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How to Dress Up for Lollapalooza ?

How to Dress Up for Lollapalooza ?

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With the presence of 'Pearl Jam, ASAP Rocky, Billie Eilish,' you don't want to miss out on the famous Lollapalooza festival ! Are you wondering what to wear for this international event to make sure you have the perfect festival look? The bohemian style is a definite must-have to get into the Lolla mood. So, open up your wardrobe, and let's see what's best to wear during the most prominent traveling music festival ever.

Lollapalooza, an event not-to-be Missed

A annual Chicago rock festival that presents plentitude of hip-hop, techno, and alternative rock performers over a four-day period. Initially, Lollapalooza started as an alternative music festival, created by Perry Farrell in 1991, which strongly influenced grunge and independent rock during the 90s. This international festival first settled in the United States, Latin America, and Germany before they partnered up with European countries.

Over time, the music style has diversified as artists from the pop-rock scene have joined the festival, but it still keeps its underground roots, thanks to the unique approach that characterizes it. Regarding clothing, festival-goers always are provocative with unique and creative looks.

The Boho style dominates at Lollapalooza

The boho style is the major festival tendency, which is returning in force for a few years now. Over fifty years after Woodstock, celebrities brought back the hippie style at the end of the sixties. These days, this style returns in a more chic way: the neo-hippie or the boho-chic style.

The bohemian look perfectly symbolizes the festival's free and underground spirit by promoting the relaxed, casual, and unconventional styles while remaining chic and trendy. Besides, the clothes are very comfortable and light-weighted. A modern style, entirely comfortable to wear in the summer. From the long dress to the flowing blouse, the denim cut-off shorts, the kimono, the floral fabrics, the headband, the wavy hairstyle, the boots, or flat sandals: the bohemian look will seduce festival-goers and artists from all over the world.

Instagrammers at the Lollapalooza Festival in 2018.

Some festival tips for festival-goers

Knowing that the event will occur during summer, we can imagine high temperatures, even very high, if the heat wave wallops us. Therefore, lightweight outfits with several superimposed layers are preferred to adapt to the day's weather and not suffocate in case of intense heat.

In a hippodrome, the shadow corners are rare. Think of the hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. In addition to protecting you from the sun, these accessories will pep up your boho style. Also, long sleeves in light fabrics can be convenient to avoid famous sunburns. In the evening, when it's cooler, plan for an extra layer, so you don't get cold. Don't forget your raincoat, you never know, and opt for a bag to keep the essentials with you at all times.

If you don't know which shoes to choose, remember that you will probably walk a lot on uneven or even muddy ground, so comfortable and adapted shoes are necessary. Don't forget : you absolutely must be comfortable to enjoy this great time, dancing, partying, and moving from stage to stage.

Finally, dressing up for Lollapalooza requires a bit of research if you want to be on the move. Check out Pinterest to monitor the new trends of the year and get inspired by the most innovative styles.

The Lollapalooza sexy-casual outfit

The long floral and split dress 

Maxi Long Bohemian Split Dress in YellowBoho Pink Long Dress / Boho Maxi Dress Bright Blue Floral

Choose a long and flowing dress to highlight your slim silhouette. A slit cut will reveal your legs in a sexy way. The pulses are a light fabric, muslin, ruffled sleeves, and a ribbon belt to mark the waist without tightening it. With this dress, you can wear flat sandals for the most daring. In terms of hairstyle, opt for loose, natural, and wavy hair. This way of dressing for Lollapalooza will guarantee you a sexy and casual boho style.

The Bardot short dress with a neckline

White Boho Mini Dress / Floral Vintage Boho Dress / Hippie Print Dress

If you have nice shoulders, this dress is ideal for highlighting them. For a sexy look, the strapless, smocked dress will not go unnoticed among the festival-goers. With a cowboy hat and a wide brim, you will bring a little western touch. To accentuate the glamour side, we advise you to wear compensated espadrilles. As for makeup, a little touch of blush and a complexion illuminator will bring out your healthy glow.

The short and vaporous dress with flared sleeves 

You'll feel comfortable while displaying an excellent boho festival style with its wide ¾ sleeves and loose fit. Choose a dress in light colors or decorated with ethnic motifs. On the makeup side, use Terracotta powder to bring out your tan. Sweep the powder over the temples, forehead, bridge of the nose and the neck, decorate and finish with a touch of blush. With this type of dress, adorn yourself with wooden jewelry, such as creoles, to give an exotic touch.

Lollapalooza boho chic outfit

The transparent dress in white lace

Summer Lace Dress 

The white lace dress brings a lot of elegance to your outfit. Hyper tendency : dare to wear a swimsuit under a semi-transparent dress, just as the stars do. A straw hat, a wicker basket and flat sandals will complete your style, both chic and casual. If you're afraid of getting your feet crushed during concerts, consider boots or sneakers. You can also wear a flower wreath to remind of the romantic side. Opt for a simple stroke of eyeliner and a touch of gloss, and you'll be the perfect boho-chic festival girl.

The short, white embroidered dress

Short white boho dress 

In summer, we like to wear white to bring out that little golden tan. The embroidered white dress with half-long sleeves is a real key element of the bohemian style. The embroideries will bring out the chic side, and the flared cut will break the too sophisticated side of the dress to bring a casual look. To give character to this dress, think of accessorizing it with a leather bag with a long shoulder strap, for example, or a bag made of colored fabrics. For makeup, use an iridescent eye shadow in natural tones such as beige, brown, or green. Finish with silver or aged metal jewelry. And to sublimate your hair, test loose braids with a fishtail French twist, or the sun effect, with a few bleached strands on the ends.

The leopard print skirt

Long boho flared skirt leopard print 

The leopard skirt is a good option for a touch of eccentricity if you want to make a sensation at the Lollapalooza. Wear it with a short tank top, for example. Bring a pair of Spartan straps to emphasize your ankles, or hook and loop converse if you prefer to play it safe. Add a Fedora or a capelin to cover your head. You can leave your hair natural with just a wavy effect or make a fuzzy braid on the side. To do this, braid your hair without tightening it too much; you'll get a side that's a bit unstructured.

The boho rock-folk outfit

You can opt for the denim mini-short + Kimono set, which is very trendy. With its adventurous side, the shorts are an outfit that lasts in the middle of the festival and is very pleasant to wear in summer. As for the kimono, opt for long-sleeved, simple, or fringed, but it should preferably fall on your ankles. Match styles, and you will look perfect according to the Lollapalooza spirit. Add a t-shirt, a cropped top or a cowboy hat, and opt for Santiago if it's not too hot. Regarding make-up, just a touch of gloss and a little mascara to lengthen your lashes is enough.

The boho hippie look

For a real seventies look, go for the colorful psychedelic patterned Paw pants with a croc top and add several long necklaces. You can opt for cute round '70s style sunglasses with mirror lenses and a headband tied into your hair with this outfit. In addition to the look, don't forget to act cool :  attitude is the basic fundamental on any style.

Whatever you will be wearing, you'll probably shine on this exhilarating day. Don't hesitate to visit our bohemian dress and skirt store for your perfect festival outfit to give you some inspiration.

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