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Boho Wedding Dress

You wish to get married in your boho dream wedding dress? You're at the right place!

The boho style is also back in bridal fashion. More and more brides are opting for boho wedding dresses, perfectly combining vintage style with romantic touches. Are you one of them? If so, you will be seduced by the collection available on our web page made especially for you.

First, what body type is it made for?

The boho wedding dress fits most people, whatever your body type. If you have hips, the high waist of this type of dress will be perfect and flattering! When it comes to breast, wide necklines will enhance the smallest, the blouse tops will camouflage the small bellies, the sleeves will erase the shoulders a little too broad. There is something for every figure, you just have to find yours!

Movement is the key

The boho wedding dress is above all light and always in motion. The materials are therefore not chosen at random. Forget rigid taffeta and heavy satin duchesses, and give pride of place to chiffon, fine and supple tulle, embroideries and crepes with a perfect fall.

No boho wedding dress without embroideries!

Of course, lace! No boho wedding dress without embroideries. There are different types and the varieties are endless. On boho dresses, the well-marked patterns and reliefs are the most fashionable and make it possible to create real dresses with nature, which mark the spirit. These embroideries with well-defined patterns allow the creation of "cut-out" effects on the skin, reminiscent of a tattoo that enhances the bride's body. The boho chic wedding dress also plays with transparency.

Our dresses are suitable for both the bride and her guests. They can also play the boho card with the same codes: fluid materials, wide necklines, a little transparency. These outfits will be both chic and casual