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How to style the Boho skirt?

How to style the Boho skirt?

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A real must-have item to be included in your wardrobe, the boho skirt is available in countless models. Inspired by the Romani people and the romanticism movement of the 19th century and then revealed by the hippie movement ☮, the boho fashion style still remains ultra-trendy these days.

Whether long, short, mini, vaporous, straight, with pleated fabrics or ruffled hems, there are numerous variations, but how to wear the bohemian skirt according to personal tastes and body shapes? Which are the tricks to redefine the silhouette and lastly, what kind of clothes, shoes and accessories to match with the skirt to obtain the desired style?

Discover our tips and advice on how to properly wear the boho skirt without fashion faux pas.

Boho skirts, maxi or mini? : The big dilemma

While the maxi skirt, ample and flowery, is the very symbol of the boho style, with its freedom of movement and its wild gypsy dances 💃, the short skirt, preferably with a high waist, also has its place in a bohemian wardrobe. Chic and casual, it perfectly suits the desired look.

It's all about taste and personality

Asymmetrical Boho Skirt Ruffled / Boho gathered skirt / Boho pencil skirt 

Whether you choose a mini, maxi or midi skirt, it doesn't matter, as long as you feel comfortable and in tune with yourself. Opt for a model that reflects your personality while highlighting your assets. A long and flowing skirt for a casual and natural look; a mini skirt for a rock and sexy look; a midi skirt to reveal your feminine curves.

Bohemian skirts are usually made of natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, wool or muslin. Suede, denim, jeans or velvet also are flagship fabrics of the boho style.

Like all boho clothes, they often contain ethnic motifs, floral prints or tie and dye. In plain colors, they are occasionally embellished with embroidery, lace, ruffles or other fancy designs. Really, there is something for each and every taste.

How to avoid the fashion faux pas?

Obviously, it is important to choose a skirt style which you like. However, there are a few things to know in order to avoid fashion faux pas.

A long skirt is more adapted to the tall women because it may tend to compress the silhouette.

That does not mean that you cannot afford to wear a maxi skirt when you are short, but you may have to opt for heels 👠 to offset this effect. Consider platform soles that offers an absolute comfort.

A short skirt will make you gain a few centimeters in height which is why this model is perfect for the shorter women.

Comfortable to wear in summer ☀, the mini skirt may however not be appropriate for everyone. If you are complexed by your thighs, or if you cannot stay still, you may feel better in a midi skirt or a skirt that falls below the knees?

Whatever your height, if your legs are a little round, you can always disguise them with a boho maxi skirt. Likewise, if you judge that your calves are too strong, avoid the skirts which stop at this height as it would be likely to attract the attention to this point.

If you have thin and curved legs, a short cut will certainly highlight them. To give length and femininity to your silhouette, opt for a mini skirt with a high waist.

To avoid the fashion faux-pas, the main rule is to highlight your assets while avoiding to emphasize your imperfections.

Naturally, this rule also applies equally well to the other clothes in your wardrobe. Therefore, it is important to know how to wear the boho dress in order to feel comfortable in your clothes as well as in your mind.

Straight, asymmetrical, wraparound or flared fit? 

To know which type of bohemian skirt to select, the following question is to be answered:

Which part(s) of your body do you prefer to soften and which part(s) do you wish to highlight?

Our tips and tricks according to your body type 

✅ Hide a little belly

If you are looking to disguise your small belly, a high waist skirt is ideal as it will not only cover your waist, but it will also give the impression of lengthening your silhouette. Avoid elastics and ornaments at the waist to avoid extra attention on the waist.

✅ Refine the lower body

If you have a little too many hips, buttocks or thighs: trapeze, flared or straight fits are just perfect because they won't mold your shapes. Opt for a flowing skirt, of plain and dark color, without too many ornaments in order to avoid adding more volume where there is already some. Small prints are also a possibility as well as vertical patterns that tend to slim the silhouette.

✅ Hide your knees

To refine slightly too plump knees, opt for a skirt with an asymmetrical fit which will reveal your legs without showing them too much.

✅ Slimming the silhouette

If you want to refine your entire silhouette, then simplicity is the answer. Avoid any extravagance and flashy colors throughout your entire body. Opt for a darker colored skirt or one with small patterns. To brighten up your outfit, emphasize your assets with small touches of color or highlight a pretty chest with a beautiful neckline, for example.

✅ Mark your waist

If you have a small waist, feel free to tuck a wide t-shirt into your skirt to redesign your silhouette. If you have a figure 8 or hourglass body shape, accessorize your skirt with a belt to make your waist stand out. Lastly, prefer a large belt if you have some curves.

✅ Create some volume on the lower body

To balance a silhouette or to enrich a very slender body shape, it may be a good idea to add some volume at the bottom. If you are looking for such effect, know that ruffles, frills, pompoms, pleated or crumpled fabrics, embroideries and other fancy items are the perfect allies. Likewise, prints, white and colors give an impression of volume. A flared skirt with colorful patterns and ruffled hems will be perfect. Another possibility is the bubble skirt. In addition, opt for a more sober and rather dark clothes on the upper body.

✅ Highlight your hips

The pencil skirt, tightened at the knees, is perfect to highlight your feminine curves as well as to balance a round body shape.

✅ Enhance your legs

The short skirt or mini skirt is perfect to reveal your legs. You can also opt for the split or asymmetrical skirt style for a more subtle way to reveal them.

Lastly, know that if your silhouette is well proportioned, with a marked waist and thin legs, you can afford anything in terms of skirts. Choose the fits and prints you like. Pleated, crimped, ruffled, enjoy but don't overdo it either!

What to wear with a Bohemian skirt?

Many different combinations are possible to obtain the desired look. With a bohemian skirt, opt for a white croc top, a short t-shirt or a tank top. A top with bare shoulders can also be very sexy. Also, consider blouses, shirts and tunics with flowing or puffy sleeves.

In colder weather, wear a long cardigan, a denim jacket or a leather perfecto. Another option available is a poncho or kimono during the summer.

In autumn and winter, a velvet, suede or denim skirt can be matched with a fine or even a turtleneck sweater. With a short skirt, you can also wear a long vest with large stitches.

Just an advice, if you have a colored, patterned, ruffled or lace skirt, go for a relatively soft top with a plain color and vice versa to avoid the effect too-much.

If you are of the chilly type during winter, nothing stops you from swapping your long skirt against a pair of pants. There are many ways to match them in order to obtain a bohemian chic outfit with a pants!

Which boho skirt for which style?

The advantage of the skirt is that you can match it with many different clothes in order to create your style and endless variations.

💎 Boho-chic skirt

For a boho chic style, opt for quality materials and small details that will make the difference.

  • a white lace skirt with a tank top
  • a long and ruffled skirt with floral prints associated with a pretty puffy blouse
  • a high waist denim skirt with a white tunic with English embroidery

Complete your outfit with a poncho or kimono in summer. Don't forget to accessorize with ethnic jewelry.

🎸 Boho-rock skirt

Want to add a touch of rock to your outfit? Opt for dark skirts with floral patterns.

  • a straight mini skirt with a high waist and a large vintage t-shirt with or without fishnet tights
  • a long skirt with a leopard print, to match with a leather perfecto or a denim jacket

Add black boots, a scarf, Trilby or wide-brimmed felt hat, silver jewelry and chains and you will achieve the perfect bohemian-rock look.

🌼 Boho folk skirt

Dare to wear skirts with bright colors, embroideries, ruffles, velvet, denim or suede.

  • a short skirt with a blouse with puffy or flounced sleeves
  • a long, flowing and colorful skirt with a crochet tank top
  • a suede skirt with a white lace top or a fabric that plays with transparencies

Dress up with a straw or cowboy hat, silver, leather or wood jewelry, a pair of beige or camel colored Santiag or westerns boots, a fringed jacket or a kimono and you will get that total folk look.

Shoes to wear with a Boho skirt

You don't know which shoes to match with your outfit? Everything is possible and depends on which bohemian style you want to adopt. Keep in mind that the shades must be natural in order to stay in the boho spirit.

For a sporty retro look, opt for white sneakers.

If you want to focus on vintage, opt for heeled mules.

Converses are perfect for a festival look, while western boots will bring a country feeling.

For a rock spirit, Dr. Martens or rangers are a must-have.

Lastly, for a boho-chic look, opt for pretty flat sandals, spartan sandals or espadrilles.

Which boho skirt for which occasions?

In daily life, we prefer natural and comfortable fabrics such as cotton and linen. The ample cuts are very appropriate not to limit your movements.

Light and flowing fabrics such as muslin and natural fibers are perfect for the warmer days to allow your skin to breathe. Also, shorter cuts are pleasant to wear during summer, but a long, airy skirt can also protect you from the sun.

During winter, skirts made of thicker and thus warmer materials such as velvet, suede, wool and jeans are a great option. Consider skirts that you may wear with some tights to avoid getting cold.

Silk, lace or velvet skirts will add a more sophisticated touch to your outfit. They are perfect for work or for more formal occasions.

For a night out, it's up to you, go for the mini skirt and T-shirt for a bohemian rock look, wear a short skirt with a cute puffy blouse, or go for a casual look with a maxi skirt and a denim jacket.

Whether you're slender, round, Rock'n Roll, sporty or chic, the bohemian skirt is always fashionable. Find your style and compose the outfit of your dreams with our wide range of bohemian skirts.

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