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Which Boho dress for your body type?

Which Boho dress for your body type?

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Are you a fan of boho fashion, looking for ideas to build your perfect wardrobe? Before purchasing your outfit online, you may be wondering which boho dress is right for your body type👗?

Great news, the bohemian dress fits all body shapes, as long as you pick the right model. Whether you are round, thin, tall or short, you will find something suitable among our wide range of boho dresses. Just follow the instructions below, you're on the right place!

The 6 basic body types

First of all, you should know that there are 6 typical body shapes that refers to geometry. The landmarks are the shoulders, the waist and hips. Feel free to have a look at yourself in a mirror, and discover yours.

The hourglass body shape

If you are rather thin, with a marked waistline and shoulders as wide as your hips, you probably have a so-called "hourglass" morphology, also known as X. This silhouette is ideal: everything is possible in terms of style. Focus on your curves!

Figure-8 body shape

A figure-8 body shape is very similar to an hourglass, with a bust and hips that are proportional and a narrow waist but with more generous curves. This silhouette is feminine and pulpy, remember to highlight your waistline!

The rectangle body shape

The rectangle or H morphology tend to be tall and lean. Similar to the hourglass body shape but with a less marked waist. The shoulders, waist and hips are in the same alignment. Bring some femininity to your figure and give your curves that extra flair!

The round body shape

If you have some generous shapes, small shoulders, a slight waist, a little belly and hips, you probably have the so called O shape. Are you a little round? So what! Your silhouette is extremely feminine. The flowing dresses, flared at the bottom, will fit you perfectly. Assume your curves and highlight your assets!

The pyramid body shape

If you have small shoulders, strong hips, and a bumpy bottom, you are certainly A-shaped with a pyramidal, also called triangular, silhouette. This body type is very sensual. However, be careful not to put too much volume at the bottom. Focus on the upper body and opt for ruffles!

The inverted pyramid body shape

Conversely, if your shoulders are wider than your hips, you certainly have a inverted pyramid or V body shape. You are, beyond doubt, sporty. This morphology, also called inverted triangle, will give you elegance but at times a little too much stature. Focus on the lower part of your body and cover your shoulders!

So, you're done identifying your body shape? Great! Now, let's see which bohemian dresses are made for your figure and, also important, which fashion faux-pas should be avoided.

Boho dresses for X shaped body 

Boho asymmetrical dress / Short boho chic dress  / Boho midi dress sleeveless 

✔ The right reflexes:

The hourglass body shape can afford anything, however, to complete your bohemian wardrobe, we recommend opting for slim-fitted dresses to highlight your waist. A belt can also be added.

With an X-shaped body type, dare necklines, patterns, ruffles, lace and color. The empire dress is perfect for smaller breasts. Opt for a rather short model if you are small and a long model if you are tall. Asymmetrical fits, with split or ruffles, strapless or the wrap around style... there is a wide range of options to choose from. Enjoy!

❌ Fashion faux-pas:

Avoid too loose or straight cuts that will tend to mask your shapes.

Boho dresses for figure 8 shaped body

 Boho chic dress / Bohemian hippie maxi dress / Bohemian chic summer dress

✔ The right reflexes:

Here again, our advice is as for the hourglass body shape. However, as you have more generous curves, don't hesitate to opt for square or heart-shaped necklines to enhance your femininity. Flowing dresses adorned with a wide belt will naturally highlight you.

If you have some flabby arms that make you feel self-conscious, don't hesitate to wear puffy, long or ¾ sleeves. If you wish to slim down your silhouette, opt for plain colors or small prints.

❌ Fashion faux-pas:

Avoid turtlenecks, horizontal stripes that thicken your figure as well as overly loose clothing that won't show off your waistline.

Boho dresses for H shaped body

Boho sundress / Boho festival dress / Vintage boho maxi dress

✔ The right reflexes:

With a tall and lean silhouette, opt for bohemian dresses that increase the volume either at the top or at the bottom in order to redefine your curves. Ruffles, patterns, embroidery and lace are a great choice.

Once again, the trapeze dress is a absolute must-have for this type of shape as it will add volume to your hips. The smoky empire dress will give volume to a thin bust while the bohemian wrap dress will feminize your silhouette. Go for the plunging or V necklines.

The strapless and bardot neckline dresses also look very pretty on H-shaped bodies. Lastly, a straight cut with a belt will do the trick as well.

❌ Fashion faux-pas:

Avoid dresses that are too tight, too fitted or too loose.

Boho dresses for O shaped body

Flowy boho maxi dress / Summer boho beach dress / Boho white lace midi dress 

✔ The right reflexes:

To slim a round body shape, a dark colored boho wrap dress or one with small patterns is a great solution. Long dresses for tall women or midi dresses for shorter ones will fit perfectly. Consider flowing fabrics marked at the waistline. Accessorize your outfit with a wide and colorful belt.

You will appreciate the square, heart or V necklines as well as the models of the wrap or trapeze dresses and the shirt dress tightened at the waist. Straight fits also are a good option to hide a small tummy while the empire dresses are perfect for the smaller breasts. Lastly, don't hesitate to opt for long or ¾ sleeves to refine your arms.

❌ Fashion faux-pas:

Avoid tight dresses, formless dresses, ruffles, pleated fabrics, too light or flashy colors and just about anything that gives an impression of volume, where you have some already.

Boho dresses for A shaped body

Floral boho dress short / Sexy boho dress  / Bohemian white lace dress 

✔ The right reflexes:

On a pyramid shaped figure, with narrow shoulders and wide hips, the goal is to balance the body shape by adding some volume to the upper body. Among the different styles of bohemian dresses, choose those that give an illusion of volume on the top. Ruffles, frills, pleated or gathered fabrics and lace on the bust, shoulders and arms are perfect to enrich them. Puffy or lantern sleeves as well as shoulder pads are also suggested for the A shaped body.

Focus on the décolleté. Opt for a strapless dress, a V-neck or plunging neckline. The ruffled Bardot neckline is a great option to catch attention. You can also opt for thin straps. A large collar, boat collar or slightly unbuttoned shirt collar would be a perfect choice as well.

Likewise, favor embroideries, patterns and prints on the upper body as well as in color or white. Preferably choose flowing materials. Empire and trapeze dresses are ideal to enhance the body shape as they gradually flare downwards.

❌ Fashion faux-pas: 

Avoid tight dresses, ball dresses and dresses with frills at the bottom, in order to prevent adding extra volume to your hips.

Boho dresses for V shaped body

Bohemian style mini dress / Short boho dress / Yellow boho maxi dress 

✔ The right reflexes:

In this case, the opposite is happening, your shoulders are broad and your hips are thin. If you have a V-shaped body type, you should add volume at the bottom and erase some of your shoulders. If you have nice long legs, don't hesitate to put them forward. The flowing boho dresses, short, half-long, split or asymmetrical will sublimate your slim figure.

To add some volume downwards, favor cuts that flare from the waist or straight cuts. The wrap dress is perfect for an inverted triangle body shape. A V-neck or heart collar will emphasize your femininity.

For those with smaller breasts, opt for a round collar or a asymmetrical neckline. In order to conceal a too impressive shoulder size, don't hesitate to choose dresses with thick straps or with sleeves that slightly cover your shoulders or even batwing sleeves.

The short tunic dress with a marked waistline or the bubble dress also are good choices. Prefer plain and dark colors on the upper body. Flounces, embroideries and draped effects will be preferably placed on the under body. Lastly, to add some femininity, think about accessorizing your outfit with jewels.

❌ Fashion faux-pas:

Avoid strapless dresses, thin straps, shoulder pads and turtlenecks.

Whether you have a X, a figure 8, a A, a V, a H or a O shaped body, you have all the necessary elements to find THE dress that will enhance your silhouette. Don't forget about accessories to complete your style as well as shoes to wear with your bohemian dress.

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