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Adopt the Hippie Chic Style!

Adopt the Hippie Chic Style!

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Flare jeans, colorful outfits, Flower Power, and overall patterns, the 70shippie style 🌻 made its comeback a few years ago but in a more chic way. Thanks to the most outstanding designers' runways, the 70s style has made a comeback to the fashion scene. The flare jeans instead of the Eph pants, colors have been softened, and eccentricity makes room for subtlety. Although far from the old-time extravagance, the hippie spirit has kept its unique and original identity.

The hippie lifestyle that originates from a movement defending the values of freedom and authenticity attracts more and more followers. By breaking with the fashion codes, the hippie style offers a brand new clothing look, highly appreciated by celebrities. This style frees the body from physical (and spiritual) constraints, just like the boho style does.

Let's focus on the hippie style: its origin, its characteristics, its evolution through time, and the celebrities that have marked this fashion trend and the style adopted to become a true hippie chic.

The hippie movement, a Utopian counterculture

The hippie philosophy, inspired by the bohemian way of life, was born out of a particular social context. Animated by a post-war youth who refused the conventions and economic system of that time, the counterculture reached its peak at Woodstock in 1969.

A turbulent historical and social context

60's hippie demonstration

Hippie demonstration in the 60's against the Vietnam war.

In the 60s, an entire generation protested in front of a capitalist, consumerist, and materialist society. The opposition against the established social system, the need for emancipation, and the desire for an equal world led to a social movement's birth.

During this period, the Vietnam War began, involving the US in shocking military actions. The youth, comprising baby-boomers, were mobilized in the streets to defend pacifist values. Inspired by beatniks and Bohemian philosophy, the hippies called for a return to nature, freedom, and non-violence.

The psychedelic movement

psychedelic movement

Posters of music groups that are part of the psychedelic movement. 

New artistic and literary currents were born out of the hippie impulse, freeing themselves from the time codes, particularly in the musical field. We can mention mythical rock bands such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, and The Rolling Stones.

The famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix became an icon of the libertarian movement, and the singers Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon.

Hippie lifestyle and alternative culture

festival woodstock

Woodstock Festival, 1969.

Hippies aspire to change society through their ideals and pacifist messages💛. They take the fundamental concepts of this alternative culture from the literary works of their fathers Jack Kerouak, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, and Gary Snyder.

In their view, change requires the liberation of consciences. The search for new perceptions often involves the use of drugs and psychotropic substances. Besides, we are witnessing the emergence of unconventional communities living on the margins of society.

Hippies populate festivals and gatherings with an artistic or advocacy purpose. The counterculture is growing in size and popularity worldwide thanks to the emblematic Woodstock festival in 1969.

Seventies hippie clothing style

70's hippie style.

The hippie fashion of the '70s is rich in bright colors, psychedelic patterns, as well as other extravagances, and most importantly, no more close-fitting outfits that hinder the movement. The hippie clothing style is comfortable, ample, and fluid. It's a unique way of expression, with its elephant paw pants, wide tunics, as well as fringed jackets, under a charming patchouli perfume scent.

Women adopt boyish haircuts, while men wear long hair. The Peace and Love ☮️ and Flower Power signs adorn the t-shirts.

Among the celebrities that popularized hippie fashion are Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Farrah Fawcett, Lauren Hutton, and Romy Schneider. 

Legacy of the hippie movement

yuppies in the 80's

Yuppies in the 80's. ©Clive Arrowsmith

From 1975, the libertarian movement ran out of steam with the end of the Vietnam War, the deaths of specific significant figures, the controversy over drugs, and the first oil shock. Utopia gave way to disillusionment. However, the hippie movement left a strong cultural legacy.

In the 1980s, some descendants of the hippies revolutionized today's economy. The latter, who became the yuppies, will change the world from Silicon Valley thanks to the technological prowess🌐.

Much more than a fashion phenomenon, the hippie movement has changed Western mentalities by bringing a new breath of freedom. Moreover, its influence has strongly contributed to the liberation of morals and the development of ecology -♻️.

Evolution of the hippie style

If the hippie movement of the 70s deeply marked the youth and the generations that followed, it has nevertheless adapted itself to its time. The philosophy of life has not entirely changed, but it is more nuanced.

Psychedelic experiences are no longer the norm since we now know the effects of drugs on health. Neo-hippies are not really on the fringe of society or anti-system, but they lead a cool life in a bohemian spirit crossing the roads in their combi vehicles 🚌. As children of the world, they preach love, harmony while adopting a vegan and close to nature lifestyle.

Neo hippie style seen at the Coachella festival.

Festivals continue their popularity among the baba-cool as can be seen through the success of Burning Man and Coachella in California✌️. For the past few years, we have seen the neo bohemian lifestyle as well as the gypsy fashion style grow in popularity.

The clothing style has also evolved, adopting a more chic side to distinguish itself from the sixty-eighties and seventies.

Among the new ambassadors of the chic hippie style are the Olsen sisters, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, and Vanessa Paradis.

Regarding the look, the basic concept remains the same as in the sixties and seventies although we do not forget about extravagance or subtlety 🌷.

The hippie chic style

Flower Power is back in force! In its chic version, the quality of materials such as lace, embroidery, ruffles, as well as the natural soft colors' will sublimate the outfit. The floral patterns, the tie and dye, and ethnic prints are refined 🌸 in the chic version. Moreover, we like the ample fits and the long and puffed sleeves.

The key clothing elements of the hippie chic style

For a hippie-chic style, go for suede, faux fur, jeans, faux leather, muslin, and all-natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. We match fabrics and styles to obtain a mixed look without to forget about transparencies and overlays.

Opt for ethnically inspired clothing with tassels and openwork details such as guipure, crochet, lace, macramé or embroidery. The color chart is that found in nature such as white, brown, beige, green, blue, turquoise or powdered pink, for example.

Floral prints, Indian motifs, tassels, ruffels and embroidered beads are also very much appreciated by the neo-hippies.

Among the essential pieces of the neo bohemian or hippie-chic style, we find :

  • The maxi hippie dress
  • The long and floral skirt 
  • The flare jeans
  • The graphic tee
  • The white embroidered tunic 
  • The long vest
  • The fringed shorts
  • The crochet crop top 
  • The leather or suede denim jacket 
  • The poncho or kimono

Which shoes for a hippie chic style?

Barefoot may fit in perfectly with the bohemian philosophy. However, it's not easy to assume this every day. Pick a pair of Spartan or ethnic sandals, booties or even cowboy boots, which suits perfectly well.

Accessories for a hippie chic look 

Collect silver or metal necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Opt for large dangling earrings and also consider anklets which will bring a gypsy charm.

Your boho jewelry can be decorated with stones, turquoise, feathers, or shells. Finally, never leave without your leather pouch or your round wicker basket. Don't forget your small, round and colorful glasses to add that final hippie-chic touch.

Get your hippie chic outfit at Boho-Mood !

Adopt a hippie hairstyle!

Long, wavy hair is de rigueur for a chic hippie style. Forget the scrunchy and tight bun and opt for a headband, braids, or a flower wreath. The loose braid with a fishtail French twist is very trendy and somewhat easy to make. Whatever your hairstyle, always loosen up a few strands for a natural look. In summer, a hat will be perfect for the sunny days.

Flowing clothes, hair in the wind, bare feet, round glasses... Timeless yet casual, the hippie chic style is taking center stage. Would you dare to express the Flower Power 🌸 through your look?

If you're not ready yet to take on that seventies look, you can always turn to a more subtle style that will suit you better. The country style is perfect for this purpose! Both natural and refined, this bucolic look favors neutral colors and small prints.

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