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Which Jacket to pair with a Boho Dress?

Which Jacket to pair with a Boho Dress?

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Winter is fast approaching, days are getting colder, but you don't feel like storing your boho dresses? Keep enjoying your lightweight dresses, even in mid-season, by matching them with a jacket that fits the Bohemian fashion codes.

A boho jacket is above all a comfortable and elegant garment that completes your style while keeping you warm. Now, which jacket to wear with your favorite dress ?

The jacket really adds a touch of charm to your outfit, although it needs to be carefully selected. Long, short, boho chic, rock, folk or hippie... Discover our fashion guides and find the jacket that will perfectly match your dress as well as your body type.

Which jacket to wear according to your body type ?

Perfect for completing your outfit, the boho jacket will be your best ally in mid-season or on cold evenings. Though it can sublimate your figure, it can also make it look more compact or fuller. No need to worry, we will give you some useful tips on how to choose the right jacket according to your body type.

  • Which jacket suits best according to your height ?

If you're short, a short jacket marked at the waistline will be particularly appropriate. To avoid shrinking your figure, avoid long or half-long jackets that cover your bottom.

Instead, tall women will opt for a trench coat or a long blazer with shoulder pads to accentuate their slender silhouette. Another possibility is to go for a bomber style jacket which will give extra support to the upper body.

  • For a round body type

If you are generously shaped with a small belly, a long, flowing and slim-fitted jacket will refine your body shape. A trench coat that falls below the bottom or a silk kimono will be a perfect match. The safari jacket also is a good option for fuller women. If desired, opt for long or ¾ sleeves to slim your arms. Lastly, avoid belts and voluminous coats that might make you look heavier.

  • For an athletic body type

Do you have thin legs and broad, well-muscled shoulders ? Consider a flared jacket to counterbalance your imposing figure. Forget about shoulder pads, which will strengthen your squared profile too much.  The trapeze, peplum or straight fit will harmonize your silhouette. Likewise, the tight collar coat or the slim fit blazer are great options for your V-shape body type.

  • For a pyramid-shaped body type

Your generous hips are particularly elegant, however if you have small breasts, it is preferable to select a jacket with a wide collar in order to add some volume. A bomber or padded shoulder jacket as well as hooded jackets are perfect to add volume to the upper body. Also consider puffed or flared sleeves and do not hesitate to play with patterns, lace, embroidery, crochet hooks, buttons and other fancy details.

  • For a slender body type

Do you have a slender body with a slight waist and thin hips ? Although your body shape is an undeniable asset, you may wish for more shape. The flared fit is your ally for creating pretty curves. Similarly, you might wear straight and flowing fits as well. Opt for a trench coat or a pea coat that is slightly fitted at the waist. Consider flowing jackets with hip or chest pockets. Just as with round body types, forget about tight belts around the waist.

  • For a figure 8 or hourglass body type

Your friends envy you as you can wear just about anything. Remember that the fits that highlight the waistline will sublimate your dream body... The Perfecto, bomber, suit, blazer, trench coat, long, mid-long or short jacket : you can have it all. Play with original models adorned with tassels, patterns, pearls or shells. Consider belts to highlight your waist and simply avoid large or shapeless pieces.

Which jacket to wear with which dress ?

A bomber, Perfecto or a corduroy jacket, mix styles while wearing a long boho  dress ! 

Which jacket to wear with a short dress ? 

You are a big fan of the short summer dresses and refuse to let them disappear into your closet ? Good news, all you need is the right jacket and you can keep wearing your short dresses, even when it's cold. Equipped with a jacket and transparent tights, you won't even feel cold.

In order to choose the right model(s), be aware that the length of the jacket should not exceed the length of the dress, therefore opt for a short or medium-length jacket. A blazer will bring elegance to your short dress. Choose a model that is not too formal if you want to avoid giving the impression to go to a wedding, especially if you are wearing an evening gown. The leather or imitation leather perfecto will provide you with elegance while the bomber will bring a slightly vintage feel. Among the different styles, the floral or patterned model will brighten up a plain colored dress.

Which jacket to wear with a long dress ?

A must-have in the bohemian wardrobe, the long dress goes perfectly well with a short jacket that marks the waistline. When wearing a dress with prints, a plain colored jacket will be preferable, while with a plain colored long dress, you can play on patterns.

A blazer will add a masculin touch and is perfect to contrast this very feminine piece. Together with a long and flowing dress, the leather (or imitation leather) perfecto will bring a bohemian rock look while the denim jacket will give you a casual look. Among the new items of the year, the sleeveless jacket is very trendy to wear on top of a long dress.

The boho chic jacket

For a boho chic style, each element has its importance. Pick an airy, casual jacket made of quality fabric with beautiful finishes. For example, a thin jacket with flared sleeves and some lace details will be perfect.

Favor neutral shades such as cream or beige as well as subtle prints to avoid weighing down your dress. A cotton canvas safari style jacket, a linen overcoat or a silk kimono will perfectly match your boho chic outfits. Another possible choice, the corduroy or wool jacket which will delight the women most sensitive to the winter cold ❄.

The boho rock jacket

The timeless leather (or imitation leather) perfecto is a real must have for a boho rock look. We love the zips, studs and other metal decorations. The leather jacket and its tailored fit will give you that little rebellious air that suits you so well 🤘. Above a floral dress, it will look totally glamorous. If leather is not your cup of tea, you can also go for a slightly faded denim jacket with a vintage t-shirt.

The boho folk jacket

Do you enjoy wearing Santiag boots and Fedora ? Tassels, volume and colorful embroideries are the key elements of a boho folk jacket. Choose one in suede or denim for a little western feel 🤠. Your both natural and wild style won't pass unnoticed.

The hippie chic jacket

The famous jean or denim jacket will be perfect to affirm your hippie style ☮. Choose one size up for a casual look. Colored embroideries will bring a touch of originality. Think about tribal, ethnic, flower and psychedelic patterns. We love the emblems, beads and bangs that will sublime the look. The suede jacket or the safari jacket also are great options for a hippie chic look.

For mid-season, the jacket goes perfectly well with most dresses. The finishing touch, as long as you make the right choice. Now that you know how to match these two must-have pieces of your wardrobe, tell us about your most beautiful outfits in the comments below.

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