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How to look boho chic?

How to look Boho chic?

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Your appearance is a reflection of your personality, your lifestyle as well as the first thing that people notice about you.

Did you choose to adopt the Boho chic style out of conviction or simply because you love this fashion and what it stands for?

If you're looking for ideas to build up your wardrobe, don't leave: in this article, we will detail the Bohemian chic tendency, the clothing, and the accessories to choose from for a total boho chic look.

Boho chic style: a state of mind

Boho fashion, gypsy, neohippies, all these terms that evoke the boho chic style ; a casual and elegant look in vogue among the population, the festival scene as well as on social media. It also is a very comfortable style for everyday wearing, which conveys values of freedom and harmony, in a rapidly changing world.

Originally, the Bohemian term was used to refer to the Romani people who came from the Bohemian region in the Czech Republic. A nomadic population, independent and on the bangs of society. The artists of the 19th century shared those social values with the Bohemians, values that were at odds with the bourgeoisie of that time. Little by little, the bohemian lost its wandering roots to represent the world of intellectuals and artists, followers of a counterculture.

It was during the hippie movement in the 1960s that the boho style really turned a new page. In opposition to the social conventions, the Bohemian culture and the resulting clothing trend were particularly developed. The bohemian style became a real way of life; cool and liberated. No more clothes that embrace our bodies: flowing and aerial dresses, embroideries, prints, bangs and ethnic accessories, all are well present and the look is as comfy as it is elegant.

Nowadays, the boho refers to an unconventional way of life, completely free and without caring about the future. Instead of material things, bohemians will prefer arts, nature and discovering the world. So, how about you: do you find yourself in this way of thinking? 

Boho chic, a style that's natural yet elegant

The chic bohemian clothing style is adorned with vaporous, airy, floral or printed items. It favors above all natural fabrics and comfort such as: cotton, silk, velvet, muslin, linen... these are the bases of the style, as well as leather, suede and fur. Naturally, in order to avoid any animal cruelty, we opt for imitation leather or fake fur.

The Boho chic style plays by overlapping different layers of clothing, ethnic accessories as well as with jewelry variations. Preferably with soft natural colors such as white, beige, cream, brown or pastels and occasionally, more vivid colors (red, blue, green, orange, turquoise). Everything is possible, as long as the shades are present in nature.

Characteristics of the Boho chic style

What differentiates the bohemian chic style from its relative are the details: these are the sophisticated little extras bringing a touch of elegance to the outfit. We love the embroidered details, the beads, the lace, the silk, the ruffles, the buttoned sleeves, the shoelaces, the slit cuts and the carefully worked fabrics.

As a matter of fact, the boho chic style compensates the sometimes sloppy side of the bohemian style, which used to be criticized in the past. The Boho chic style trend reached its peak during the 2000s. Among the celebrities who perfectly embody this look: Nicole Ritchie, Sienne Miller and Kate Moss.

Revealing a piece of skin, an unbuttoned collar on a nice neckline, a bracelet falling on an ankle: these are all typical boho chic style subtleties. To sum up: we allow ourselves to dress a little more feminine and sexy while staying casual and comfortable.

Boho chic jewelry

Impossible to talk about the bohemian chic style without evoking jewelry 💍: Opt for ethnic jewelry of various styles and play with materials, sizes and shapes.

  • Rings:

Accumulate various rings on one hand, decorated with pearls, stones or patterns.

  • Bracelets:

Go for silver, leather, woven, Brazilian or wooden bracelets. For your lower arms opt for a metal or woven cuff.

  • Earrings:

Decorate your ears with dangling metal earrings, decorated with natural stones, feathers or leather to recall the Amerindian aspect.

  • Necklaces and sautoirs:

Add several necklaces or sautoirs of different lengths, made of silver or aged metal with stone, shell or wood pendants for example.

Boho chic hairstyles

A real boho chic look requires a bohemian hairstyle! Keep it natural, with wavy hair or loose braids with a fishtail French twist for example. A headband or a flowery bandeau in your hair will work just great. For a natural wavy look, use a styling mousse to create beautiful curls.

Boho makeup

Take care of your skin tone: it should look absolutely natural and luminous. If you have some imperfections you can opt for a BB cream or a liquid foundation to blur them. Add a skin tone illuminator on the puffy zones and a pinkish blush on the cheeks. You can also add a bit of mascara, a dash of eyeliner and a touch of gloss or lipstick 💄 in peach tones for a 100% boho makeup.

The Bohemian chic style at the office

Boho lace top with sleeves ; Boho dress with long sleeves; Asymmetrical pleated skirt

At work, you can definitely go for the boho style. However, be careful not to overdo it. Avoid loose clothing or colorful patterns... Your style should not be too casual, or you may give the impression of being on a vacation. A more flowing look, a few embroideries may be all you need to achieve a bohemian look with a touch of delicacy. Favour slightly more sober and elegant outfits: lace, neutral shades and adjusted cuts that are a little more close to the body.

  • The dress:

A knitted or cotton dress with floral prints, depending on the season, with long or 3/4 sleeves. Remember to mark your waist with a belt or by opting for a fitted cut.  👉 Check out the boho dresses collection.

  • The skirt:

Long or mid-length, with prints, flounces or in pleated fabrics. Wear them with a slightly softer top such as a fine blouse. Another option: the suede or velvet skirt.👉 Check out the long boho skirts collection.

  • The blouse:

White or ecru, with lace, silk or embroidery. To be worn under a large mesh vest with rolled up sleeves.

  • The flare jeans:

A modern version of the eph' paw pants, preferably opt for the lighter version. Another option: brown velvet pants.

  • The large knit vest :

Long and ample, preferably in a neutral or beige color.

  • The jacket :

The leather perfecto in black, brown, camel or taupe or the well cut denim jacket, the perfect addition to your outfit.

  • Scard or foulard:

A colorful element to awaken your style.

  • The shoes:

Pretty booties or boots in imitation leather or suede. Preferably opt for shades of brown or black. Other options: 70's-inspired boots and pumps with thick heels.

  • The handbag:

In leather, suede or imitation leather, with natural colors and adorned with a few bangs.

Taking care of your Boho chic look while on vacation

Long skirt in beige; Short boho dress with lace ; boho split long dress

With its flowing, casual fits, the boho look is perfect for summer. ⛱ Opt for light and airy fabrics, white tops and faded denim shorts. Don't forget to accessorize your outfit.

  • The dress:

Long or short, loose, white or with prints. With sleeves (of any length) or with thin straps. On a white dress, with lace or colored embroidery.

  • The skirt:

Longue ou mi-longue, à volants, asymétrique, fendue, à motifs

  • The crochet top:

Blanc de préférence ou avec quelques motifs colorés

  • The cut off shorts:

In denim, faded or washed out.

  • The blouse, the tunic:

White, vaporous, embroidered or with lace 👉 Discover the collection of boho tunics.

  • The silk kimono:

With bangs or with prints.

  • The shoes: 

Ethnic leather sandals, platform spartan espadrilles.

  • The hats:

Fedora, Borsalino, Panama, wide brim, straw hat or crocheted cap.

  • The sunglasses:

Vintage, with large frames, of various shapes, in round or aviator style.

  • The handbag:

An ethnic pouch in colored fabrics, adorned with patterns, with embroidery or even a very trendy wicker basket.

  • The scarf:

A bandana around your bag, your neck or in your hair.

And there you go, you have all the elements to compose a perfect boho chic outfit adapted to your daily life.

Are you rather nostalgic about the 70's and the hippie fashion? Would you like to find a clothing style in line with the values of the Flower Power? Then we have some great news for you! The hippie style is making its comeback in a more chic, subtle and trendy version. Flair jeans, floral prints in gentle colors, soft fabrics and ample cuts...  And what if the hippie chic style was just made for you?

Don't forget, your clothing style also influences the outside world and the way others will look at you, just like the little hummingbird.

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