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A Boho-Chic Look: Exploring the alluring style of boho kimonos

If you're looking for a unique way to elevate your everyday wardrobe and add a touch of boho style, look no further: consider investing in a boho kimono. As versatile as it is stylish, the kimono is a classic that has made a comeback in fashion circles, offering enough options to suit any aesthetic - from funky maxi jackets with pockets to slim dresses perfect for covering the beach. With bright colors and prints that will make you stand out among the crowd of summer maxis and dresses, the humble kimono has become an essential part of achieving boho perfection.

What are boho kimonos?

The term kimono is derived from the Japanese word for clothing and literally translates to "something to wear". However, in the fashion world, kimono has taken on a much more glamorous meaning. The kimono is a long, loose-fitting dress-like garment with wide sleeves and a traditional belt that ties at the waist. It usually closes in the front with two to five hidden fabric ties, and can often be seen decorated with colorful patterns or delicate embroidery.
Kimonos are no longer reserved only for traditional occasions; they have become a staple of modern boho-chic. Boho kimonos can range from a beach cover-up over a bikini or swimsuit to an open jacket style over a dress or skirt, or even an extra-long maxi jacket worn with shorts or jeans. Popular styles of boho kimono cardigans include women's chiffon jackets, lace kimonos for beach cover-ups, and long maxi kimonos for an effortless look that can transition from day to night.

How to wear a boho kimono?

Boho kimonos are one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe and can be worn in countless ways to add an interesting layer or unique touch to any outfit. For an everyday look, try pairing a shorter boho kimono style with jeans or pants and a shirt - they'll add texture and interest while keeping your look casual. For special occasions and events such as weddings or formal dinners, opt for long lace kimonos that add an air of sophistication to your outfit.

Characteristics of Boho Kimonos

Maxi long jackets with pockets. Whether you prefer a chiffon fabric with floral accents or an ethnic-inspired boho print, these stunning jackets are sure to make a statement in any wardrobe. The pocket detailing adds more dimension to the design, making them suitable for both everyday and evening wear.

Thin layering dresses. Opt for feminine layering by pairing loose-fitting dresses with a cinched waist with basic pieces like tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts. You can also layer bathrobes in different colors and prints for an interesting mix, perfect for summer outings.

Beach blankets and swimsuits. Whether you're going on vacation or just looking for something stylish to lounge by the pool, add some flair to your beach look with long sleeve chiffon boho kimonos paired with a bikini or swimsuit. Using lightweight fabrics and bright colors, these pieces are great transitional items to take your summer look from day to night.

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