilby for a boho rock look

Thanks to its modern shape and small size, the trilby is an elegant hat which is rather easy to wear. It subtly adds sophistication and audacity to your outfit. As a result, this hat is the perfect addition to a contemporary boho rock outfit.

The trilby is a small hat with a short, round brim that is lowered at the front side to accentuate the look, and raised at the back. As for many hat designs, the crown is pinched for easy handling. The trilby is available in felt, straw or fabric, can be worn in all seasons and is suitable for any occasion. And whether you prefer a casual or more sophisticated style, androgynous or feminine - the trilby will add a trendy touch to your look.

The trilby hat, for which face shape? 

The Trilby is suitable to all face shapes and sizes, round, square or heart-shaped... Treat yourself!

Which style does the trilby belong to?

Select your trilby in felt and a dark color. With its rock style, it pairs nicely with a long black and white dress, a leather perfecto and boots. Carry it slightly sideways or lean back for a touch of rebelliousness.

The sexy boho short dress or boho sun and moon graphic tee are clothing items that matches perfectly well with this type of hat.

The newsboy cap for a boho retro look

The cap is perfect for a chic and casual style as fall arrives. It will dress up your outfit in the blink of an eye while adding a vintage touch.

Somewhere between the beret and the US cap, this headgear inspired by the famous novel written by Victor Hugo has a short crescent-shaped visor. In wool, velvet or cotton, the newsboy cap will keep you warm during the cold season. Just as for the sailor-style cap, this timeless accessory seduces many celebrities thanks to its puffy shape and its casual look.

The newsboy cap, for which face shape? 

This cap fits almost all face shapes except for the round ones. For a fine face, opt for a not too large model to avoid looking like a mushroom. 😉

Which style does the newsboy cap belong to?  

We absolutely love the duo newsboy cap with a floral dress and suede jacket, but you can also carry it with a pretty white blouse and a pair of flare jeans, for example. Another great option is combining it with a graphic tee.

Dare to wear the cap with a romantic boho t-shirt. You will create a unique boho style that melds the rock and retro style.

The Fedora for a boho folk style

Carried by the biggest celebrities such as Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Michael Jackson and Harrison Ford, the Fedora provides a dandy or adventurous touch to your outfit.

The Fedora, also known as the Borsalino, is a hat with a large brim, more or less rigid. Its style is similar to the trilby but its brim is slightly longer and its crown is hollow. Generally, the Fedora is made of felt but it also exists in fabric or braided straw. Usually surrounded by a ribbon band, but it can also be decorated with patterns.

Whether you wear it for going to the office or in a more casual way to go for a walk outdoors, the Fedora is a great choice. The felt version, with or without ribbon and motives, will bring that little folk touch we all like so much.

The Fedora, for which face shape? 

The Fedora is suitable for all types of faces except the heart-shaped ones. Both round and square shaped faces: this type of hat will perfectly suit you!

Which style does the Fedora belong to?

Matched with a printed boho dress or a blouse tied at the waist will give you that boho folk style. In Indiana Jones mode, with a Fedora folded all round (Traveler version), wear it with a pair of denim shorts and a graphic t-shirt - you'll be in tune with the adventurer or safari trend. Reserve the front-fold up version for more formal occasions.

The Fedora matches perfectly with a boho country dress or a short flared boho dress, available in our collection.

The boater for a boho romantic look

This straw hat has been in vogue since the 1940's. The boater is an emblematic hat inspired by sailors, appreciated by artists and brought into fashion by celebrities and the world of haute couture.

The boater is the straw hat par excellence, in its simplest form. Its crown is relatively low and its borders are flat. Always adorned with a ribbon band, nowadays the boater is also available in raffia or lace fabric. For a trendy look, wear it slightly tilted to the side or front.

The boater, for which face shape?

With its oval shape, the boater is ideal to bring balance to a squared shape face. For a round face, prefer the Fedora or the trilby.

Which style does the boater belong to?  

For fans of the romantic boho style. Opt for a short, floral Bardot neckline dress to go on a picnic near the sea, on a beautiful sunny day or even for going to a festival. Select the simplest possible straw boater or one with a personalized ribbon.

The short off shoulder boho dress worn with sandals will go wonderfully well with a boater hat. You may also opt for a boho-style women's blouse.

The Panama, the bohemian elegance in a natural way

The Panama is a timeless summer hat. To stroll around in the city, to escape to the countryside or to go to a formal event, with a Panama hat on your head, you are sure to look fashionable.

The Panama is a lightweight, soft straw hat, which often resembles the Fedora, with a characteristic hand woven weave. It can be identified by its circular rose at the center of its crown. Originally from Ecuador, this hat made of a tropical plant was used by the 19th century workers who built the Panama Canal before it was to become a symbol of distinction all over the world. Most of the time, it is provided with a braid and has a natural, ivory or bleached color, although colored models can also be found.

The Panama, for which face shape? 

This headgear, with its Borsalino shape, matches most face shapes. So, do not hesitate any longer! 😊

Which style does the Panama belong to? 

This elegant and delicate hat will bring a boho chic touch to your outfit or enhance a casual look. Worn with a white blouse or a lace dress, the Panama hat will emphasize the glamorous side. Together with shorts and sneakers, it will add a trendy contrast to your look. Whether for going to the beach, shopping in the city, or going to a party, the Panama hat is perfect for any occasion.

This short boho lace dress and this flowing bohemian romper are ideal for wearing with a Panama hat.

As you can see, the bohemian style is to be worn from head to toe. In addition to your flowing, floral outfit, you need some accessories to add that personal touch to your style. Just as with jewelry and handbags, consider the boho hat to enhance your boho look.

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