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What does "Bohemian" mean?

What does "Bohemian" mean?

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The Bohemian of the XIXth Century :

The word "Bohemian" is a vast and complex word which symbolizes a lot of things. To simplify, the word Bohemian symbolizes a literary and artistic movement. The Bohemian movement represents a lifestyle that rejects all forms of wealth, of bourgeoisie. It is a simple lifestyle where the Bohemian try to have the fewer problems, try to have a life which satisfy them fully. This 19th century movement is also synonymous with recklessness. If a man or a woman is looking for a Bohemian way of life, it is because he is opposed to the world of aristocrats, royalty, etc. Bohemians are calm people, who don't mind appearance and who never care about what others look like.

The word "Bohemian" really was at the heart of the 19th century, thanks to many writers and poets, who liked to create works on this atypical style, such as the famous work by Balzac "A Prince of Bohemia", published in 1844, or even Henri Murger's work "The Bohemian of the Latin Quarter", published in 1888.

During this period, the Bohemian movement takes a great place into classical and popular culture. It has become a wide theme addressed in French literature; in romantic poems, naturalists, or even novelist. Many works were born thanks to bohemianism, such as Arthur Rimbaud's famous poem "My Bohemian Life", published in 1870. Or the classic and magnificent French song by Charles Aznavour "La Bohème", which marked the French in 1965, with rich lyrics, which tells the magnificent story of a painter who remembers his past when he painted in Montmartre, Paris.


French Bohemian 19th Century | Boho Mood


The Bohemian of nowadays : 

The Bohemian has been able to develop and adapt over time and over the ages. It's one of the few movements which knows how to renew itself, and which endure over time thanks to the Bohemian style of course. In the XIXth Century, the Bohemian movement was only a movement, a literary current, but in the 19th century, it was able to develop as a real style, a real way of life. This wonderful style, which was able to develop in the 19th century, continues still until now.

And now you will wonder how can a movement like the Bohemian movement last so much over time? Simple, the society we live in today is a stressful society. Many events, every day, stress us and worry us. Moreover, more and more French and many other people around the world believe that the gaze of others is important, because today's society leads us to believe it. This is when the Bohemian movement starts to have its real significance, this movement allows people to free themselves and live their lives to the fullest. Don't care about the opinions and judgments of unknowns, you are the best version of yourself on this earth, so don't worry about anything other than your life, and stop thinking that you care about other people's opinions, this is here that you start to become a real bohemian.

It's for this reason that the Bohemian lasts so much over time, because many people adopt every day the Bohemian movement's motto and find out how to live a real Bohemian life, because it's the only way for them to let go of a stressful life. For instance, in the XIXth century, Bohemian and Gypsy were much less stressed than the French of the twenty-first century, because they knew how to take a step back on life, and enjoy life, because every moment of life is important, it's a real motto of the Bohemian movement.


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The Bohemian movement is unique but also ... 

The Bohemian movement isn't just a movement, a simple culture, it's a lifestyle, which has developed a real style of dress, that is the Bohemian style. You will understand, the Bohemian fashion style is really a fundamental of this Bohemian movement. Thanks to the development of the Bohemian and therefore the Bohemian style, many women have radically adopted Bohemian fashion within their wardrobes. Indeed, Bohemian  dresses and Bohemian skirts have become essential items in women's fashion. Bohemian fashion items are easy and beautiful to wear for a woman. They offer a boost of lightness thanks to light and comfortable fabrics.

Moreover, the Bohemian fashion hasn't yet finished surprising you because of its different clothes. Indeed, the Bohemian style offers such a wide choice of possibilities, in terms of cuts, colors, that it becomes a style with unlimited possibilities. It's also a style that knows how to adapt to anybody shape, the goal is really that you feel good about yourself and your body.

It's already over, you now know everything about this vast word that is the word "Bohemian", now that you know more about the Bohemian and its style, you can discover our Bohemian collections. Good shopping on boho-mood.com ! 

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