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All about Boho Fashion!

All about Boho Fashion!

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As the star of the catwalk, the boho look continues to inspire world's leading fashion designers. Year after year, the boho style makes its comeback, in an always chicer version 👌.

The boho fashion represents a way of dressing inspired by romanticism, ethnic trends as well as hippie philosophy. Flowing and airy, this style promotes the values of the bohemian culture 🌸.

How to adopt the bohemian way of life? Which are the must-have pieces and how to avoid missteps? Focus on boho fashion trends, from head to toe!

The boho dress, an essential piece!

As the ultimate representation of the bohemian style, the boho dress definitely belongs in your dressing room. Loose and vaporous, this feminine garment is both elegant and comfortable to wear. Combined with some accessories you will achieve a glamourous bohemian style in the blink of an eye.

How to wear the boho dress?

While the longer version is preferable for an authentic boho style, the shorter version can also be chosen for a more sexy look. With a flared or straight fit, puffed sleeves or thin straps, made of cotton or knitted, bohemian dresses are available in an infinite variety of styles.

According to your wishes, your body type and the style you are looking for, opt for the dress that will highlight you most. Discover our secrets of wearing the bohemian dress successfully.

Which dress for which body type?

Finding the right dress according to your body type can be a challenge 🤦�?♀�?. Although bohemian dresses are suitable for most silhouettes, some fits may be more adapted to your curves.

First of all, it is important to define your silhouette in order to focus on your assets and not your minor flaws. Recommendations will not be the same for 8, H, A or O body types. Whether you are short or tall, slim or pulpy; you will find just what fits you best 😃.

Hesitating between the white maxi dress, the short and colorful boho dress or the trapeze dress with prints? In this article you will find some tips to help you select the most flattering models according to your body type.

Which shoes to wear with a boho dress?

We will pay particular attention when selecting the shoes 👢 so as not to break the harmony of your outfit. The focus will be on bohemian style shoes to complete your look. Depending on the season, the fit of your dress as well as the style you wish for.

For a boho chic style, consider a pair of ethnic sandals in summer or cowboy boots which will keep you warm in winter. For a modern look, combine your boho outfit with a pair of sneakers. Discover our top 7 shoes to wear with a dress.

How to wear the white boho dress?

In 2020, white has been brought up to date again by some of the biggest celebrities, such as Vanessa Paradis, who wears the boho white dress magnificently.

White evokes freshness, romanticism and modernity due to its pure appearance. A leading trend in the boho-chic style. However, this dress is not always easy to wear. Here are some tips for wearing the white dress in the right way.

Alternatives to the boho dress

Even though the dress remains the leading element in the boho style, there are other clothing items which are particularly trendy in the boho universe as well. Skirts and pants allows to compose more personalized outfits while varying according to your desires. Combine your tunics, blouses and boho tops to infinity with your boho skirts and pants.

How to wear the boho skirt?

The boho skirts are getting more and more popular! Whether long or short, split or asymmetrical, you will surely find the model that suits you. Skirts are perfect for creating elaborate boho outfits while varying your desires 🙃.

Made of cotton or silk for summer, velvet or wool for winter, the skirt can be adapted to each of the seasons. However, it is still necessary to know how and with what to wear it. Let's focus on this flagship piece of the boho style now.

Adopt the boho chic look while wearing pants

Since not everyone likes to wear skirts, the bohemian fashion also includes jeans and flowing pants. In addition, palazzo and flare jeans, which are the stars of the seventies, are returning in full force this year, featuring a very elegant yet trendy style.

Opt for comfortable fabrics made of natural fibers (such as linen, hemp or cotton) or go for denim. Just as for the skirt, pants are ideal for composing splendid boho outfits, whether you match them with a crochet crop-top, a rock t-shirt or a beautiful puffy blouse. Discover the boho chic style while wearing pants!

Dressing up bohemian in all seasons

With its flowing and lightweight fabrics, the boho fashion suits perfectly well to the beautiful sunny season. However, the boho look is easy to wear all year round, no matter the season.

In autumn and winter, jackets and accessories will help you against the cold. In spring and summer, you'll appreciate the comfort of bohemian clothes, which are particularly breathable.

Which jacket to wear with a boho dress?

In addition to its warm-up qualities, the jacket is a great accessory to complete your bohemian outfit, especially on chilly evenings. Spice up your boho folk, rock or hippie chic look with a nice jacket.

Denim, suede, leather perfecto or safari jackets... the decision on the jacket will depend on the desired effect, but also on your outfit. To avoid fashion faux pas, discover different models of jackets to match with your boho dresses.

How to dress boho in winter?

With some essential items such as the knitted cardigan, the oversized wool sweater or the faux fur coat, the boho winter look is both comfortable and warm. Select soft fabrics such as suede, velvet or wool, without forgetting about layering.

To master this layering method and avoid fashion faux-pas, check out our article devoted to boho winter fashion.

Wearing your most beautiful boho dresses with great confidence and pride? Remember that, even in winter �?�, you may still be able to continue wearing your favorite outfits.

From tights to boho sweater dresses, there are numerous ways to face the cold, yet remain elegant. No need to store them in your closet any longer! Discover our very best tips on how to continue wearing your boho dresses in winter.

The boho look in summer

Contrary to the winter season, the summer ☀ is perfect for changing your tired sweaters for some lightweight outfits. The days are getting longer and temperatures are rising. That feels great for the morale!

Sexy shorts, an elegant boho jumpsuit, dancing skirts and floral dresses are some of the must-have pieces to have in your summer wardrobe. Not forgetting to mention the crop-top, which is a real eye-catcher this year. Check out our 5 boho looks for summer!

The most gorgeous boho beach outfits

Now the vacation ⛱ has arrived and you are feeling happier than ever, light and airy boho clothes are waiting for you to enjoy warm summer days. No more need to feel hindered or suffocated by your clothes.

Whether a long or short boho beach dress, a white blouse, a vintage t-shirt or some openwork lace details: you are determined to look fabulous this summer, don't you? Discover 5 ideas for bohemian beach outfits.

Ever since the 60's, the bohemian spirit is not about to disappear. If you also like this chic yet casual style, you now know just about everything concerning boho fashion. Make sure to check out our clothing collection as well. Boho-chic, hippie, folk, boho rock - you will find what you are looking for!

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