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Long Boho Jacket Leopard

Camel Leopard
Beige Leopard
White Leopard
Pink Leopard
Grey Leopard
Yellow Leopard
  • Description of the Long Boho Jacket Leopard

    Winters are incomplete without adding a few jackets to your wardrobe, as they give off their own energy and vibe, and for this one you don't have to think twice. This is an oversized jacket in a batwing style that is currently in style. This piece is made up of faux fur, which means it keeps you warm and gives you that cozy feeling that everyone is looking for in the winter! What makes this jacket even more adorable is the beautiful leopard print that it features. Its tawny mix of skin, black and light brown colors makes it a visual statement among a group of people. Whether you're heading to a night party or going shopping, you can always opt for this leopard print jacket, because it's a sure thing: it will never break the look but will definitely do so.

    • Boho style
    • Fit: Oversized with Batwing
    • Fabric: Faux Fur
    • Available in several models: Camel Leopard, Beige Leopard, White Leopard, Pink Leopard, Grey Leopard, Yellow Leopard
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping