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The Country Style: How to adopt it?

The Country Style: How to adopt it?

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You are a big fan of the country style and would like to adopt it yourself? Or maybe you are invited to a country wedding, and don't know how to dress up? This article will help you out!

In harmony with nature, the country style is particularly pleasant to wear during the sunny days. This look is a blend of simplicity and sophistication, closely related to the bohemian spirit.

The romantic country style attracts more and more people, whether in the wedding world, on fashion shows or in magazines. A return to the nature, in a chic and casual way, has become more than just a fashion trend.

Now, what exactly is the country style?

Nature-inspired, the country-style look is a true invitation to poetry. Flowing fabrics that dances with the wind, soft and luminous colors with a dominance of white, romantic hairstyles, floral accessories: that's what the country style is all about.

Let's focus on this gorgeous, rustic look!

The country style dress code

To obtain a country look, it couldn't be any easier…

👉 Favour loose-fitting outfits that do not tighten the body as well as lightweight fabrics such as cotton, hemp, linen or muslin. Tulle, embroidery and lace details are also part of the country dress code. Show off your shoulders, your belly or your back and opt for asymmetrical fits, which will add a touch of sensuality to your country outfit.

👉 The color chart mainly consists of natural shades. We love white as well as pastel and powdery shades which will look absolutely romantic. Water green, light blue, soft pink, straw yellow, cream and ecru : all are great options.

👉 Sandals will become your allies. Consider natural jute or woven fiber soles as well as straps reaching up to the ankles. Suede booties are also well appreciated, especially in fall.

👉 Be sure not to forget the accessories, such as the indispensable flower crown and the straw or floppy hat. If you are wearing a plain outfit, opt for small touches of liberty prints on your belt or on the braid of your hat, for example. Also consider bringing a small wicker or textile bag decorated with subtle flowers to match your outfit.

The must-have clothes for a country look 

  • The flowing dress

The flowing country dress is a real must have. Whether long or short, preferably opt for a flared fit in order to bring some lightness. Go for white and floral patterns to guarantee a beautiful rustic effect.

  • The long skirt

Matched with a short top, the long skirt absolutely belongs to the country style. With rustic patterns or in plain color... Once again, the choice is yours!

  • The puffy white blouse

Ideally opt for a bright, neutral-colored blouse, especially if it contains embroidery or lace.

  • The floral jumpsuit

With its flowing fabric and floral patterns, the flower jumpsuit also makes a slight country effect. This 2 in 1 garment, which highlights the waist, is perfect for chic occasions.

If you wish to vary your country-style wardrobe, then bohemian or vintage prints such as Paisley or polka dots will perfectly complement your collection. Prefer small prints over large ones. The large floral patterns should better be reserved for a hippie chic look.

3 ideas for everyday country outfits

In order to help you to compose your wardrobe, here are 3 examples of easy to wear everyday country outfits:

  • The long floral boho hippie dress will sublimate your silhouette thanks to its empire fit and plunging neckline. Perfect to wear at work together with a small formal blazer or during a summer picnic in the countryside.

  • The white and puffy boho blouse will enhance your shoulders as well as your upper body. Its embroidery and ruffles will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. To match with a long printed skirt or some shorts.

  • The long boho hippie skirt with its bohemian patterns will match beautifully with an embroidered or ruffled top in order to create an aerial and comfortable look.

How to dress for a country wedding ceremony?

Nothing more romantic than a natural yet authentic universe for celebrating the most beautiful day of one's life.

The country wedding scene has been booming over the years.

Characterized by its chic and rustic decoration, this wedding theme is a very elegant one. White tablecloths, bunches of wildflowers, plant ornaments, wooden decorations, jute, lace or macrame accessories, they are all part of the decor. Natural fabrics and soft colors are commonly used. In general, the country wedding will take place in a beautiful garden or a nice green park.

Which country chic outfit to wear as a bridesmaid?

So, you're the bridesmaid of honor during a country wedding celebration?

Your outfit matters. Make sure to look elegant but don't overwhelm the bride. In the absence of a dress code, opt for a chic and minimalist country outfit in pastel colors. An empire dress or a flared and flowing jumpsuit will look just perfect.

Fabrics can be chosen in silk chiffon, lace or tulle.

⚠ Don't forget to match the colors, shapes and prints of your wedding outfits with those of the other bridesmaids, as well as with the entire procession.

The country dress code to be respected by the guests

Credit : Kami Olavarria (kamiolavarria.com)

The country style for women is very easy to elaborate, as long as you stay in the bohemian or hippie chic spirit. Consider pretty dresses or retro jumpsuits in cotton, silk or viscose, highlighting the waistline.

To match the country wedding theme, no way of wearing flashy or dark clothes. Naturally, avoid to wear white which is reserved for the bride and groom of the day.

Preferably go for powder pink, lilac, a pale yellow or sky blue. As a golden rule, soft and natural shades should be favoured. The floral or polka-dot patterns also are particularly appreciated. Be careful however not to abuse them.

Play on textures with gathers, ruffles, laces and embroideries that will bring a sophisticated and voluminous touch to your country wedding outfit.

Lastly, the accessories will receive a special attention.

Accessories not to be forgotten for a country chic style

Besides the essential flower crown, you can also sublimate your hairstyle with small vegetal touches. Opt for rather supple and wavy hair. Consider braids or go for a large straw sun hat.

As for clothing accessories, bring a silk shawl for covering your shoulders at the church. Feel free to add small floral touches 💐 to your outfit by adopting a liberty ribbon to mark the waistline, for example.

Add some jewelry with a natural look in order to highlight the entire outfit. Don't forget your tote or wicker bag.

How to dress up your partner in a country wedding outfit?

As a wedding guest, your companion can wear a cotton or linen shirt with cotton canvas chino trousers. He can wear a shirt in a plain color accompanied by a liberty or patterned tie or bow tie. The suspenders are the ultimate country style accessory, to be selected in a natural shade.

Your partner may also wear a lightweight 2-piece suit or just a suit jacket, depending on the type of wedding. Consider the floral boutonniere which always looks very stylish and elegant.

In addition, cream, navy blue and grey are some good color options for a rustic and romantic outfit, but your man can also tempt soft pink, water green or straw yellow. Great effect guaranteed! 

It's up to you now to adopt your own rustic country style!

Now you' re ready to take the next step by adding a couple of country style pieces to your wardrobe. Whether it's for the season, for a special event or for everyday life, this rustic style, both natural and sophisticated, will be easy for you to tame!

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