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How to wear the boho dress?

How to wear the boho dress?

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A key element of the bohemian fashion style, the dress can be worn in many ways and on many occasions. Maxi, midi or short, flared cut or wraparound style, ¾ sleeves or thin straps, there is a wide range of options, and above all, there is something for every taste. Thus, it is possible to vary styles infinitely and to adopt the best suited dress for your body type. In this article, we will reveal the secrets of wearing the bohemian dress.

The different types of dresses

Among the bohemian dresses exist 3 different lengths : the maxi dress, that falls anywhere from the lower calf to the floor, the mini dress that falls just above the knees, and the midi dress, somewhere halfway between the two.

To properly wear the boho dress, it is important to determine which dresses will fit perfectly with your body type. The trapeze, empire dresses are ideal to cover up a small belly or strong hips. The wrap-around dress is perfect to highlight your shapes. The long sleeves are great to refine the flabby arms while the Bardot or V-neck collars will enhance your shoulders.

Boho dress styles

Various styles are available for the Bohemian dresses. However, the most common are the following:

✔️ The Trapeze Dress

Symbol of the sixties, the Trapeze cut is narrow at the shoulders and very wide at the hem of the dress. Ideal to hide the curves on the belly and hips.

✔️ The Wrap Dress

Extremely elegant and feminine, the wraparound style, with its V-neck, crossed at the top and then flares gradually from the waistline, marked by a ribbon belt. Usually, the wrap dress has a slit on the side as well as ruffled hems.

✔️ The Empire Dress

The Empire style is very feminine with the waistline defined at the bra line or just below it and rather flared at the bottom to hide the curves.

✔️ The Asymmetrical Dress

Because the bohemian look enjoys defying that which is straight, the asymmetrical cut perfectly fits in your boho wardrobe. Shifting volumes where needed, this dress will give you a unique look.

✔️ The Splitted Dress

With a side or middle split, sensual yet sexy, this dress will reveal your legs.

Boho leopard print dress / Boho dress Hippie Chic / Romantic Mini Dress in Pastel Pink

Other models also exists like the bubble or the skater dress, however in the bohemian style you won't find many fits that are close to the bohemian spirit.

Boho dresses fabrics

Regarding fabrics, favour the most natural ones. The majority of bohemian dresses are made of cotton, muslin, silk, lace, or sometimes linen or hemp. Polyester also is very common. Bohemian textiles often include natural printed patterns. When it comes to colors, have a look outside, you can use whatever natural color that inspires you. Please note that white as well as bright colors and patterns will be honored this year.

Collared Boho dresses

Regarding the collar you also have different options🤗: a V-neck to emphasize femininity, a plunging neckline for glamour, a turtleneck to protect you from the cold during winter, a Bardot neckline with bare shoulders, a rounded collar, a shirt collar or a knotted collar for a romantic touch. It is up to you to select your favorite outfit according to the desired effect.

Various Boho sleeves

For a perfect bohemian look opt for long, flared, puffed sleeves or lantern sleeves. For a boho-chic style, opt for an asymmetrical or ruffled effect. Thin straps and bare shoulders also are a good option. Generally speaking, long sleeves are very comfortable to wear in chilly weather while short sleeves are more suitable for the summer season☀️.

The Bohemian maxi dresses

Boho Floral Maxi Dress / Maxi red boho dress / Long Beach Maxi Dress

Les Benefits of the long Bohemian dress 

The long dress, also called maxi dress, is a dress that reaches down to your ankles or even to your feet. A real must-have. With this piece of clothing, you no longer need to have flawless legs, which is a great advantage. Your legs aren't smoothly shaved? Don't worry, the maxi dress is perfect to disguise them.

With a long bohemian dress you can sit just the way you want as there is no risk of your lingerie being visible. Particularly pleasant to wear, the long bohemian dress gives you perfect freedom of movement. Moreover, it is economically reasonable since it is self-sufficient to get a bohemian look in just no time. No more need to struggle endlessly trying to match several pieces together. Ultra feminine, very elegant and reminiscent of the princess dresses you always dreamed of as a child.

If you are tall, the maxi dress will fit you perfectly. For the smaller women, consider the models a little less long, with heels that will heighten you.

When to wear the bohemian long dress? 

The long dress is worn for chic and glamorous occasions such as weddings, romantic dinners, a gala or a special night out. However, in a more casual version, it can be worn during vacations, when going to the beach, or during a festival to get a bohemian look whilst protecting your legs. In winter the maxi dress in wool, with long sleeves and turtleneck will be your best friend to protect you from the cold.

Which accessories to match with a bohemian long dress ?

With a maxi dress, opt for a denim jacket or a leather perfecto, not that long, to mark the waist. Then comes a frequently asked question: which shoes to wear with a bohemian long dress? Opt for sandals, (low, thin and light) sneakers or booties with heels in suede - very chic.

The bohemian midi or mid-length dress

Vintage hippie boho dress / Boho ruffle dress / Boho chic tassel dress

The benefits of the mid-length bohemian dress

The boho midi dress is perfect to highlight your legs without revealing the lower part of your thighs. Whether you are short or tall, round or thin, this dress will suit you perfectly, as long as your calves are not too strong. Whether for work, everyday life or in the evening, the midi dress is both elegant and feminine and fits all occasions.

When to wear the bohemian midi dress?

At work, for everyday life or in the evening, the mid-length dress can be worn on every occasion and in every season, without ever getting out of style. It is the dress that you should absolutely have in your wardrobe.

Which accessories to match with the boho midi dress?

Once again, remember to accessorize by adding a jacket, a handbag, jewelry... Concerning shoes, fringed boots, ethnic sandals or derbies will complete your midi dress perfectly.

The short boho dress

Sexy boho dress / Vintage boho chic dress / Short spaghetti strap boho dress

Benefits of the short bohemian dress

The boho mini dress is particularly sexy. And if you have beautiful legs, this dress will definitely show them off. However, it is rather suitable for slim and slender silhouettes.

When to wear the Bohemian short dress?

The short bohemian dress can be worn during the summer season, on vacation, in the evening or even at a festival accompanied by a mini-short. However, at work, avoid the short dress as it gives a too informal look. Instead, opt for a midi dress. Beware, short doesn't mean vulgar. If you wear short, avoid the plunging neckline and prefer flowing and flared cuts. 

Which accessories to match with the short bohemian dress?

Spartan or cowboy boots are perfect to add some character to the outfit. Opt for a necklace to highlight your décolleté and bracelets to dress your arms if you are wearing short sleeves. In summer, a pretty straw hat or headband is a great way to dress up.

The white boho dress

White lace boho midi dress / White button down boho dress / White lace boho dress 

The benefits of the white dress

Frequently made with lace or embroidery, the white dress is a timeless piece of the boho style. Both chic and sunny, this dress will enhance your pretty golden tan during summer. However, carefully accessorize this outfit to avoid the " wedding dress " fashion faux pas. Especially when wearing a long white lace bohemian dress. The white boho dress will highlight your curves especially for those with a slim silhouette.

When to wear the white boho dress?

To avoid missteps, it is essential to know how to wear the white dress properly. You may wear it at the office, if it is chic enough. You can add a nice jacket or a perfecto to bring some elegance to the outfit. During a night out, the white dress will catch attention and you will be noticed. However, avoid wearing a white dress at weddings to avoid taking the bridal spotlight. Lastly, white is easily soiled, better reserve it for indoor events.

Which accessories to match with the white bohemian dress?

Add some color to your outfit by matching with a colorful fabric handbag, a belt and shaded jewelry. Get inspired by precious stones such as turquoise, ruby, emerald and pearls, shells, leather and wood in order to enhance the color and create a chic style. Lastly, remember that suede boots or ethnic flat sandals will look great with a white dress.

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