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Easy Boho Hairstyles

Easy Boho Hairstyles

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Trendy for several springs already, the bohemian style is not about to disappear. Adopted by the biggest influencers all over the world and worn at major Californian festivals, the boho clothing style is hotter than ever.

This timeless style and its associated philosophy attracts numerous followers. Natural yet inspiring, it gives an irresistible charm to your look. In order to perfectly compose your bohemian outfit, you will have to work your style from head to toe. Long and weavy hair in tousled style: your hair will enjoy a great sense of freedom. No more pull through buns or ponytails. Go for the wild touch. Whether your hair is long or short, let your hair bring out your inner rebel!

However, you are not a professional hairdresser 🤷 and don't want to struggle with too complicated hair styles?

No need to panic, we have 7 tips for you on how to easily realize bohemian hairstyles all by yourself. Fuzzy buns, braids, flower wreath, scarf, headband or with jewelry, let's have a look at the most gorgeous DIY boho hairstyles, no matter the length of your hair 👍

Braided boho hairstyles for an ethnic look

Obtain a bohemian hairstyle within minutes: it's absolutely possible. All it takes is a few braids here and there on supple hair.

Your hair has a pretty base that is a little fuzzy and wavy, shaded with some natural blonde highlights🌼? That's perfect. If not, don't worry, you can use texturizing products in order to get that beach effect, too.

There are numerous possibilities ! between the half up braids, which consists of binding two small braids on each side, the fishtail braid with all of the hair, or the two 👧  pigtail braids...

Another interesting variation is to make African braids from the top of the skull down to the lengths. Guaranteed that you'll love it!

The flower crown for a romantic hairstyle

What would be more bohemian & romantic than a beautiful flower crown 🌸  in your hair? This practical and efficient item is the star of ceremonies such as weddings and bohemian festivals. Pastel colors are the current trend. Fresh or artificial flowers will sublimate your hairstyle in the blink of an eye and create a stunning result no matter your hair length.

Whether worn on loose hair or used to accessorize a bun or other hairstyle, the flower crown is a real must-have. You can either wrap your hair into it or add a few braids, for example. 💁

To highlight the bohemian side, think of the wavy and sun effect 🌞, which looks completely natural. Some chamomile shampoo, used on a regular basis, helps to lighten up the hair. Curl your hair with a curling iron and you will get an even more glamorous result.

You may also be even more creative and make your own flower crown. Pick flowers in colors that match your outfit and follow your creative spirit. You will definitely make a great impression.

The scarf for a retro & chic seventies look

After its great success in the 70s, the head scarf is making a big comeback in 2020. A must-have accessory for women on the go. No more pulling out your hair in order to achieve a gorgeous boho hairstyle in just two minutes. Simply tie a bandana around your head in head scarf mode and free your face 💁.

For a slightly more elaborate hairstyle, you can tie it over a hair elastic. Whether you wear your hair loose, in buns or braids, the scarf is the perfect styling accessory that will fit all your hair styles and desires, without the hassle 🙇

Discover our 5 ideas of bohemian hairstyles with a scarf that are easy to do!

The head wrap for a hippie chic look

The new trend of the year, the headband is a feminine yet casual hair accessory. It looks like a kind of elastic hair band that allows you to style your hair in just minutes. A real celebrity fashion accessory: the headband is usually composed of braided fabrics or leather straps, decorated with feathers or pearls, an essential element for a chic hippie look. ☮.

Generally the headband is worn on the top of the forehead (except if you have bangs), as a tiara or as a bandeau. However, you can vary hairstyles by matching it with a twisted bun to free up the nape of the neck, for example. For a natural look, do not hesitate to pull out a few strands of hair.

For a simple and efficient hairstyle, twist two braids on each side and add a headband on your forehead.

The bohemian messy bun for a casual look

Though the flawless dancer's bun may not have its place in the bohemian style, its messy version is totally appropriate. For that, consider texturizing your hair to get an unstructured look or add a few romantic curls.

For example, you can make a loose bun on the top of your head and pull out a few strands or even make two, one on each side. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it's suitable for all hair types, from fine to thick, supple to straight.

The messy bun can be a little more sophisticated on special occasions such as a night out, a ceremony or even for a wedding hairstyle, but it can also be worn on a daily basis. High bun, low bun, on the side, with all or only half of the hair, vary the possibilities and enjoy.

Hair jewelry, bohemian chic accessories

What would the boho style be without the jewelry that accompanies? Bracelets on your wrists, necklaces around your neck, rings on your hands 💍… Well, why not sublimate your hairstyle with jewels designed for your hair?

Opt for hair rings to clip into your braids, on your dreads or even a pretty brooch to decorate a half tail on wavy hair. In silver or gold plated metal, adorned with pearls or fantasy, the hair jewel is original yet sexy.

Short bohemian hairstyles

Even if the long hair is highlighted in the bohemian style, you can definitely stand out with a short haircut, too. 💇♀ We have some great hairstyling ideas for you.

A messy half-tail hairstyle on a short square will break the stiff side of your straight hair. There are countless variations of half-tail hairstyles. You can roll it up like a bun, braid it, depending on your preference.

A simple scarf tied around your head will give you that chic and vintage look. And especially if you combine it with some retro sunglasses 🕶. Choose them with a pattern or flowers by preference.

Over and over again, the braids on both sides of your face will bring a trendy bohemian touch.

More options are available such as the headband, the flower crown or the messy buns. Pay special attention to the styling product for the base of your hair and also consider the bohemian hats 👒 if you are in a hurry.

For a successful bohemian look, don't neglect your hairstyle, which is essential to create the natural, casual effect, so characteristic of the trend. However, no need to overdo it to achieve the perfect boho style. A few minutes are enough to get a gipsy, retro, hippie chic or romantic hairstyle. So, stop worrying about your hair and make it look amazing with our easy-to-wear boho hairstyles

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