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Boho Woman

What Type of Boho Woman Are You?

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Against consumerism, the boho lifestyle is one of living from day to day, free from social conventions. A way of life, inspired by romani people, gypsies and artists, which values freedom, creativityand a return to the essence of life 🌿.

The boho woman is somewhat rebellious, leading a life beyond the codes of society. At Boho Mood, we've identified several types of boho personalities: the Classic, the Hippie, the Gypsy, the Zen and the Creative one.... Each of them has its own character and peculiarities. You may recognize yourself in the following text? So, how about you, What Type of Boho Woman Are You ?

First of all, what's a bohemian?

According to the dictionary, a bohemian is a resident of Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic. By extension, this term refers to nomadic people living as a community in caravans. Meanwhile, the word bohemian takes on a more philosophical sense: a dreamer who lives an atypical existence, in search of the ideal life.

In response to today's oppressive society, the boho lifestyle is booming and many women find themselves in the values that it expresses. And it's exactly these women we're talking about in this article.

As you can see, the boho lifestyle is more than just a fashionable way to dress, above all it is a state of mind, a vision of the world that aspires freedom, harmony, well-being and love. It is not about learning how to live a bohemian life, but about living it.

The classic bohemian woman

Boho woman

If the classic boho woman leads a rather ordinary life at first sight, it does not mean that her mind is any less free. She hates constraints and can't stand being told what to do. Moreover, a boho won't accept strict schedules as well as rules being imposed. This is why they may have difficulties in adapting to the society and sometimes feel like a bird in a cage.

Independent yet daring, the classic boho woman often grows in entrepreneurship or an artistic profession. Unable to be bored, she avoid routine and escapes as soon as possible through her activities, nights out with friends and travels. Somewhat eco-conscious, she can tell you about the carbon footprint and her dislike for mass industry. It's not uncommon for the boho woman to opt for a vegan or at least an eco-responsible lifestyle.

Classic boho clothing style

Style-wise, the classic boho woman favors soft colors and flowing fabrics in her wardrobe. She likes fabrics such as cotton, denim, velvet or silk in which she feels free and comfortable.

How about her look? Always natural and casual : with a boho shirt, a lace blouse, a vaporous white dress or an asymmetrical skirt that is both subtle and out of fashion codes. No more suits and stilettos!

Her motto: Emancipation ✊

Enjoy going your own way? Are you indignant about social inequalities? Dislike shopping or listening to commercial music on the radio? You might be a bohemian woman as well, waiting to be liberated.

The hippie boho woman

Boho woman

Peace and love and Flower Power symbolizes what she stands for. Strong defender of Human Rights, she often is politically engaged, at least in her discourse. The hippie boho woman is rebellious and revolted by injustice as well as by the consumer society.

Utopian and devoted to other people, the hippie boho strives to change the world into a better one. Moreover, she often practice a profession that allows her to change people's mentalities.

She prefers to eat organic food 🍐 which is why she often cultivates her own vegetables. Living in a community that shares common values while raising chickens and goats... that's her ultimate dream! Her one and only regret is not having known Woodstock!

Hippie boho woman clothing style

She loves to wear loose-fitting, floral garments with flared shapes, cashmere and vibrant colors.

The hippie boho favorite outfit: the floral dress 🌸 with some round glasses, XXL handmade earrings and a nice scarf or a headband in the hair.

Her motto: Peace and Love ☮ 

Dreaming of living in autarky together with your friends? Do you enjoy independent festivals, good vibes and do you wish to change the world into a better place? Assume your hippie spirit to the fullest!

The gypsy boho woman

Boho Woman

Driven by discovering hidden treasures of the universe, this boho loves to travel around the world with her Volkswagen combi. She finds energy through the magical places she had the chance to explore.

Generally spoken, she is an adventurous and open-minded woman, immersed in all the cultures of the world; a somewhat dreamy epicurean who enjoys 100% of the present moment without worrying about what tomorrow will hold for her. A child's smile, a sunset, or a deserted beach will brighten up her day ☀.

Boho gypsy woman clothing style

Style-wise, she favours comfort and natural, soft and breathable fabrics such as linen, hemp or cotton, which will not hinder her movements. Her outfits are adorned with prints without forgetting the ethnic jewelry.

Her style? She will opt for a maxi skirt dancing with the wind, a crochet crop top and sandals or maybe barefoot!

Her motto: Freedom 🌎

A little wild? Feeling in communion with mother nature? Do you enjoy moving around and the sense of freedom you experience when you travel? You may be a bohemian gypsy deep down inside?

The creative boho woman

Boho woman

Curious and inventive, the creative boho woman grows through art, literature, music and all other existing forms of expression 🎨... without these, her life would be senseless.

Passionated, living on another planet and sometimes feeling out of step with the world around her... Spontaneous and sensitive, she can quickly become inflamed and even become borderline in her behaviors. The creative boho woman needs to constantly stimulate her imagination and mind as this is how she feels best.

Creative boho woman clothing style

In addition to the artistic talent, her clothing style is one of her favorite ways of expression. Moreover, she can't stand uniforms which take away the identity of the artist. Depending on the personality, she can adopt a bohemian rock look, folk or any other bohemian style, as long as she looks unique!

According to her style, the creative bohemian woman often goes for a western or rock touch, together with panties, a cowboy hat and a puffy shirt or leather boots, a trilby and a graphic tee.

Her motto: Passion 🥀

Are you living an unorthodox life? Do you enjoy debating on a philosophy topic, painting an abstract canvas or a landscape, playing folk guitar, singing and expressing your emotions through art at just about any time of the day? You probably belong to the boho creative tribe.

The Zen boho woman

Boho Woman

Spiritual and radiant, this boho woman often practices yoga, relaxation or meditation 🧘♀. She eliminates stress and negative tensions in order to focus on the positive by immersing herself to the energy of resourcing places. A little wild, she flees from the busy and hectic life to take refuge in nature where she enjoys finding her self.

The Zen boho woman loves calm and depth. Far from superficiality, she lives a rather ecological lifestyle, respecting the environment. Feeling good about herself, she takes full responsibility for her body, and with pride. In addition, she often works as personal assistant or as body care professional.

This boho woman likes to connect with the universe. Not through a smartphone or a tablet, but rather through her emotions, her mind and her sensoriality.

Zen boho woman clothing style

You can be sure that you will never see her wearing a slim, skinny or tight skirt. The Zen bohemian appreciates casual, oversized outfits which are comfortable to wear.

Her style? A tunic, a flowing blouse, or a long red bohemian dress. She prefers natural colors such as beige, ecru, navy blue, khaki as well as floral prints. At her feet, sneakers or sandals but only when she is obliged to wear shoes.

Her motto: Harmony 🌈

Do you rather give than receive? Can you spend hours meditating in nature? People describe you as a serene and benevolent person? Are you in tune with your true self? Then explore the Zen boho woman within you. 

If you are reading these few words here, you probably found yourself in one of these portraits, didn't you?

So, what kind of bohemian woman are you? Zen, creative, hippie, classic or gipsy? Let us know in a comment 😃

And don't forget, you are, above all: unique! 🌻

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