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How to dress Boho in winter ?

How to dress Boho in winter ?

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Winter is slowly approaching and the first cold days have already been felt 🥶. You are starting to take out your jackets and sweaters, however, this time you are planning to take care of your boho look whether it's raining or snowing ! After all, bohemian fashion isn't reserved exclusively for nice weather.

Warm yet comfortable, the boho winter look is very pleasant to wear as the days get colder. XXL fleece sweaters, covering boots and cozy coats will warm you up while sublimating your style.

How to dress up perfectly in boho winter style?

Boho Vibe will show you how layering works, which items are must-haves, without missing out on this season's trendiest shoes and accessories.

The art of layering

Are you familiar with the layering clothes fashion? 😀

Layering clothes in a stylish way is totally adapted to the bohemian look. By wearing multiple layers, you'll stay warm no matter what the weather is like outside.

It's also a great way to deal with changing temperatures as you can remove or add layers throughout the day. As a result, all your favorite summer pieces may be brought back to life by slipping them underneath a winter garment. However, this trick must be perfectly mastered if you do not wish to look like a sack of potatoes or a Michelin man.

First of all, go from the lightest to the bulkiest clothes by overlapping two or three pieces, don't overdo it either.

For example, consider a short dress made of cotton beneath a large knitted vest or a thin blouse beneath a thick sweater. Don't forget to make the bottom layers stick out for a trendy look. Likewise, roll up your sleeves and pull out your collar in order to show off your beautiful blouse underneath your knitwear.

Vary the lengths, thicknesses and fabrics to achieve a nice layering effect and, most importantly, avoid layering two bulky fabrics one above the other.

As for the choice of colors, there are two solutions: either you select a specific color palette 🎨. A range of brown or blue shades, for example. Either you mix different shades. Consider softening the patterns and vivid colors by matching them with more sober clothes.

You may also put a long coat on top of your jacket or match two jackets of different length and fabric : very trendy! 👌

This seasons main fabrics and pieces

Wind, rain and sometimes snow, choosing the right fabric is crucial if you do not wish to freeze on the spot 🤧. Wool, velvet, leather (or imitation), suede and fake fur can help you against the cold.

Among the must-have boho winter clothes are the oversized vest, the sweater dress, the poncho, jackets and long coats. Besides providing a boho-chic style, these pieces will bring you all the comfort and warmth you need for enjoying this cozy season 🔥.

The oversized vest or sweater

Above your dress or blouse, opt for a long or short cardigan, a knitted vest or a loose crochet sweater for a warm and cozy bohemian style. Above your dress or blouse, opt for a long or short cardigan, a knitted vest or a loose crochet sweater for a warm and cozy bohemian style. Easy to layer with many clothes, the XXL thick knitted model will bring a casual touch to your outfit.

The sweater dress

With or without a turtleneck, the sweater dress is the ideal bohemian winter garment. It can be worn with tights and boots in order to face the cold while remaining stylish. For more elegance, consider to match your sweater dress with a belt in order to highlight your waistline.

The wool poncho 

With its Amerindian side, the poncho brings a little ethnic touch to your boho winter outfit. Both soft and warm, this garment made of wool will protect you from drafts. The poncho exists with patterns, tassels or embroidery, according to your preferences.  It matches perfectly with many pieces, simply avoid combining it with fringed booties. That would be a bit too-much 🤭 !

The boho jacket

For a chic boho winter look, opt for a corduroy blazer which you can match with a flared denim. Alternatively, a patterned denim jacket with a fleece lining will bring out your hippie look perfectly. Lastly, a leather perfecto will add a touch of Rock'n'roll, while a studded jacket in suede will create a Western look.

👉 Discover our tips for choosing the right jacket to wear with a boho dress.

The long coat

The Trench coat, the faux fur coat or the Teddy Bear Coat - especially in their long version - are the main stars of winter. Soft yet stylish, they match perfectly well with most of your clothes. It will make you feel as if you are underneath your comforter. Great comfort guaranteed �? !

Which boho shoes in winter?

We all know that we catch cold through our extremities. That is why we strongly recommend replacing your sandals and canvas shoes by some booties while still remaining perfectly in the bohemian style.

Biker boots

With their resistant leather, large buckles and metal studs, the biker boots will give you a rebellious look. Worn out, they will add a somewhat raw and adventurous touch and, combined with a leather perfecto, the rock'n'roll style is guaranteed 🤘.

Western boots

Suede boots, adorned with many buckles or tassels are absolutely in the boho trend. Pick them lined with fleece in order to warm your feet 👣 while bringing a western touch to your boho outfit.

High boots

The high boots 👢 in leather, cognac or suede will enhance your legs while keeping you warm at the same time. Opt for a pleated effect and heels for a boho chic style. Brown, camel or beige tones are the favorites this winter.

Over-the-knee boots

Black and laced : the over-the-knee boots give a very feminine and retro look. These high boots, which have long been rejected for their vulgar side, are nevertheless very elegant when paired with a sweater dress or a cardigan �?.

Accessories to perfect your boho winter look

We can' t tell you often enough, the bohemian style cannot be complete without its array of accessories.

The boho hat

In winter, the Fedora in wool or the felt Trilby are ideal to give some character to your bohemian outfit when temperatures are getting colder. Likewise, the Gavroche cap offers a particularly charming retro look. On cold days, you'll appreciate the large knit beanie that you can pair with a nice scarf 🧣.

The gipsy bag

Whether in leather, suede or fabric, the boho-style shoulder bags or pouches are the perfect complement to your boho outfit. The gipsy bag 👜 is an indispensable item to carry your belongings offering a combination of style and utility. Depending on your look, you can choose a fringed model, adorned with ethnic patterns or pompoms.

The boho belt

Both practical and aesthetic, the belt is a great accessory to assert your boho look in winter. Made of leather, rope, braided, studded or even embroidered. Pick a large belt or a belt with a big buckle to highlight your waistline and structure your look.

Jewelry, bracelets and necklaces

Don't forget about the final touch with charming jewelry, decorated with stones, pearls and other fantasies. Even above a sweater, necklaces will look great. Roll up your sleeves to show off your bracelets and wear a few �? rings for a perfect boho look from head to toe.

Well, you're ready for the cold and gloomy winter, more boho than ever, with a warm and trendy look! Tucked into your elegant hippie outfit, enjoy this magical season with our boho-chic winter collection!

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