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What is the Boho style?

What is the Boho style?

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Long dresses, flowing blouses, fluid fabrics with floral or ethnic prints … The Boho style has never been so trendy 😎. Romantic, feminine, and casual. It seduces more and more of today's women who are claiming a certain ideology and an alternative lifestyle.

A true phenomenon. The Boho style is perfectly in line with current trends for fluid and casual cuts. Timeless. It is regularly updated and has inspired the collections of the greatest fashion designers over several decades.

Do you also dream of highlighting your unique personality, natural beauty and sensuality by adopting a Boho look? We’ll give you the best advice for a 100% boho look. Explore its origin, its fashion, even its fashion faux pas – the Bohemian style will no longer have any secrets for you 😁.

Origins of the Bohemian style

Emerging during the hippie movement of the Sixties and Seventies, the Boho style represents an alternative style of fashion, its symbol, a counter-culture that values freedom and anti-conformism. This style basically emanates from a way of life that is both marginal as well as artistic, as described in 19th century French literature: la Bohème, the Bohemian style.

It finds its origins in the clothing style of the Romani people who wear ample & colorful clothes 💃, and was then associated with artists, poets, musicians and all sorts of intellectuals of the Romantic movement. Over time, the Bohemian style evolved and became a true-life philosophy. Victor Hugo, Balzac, Henri Murger, Puccini, Aznavour, Queen, La Bohème… have all inspired many writers and artists across all eras.

Bohemians participated in a forward-thinking movement to oppose the over-rigid corsets that hindered their bodies, resulting in the arrival of new adepts of the Bohemian culture. Later, Paul Poiret, a well-known 20th century couturier, would reinvent a fashion trend by adding ethnic touches to his designs.


Woodstock Festival, peak of the hippie movement in 1969.

In the 1960s, the Boho style took a new direction with the hippie movement  . Its apogee came in 1969 with the Woodstock Festival that broke society's codes. Fluid dresses, floral or Indian patterns, bangs (or tassels), and the famous elephant paw pants are in the spotlight. The Bohemian culture considerably marked the Seventies.

With a later comeback in the 90s, the Bohemian style mixes with the hippie style to turn into the chic Bohemian or bobo (bourgeois-bohemian) style popularized by Vanessa Paradis. During the early 2000s women increasingly revealed their natural shapes by wearing skirts and long dresses to enhance their femininity. The fabrics are fluid and colorful, with many patterns. Floating or palazzo pants are also trendy. Outfits are embellished with numerous retro jewels, and Bohemian hairstyles are adorned with flowers 🌸 or braids.

Would you also like to reveal your own true inner Bohemian? Then read our recommendations carefully.

Now how to attain the Boho style?

Beyond your state of mind, it is your clothing style which will make you recognised as a Bohemian, or not.

To reveal a 100% Boho look, here are the basics:

Boho fabrics

Embrace natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or muslin with embroidery, as well as laces that brings softness and romanticism 🥀 to the outfit. You can easily combine a lace top (white or ecru) with a pair of used denim shorts. The whole ensemble is to mix the casual with the sophisticated.

Ethnic or floral prints will perfectly match the Bohemian style. However, avoid colors that are too flashy.

Crochet, used only on the upper body, is also a key element of the boho-chic style. Perfect for a ¾ sleeve top. Do not hesitate to choose a tight-knit top, depending on the season. During summer, you can then put your swimsuit 👙 below.

We also love the bangs (or tassels) that will adorn your shoes, your bag, or your jacket. Opt for a garment with bangs, and no more to avoid disguise.

Boho colors

White will be your best ally to achieve a Boho look. If this color doesn't match your skin tone, choose beige shades. Pastel shades are also very popular due to their obvious softness. However, we tend to bet that more intense colors will arrive in 2020. So, don't hesitate to enhance your style with some yellow or red.

Tip: Choose natural colors that are easy to match with your wardrobe, such as brown or blue shades.

The unmissable Bohemian garments

have the bohemian style

Following is a list of must-haves. You should absolutely have these in your wardrobe:

  • Dresses and skirts

Dresses and skirts carry the foundation of the Bohemian style. We favour long and loose cuts 👗. For more sensuality, Boho dresses can be asymmetrical or split in order to reveal your legs. Carried with a crop-top or a baggy blouse, the long Boho skirt is a perfect way to boost your look. 

  • Flare jeans

If you are not a fan of dresses, then eph paw pants, the symbol of the Sixties, can also be a very stylish solution, to wear with a t-shirt and a coat. For a touch of modernity, opt for high waist, flare jeans or bootcut jeans👖.

  • Denim shorts

Go for short, used, white or faded. With a kimono, it will be the perfect companion on the beach for summer.

  • Loose tops

Tunics, blouses and shirts will be baggy, and adorned with lace or embroidery. Select them in white tones, or with prints. A plain t-shirt can be very useful to break the extravagance of prints and bring a little sobriety to your outfit. To bring a touch of rock, opt for an oversized vintage t-shirt.

  • The kimono

A must-have. This piece transforms your Bohemian outfit. You can choose it plain, with ethnic or floral patterns, with or without bangs or even made of lace (white or cream).

  • The vest or the mesh sweater

Ideal to break the too sophisticated or too sexy side of your outfit. In soft and plain colors, it will be perfect with a short skirt or a printed dress. Choose a long, asymmetrical or loose fit.

  • Denim or leather jacket

Timeless. The denim jacket will go with endless outfits. Choose them without artifice, with a wide or slim fit, according to your preferences. Leather perfecto is also an excellent choice to bring a touch of rock.

  • The little extra

Revealing our skin can make us feel good and add a hint of sensuality to our outfit. Being Bohemian is all about experimenting, maybe with a bare shoulder?

Bohemian accessories

bohemian accessories

The scarf is an indispensable accessory to the Bohemian style. In your hair, around your neck or around your wrist, a scarf can be worn wherever you like.

For shoes, opt for flat or platform sandals adorned with jewels or flowers, fringed suede boots, westerns boots, or a pair of sneakers with palazzo pants.

Ethnic silver jewelry, and aged metal in an Indian style with turquoise stones will perfectly embellish your outfit. Braided bracelets, feather necklaces, engraved rings; previously worn items will make you happy.

Other accessories can be added, such as round or vintage style sunglasses, a fringed or crochet handbag... Perfect to complete your outfit.

Also think about matching your hairstyle: loose wavy hair, braids, headbands or even a wide-brimmed hat. Lastly, opt for a very natural makeup to project your 100% Boho look.

Bohemian style variants

bohemian style variants

Always remember, there are no rules in the Bohemian style and that's good for you because you can wear each item as you wish. Whether it's rock, hippie, vintage or folk, you're free to choose.

The Bohemian chic look is a more sophisticated version of the Bohemian look. Avoid floral 💐 or hippie patterns and opt for a more sober print. You may also choose silk, lace or crochet, which are the main elements of the bohemian chic style. With a pretty, white Boho dress, you will be at the top of the boho chic style!

To stick with the Bohemian rock look 🎸, bet on a leather jacket, a hat or biker boots to supplement a long dress. A stand-out t-shirt is also a must-have for a killer rock'n roll style.

Are you a hippie at heart? Adopt a trendy clothing style that is in line with your values and become a true chic hippie! Let's take out the eph paw pants again with the short flowery belly tie blouse.

Very trendy in the wedding world. The country style fits perfectly in with daily life, especially when you are a close to nature romantic. Soft and luminous colors, natural fabrics and small flower prints... This bucolic style is both natural and refined!

Fashion faux pas to avoid

To have a successful Boho look, a few faux-pas are to be avoided. Don't panic, we will show you what not to do:

 Wear tight outfits

Please don't. The basis of the Bohemian style is precisely the flowing and supple fabrics that follow the shape of the body without constraining it. So, avoid little tight tops please.

 Choose colors that are too flashy

This does not fit with the Bohemian state of mind which values naturalness. It is preferable to choose softer or slightly faded shades.

 Overdoing it

Be careful not to overdo it too much, to avoid giving the impression of being in disguise. We mix the styles but stay soft. No lace, crochet and fringe to excess.

You see, the Bohemian style is not only a fashion, but also a culture in itself.

It is first of all, your state of mind, your artistic sense, your sensitivity and your lifestyle that will make you a true Bohemian.

Lastly, don't forget, your clothing style reflects your personality and your convictions.

There you go, you now have all the ingredients to become a true Bohemian addict 💜. It's up to you now!

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