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What is a boho outfit and what are the key elements of the style?

When you type in "boho style" or "boho fashion" on the internet, you can't help but be amazed by the outfits suggested: long, airy dresses with colorful patterns, fringes, wide belts, floral or paisley print dresses, lace, crocheted crop tops, wide-sleeved kimonos worn over denim miniskirts etc. 

There are also ruffles, loose printed T-shirts tucked into high-waisted jeans or tied at the front, wide-legged trouser suits, boho wedding dresses, strapless ties, knitted cardigans and many other beautiful outfits.

In addition to the bright colors and flowery silhouettes, there is plenty of jewelry, western boots or open-toed sandals and beautiful hats.

This style seems to be characterized by flowing, comfortable outfits with the addition of a belt to slim the waist and a short denim jacket to slim the figure. Boho clothes seem easy to wear and easy to put on for a style that gives a sense of newfound freedom. It is said that fashion is not always comfortable and that you have to suffer to be beautiful, but this seems a far cry from boho outfits that know how to enhance a woman and elevate her to the status of a queen.

What does boho style mean?

More than a style, the boho spirit represents a lifestyle that tends to please itself without following the norms imposed by society. We don't dress for others, we don't live for others. Boho love to create, they are artists who like to communicate their art through their style and decoration. The boho style seems to represent freedom, communion with nature and our universe.

The boho style is much more than a fashion, it is a culture of a rich history which we will only talk about here in broad outline.

The so-called "boho" style comes from several influences. Made popular by the hippies in the 1960s and 1970s, it was also inspired by the gypsies who combined clothes from their many travels to create unique styles. The term 'boho' is said to have come from a group of middle-class French artists in the 1930s who wanted to stand out from their peers, who they found too narrow-minded. The boho style is therefore more than a style, it is a culture in its own right.

How to make your outfit boho? How to dress boho and what kind of accessories to use for a boho style look?

Boho style is a culture that seems close to nature, in harmony with humans, animals and the earth. This can be seen in the accessories of the boho style: moons, bull skulls with horns, feathers, shells, wooden beads, necklaces with crystals, engraved pendants, etc.

There are also straw bags, woven bags, colorful scarves, hats and headbands.

As for footwear, there are western boots, ankle boots or boho colorful pompoms sandals open-toed gladiator sandals.