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The Guide to spending a Boho Christmas

The Guide to spending a Boho Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching... and so are the preparations ! Would you like to change the traditional way of decorating with some original bohemian decor ideas? No problem, we have plenty of suggestions on how to decorate your tree in order to create a boho chic atmosphere at home😉!

Poetry and fairy tales, each detail being important. These are the basic ingredients for a Christmas in boho style : transform your home into a cozy and comfortable place and enjoy the end-of-year celebrations with dignity.

Discover all that you need for a successful bohemian Christmas decor, a lovely Christmas tree, a nice table setting as well as for your evening gown. This year, Christmas rhymes with creativity!

Succeed its boho Christmas decor

Do you love the bohemian style as much as we do? Then why not impress your guests with a lovely boho chic Christmas decor? All it takes is a few accessories, decorations and lights. Now, leave some room for your imagination.

It is all about adapting traditions to your personal taste in order to bring a sense of renewal. For example, the Christmas tree turns into a refined wooden sculpture, the Christmas baubles into pompoms and the Advent wreath into a dried flower bouquet 🌾.... Lets go!

For some inspiration, check out @marzena.marideko 's instagram account.

Here are some tips that will help you create the boho decor of your dreams.

Use simple, basic materials

Wool, wood, cords, natural fiber fabrics and plants will be the main ingredients of your decoration.

Think of keeping your old crates for creating wooden furniture. In addition to these plain and rustic materials, add some lace or macramé for a boho chic style. Wall tapestry, curtains, placemats and dream catchers will make a stunning addition.

Enhance your homemade decorations by adding natural elements (pine cones, branches, flowers and dried fruits...) or cardboard pieces (stars, geometrical shapes...). Also consider feathers, pearls, shells, retro or ethnic objects to compose your unique Christmas decor.

According to your desires, plants, boho pillows and cozy items can be added for a Zen atmosphere.

Some boho decor ideas picked on instagram, to redo yourself !

Go for a little walk in nature

Remember, nature is the main inspiration for the bohemian style. To remind you of this eternal connection with Mother Nature, consider a nice walk in the countryside or in the forest and collect some treasures. Branches, leaves, stumps, pine cones, holly or even chestnuts are just a few examples of what you may find along the way.

We recommend to start this decoration project in advance so that you have time to let your treasures dry a few weeks prior to Christmas. Natural items can be sanded after removing the bark with a wood chisel. Also consider dried flowers to make beautiful bouquets or even a nice boho Christmas crown.

Save your citrus peels

Winter also means the season of clementine's, oranges and tangerines �?�... Instead of throwing away your peels at the end of your meals, remember to collect them. They will be perfect for creating beautiful boho decorations. From garlands to candles and crowns... Dried citrus peels can be used in many many ways. Simply add a few sticks of cinnamon or star anise, and you're done!

There are lots of ideas on Pinterest on how to make beautiful boho Christmas decorations!

Go for a soft and natural lighting

Absolutely the icing on the cake ! A soft and natural lighting will bring that cozy atmosphere you are looking for. Sparkles will appear in the eyes of your guests, and your Christmas will shine with a thousand lights!

Light garlands, candles, lanterns... Add a touch of magic to sublimate the scene. As for lighting fixtures, natural pendants such as rattan, woven fibers, or wicker work wonders. 

Prepare a beautiful boho Christmas tree

In order to change from the classic red-and-white Christmas tree, opt for a purer, bohemian, tree. Pick white or yellow garlands, pine cones, or plain wood materials for hanging in your Christmas tree. A soft and luminous garland will be of the most beautiful effect!

Alternatively, you can also hang pompoms, large wooden beads and other bohemian jewelry in your Christmas tree. However, be careful not to overdo it!

Instead of the traditional Christmas tree 🌲, why not opt for a homemade tree? We've got a number of DIY boho ideas, just for you.

This year, dare a unique and original boho Christmas tree.

1. Save your wooden crates for mounting a Christmas tree sculpture. Simply make a pyramid by placing the crates one on the other and place decorations on the inside of the pyramid. However, beware of anything that could get burned.

2. Build a large triangular or star shape with a few wooden branches and hang your garlands and other Christmas decorations. Great result guaranteed!

3. A large bouquet of dried flowers is the perfect alternative to the Christmas tree. Original and poetic, your guests will absolutely love it!

Dress up a nice boho Christmas table

The Christmas table decoration is of great importance. Family time around a Christmas meal, it's probably here that you will spend most of the time.

To establish a boho chic style, nothing beats rough materials such as wood and vegetable fibers combined with soft or neutral shades. Consider natural colors like cream, white, brown and beige, and above all: avoid flashy colors.

We recommend a burlap table runner, adorned with vegetal decorations of fir branches, on which you can place a few bunches of dried white flowers. Some vintage glass and dishware as well as some elements made of wicker will perfectly spice up your table decoration.

For an economical and ecological Christmas, opt for a boho table decor.

As for the chairs, stay in the retro style by alternating wicker and white, for example. Small lanterns, garlands or candles will sublimate the whole thing, bringing the magic of Christmas.

How to get dressed in boho style for Christmas?

Now that your decoration is perfectly set up for spending the boho Christmas Eve of your dreams. The only thing missing is your outfit to bring that final touch and be in total harmony with your theme. These 3 ideas of boho Christmas outfits will help you to get in the mood.

The knitted Christmas sweater 

Opt for the knitted sweater and its pretty patterns (reindeers, trees, snowflakes ...) which will surely bring the magic of Christmas into your home. With this boho sweater you will feel warm and cozy while looking casual and perfectly adapted to the event. You can complete your outfit with a natural fabric pants or a ribbed velvet pants.

The turtleneck sweater dress

A soft dress perfectly adapted to the season and ideal to highlight your feminine side. For a boho chic style, add a nice belt to mark the waistline and a Fédora on your head. You can be sure that you will look fabulous.

Discover our sweater for a boho winter

The faux fur boho coat

Chic yet comfortable, the faux fur coat is a real must-have to warm up your outfit as you go on a night out. You can wear it with a high waisted flare jeans and a nice belt, for example. Make sure to carry a leather shoulder bag that will perfectly match your style. Lastly, don't forget to accessorize with some necklaces and jewelry.

A boho Christmas is a magical moment to be shared with your loved ones. In a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, where magic and dreams becomes reality, enjoy this special time of the year that will not soon be forgotten.

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