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5 Boho Outfits for Staying at Home

5 Boho Outfits for Staying at Home

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Timeless and seductive, the boho look can be adopted everywhere and for all kinds of occasions... for a night out, at the office, during a special event... and even at home.

In everyday life, clothes that are pleasant to wear are our allies for staying zen. However, just because you're at home doesn't mean you should neglect your style. Opting for a bohemian outfit at home is to ensure a look that is both comfortable and elegant. With its flowing fabrics, lightness, loose fits and chic details, the bohemian style represents the perfect mix between well-being and refinement.

From flowing dresses to kimonos to jumpsuits... Check out our 5 boho house clothing outfits that will brighten up your days.

👌 Our tips for staying stylish at home

elegant at home

In recent years with the health crisis, we spend more and more time at home while the fashion of telecommuting is gaining momentum. If cocooning fans and public transport phobics love the home office, the lack of social life makes others feel down. And that shows up in their attire!

🥱 Why to dress well at home?

Staying in a jogging suit all day is not really a problem in itself, but did you know that the way you dress directly affects your motivation and self-esteem? So, wearing pajamas from morning to night doesn't give a very positive image of yourself and risks turning you into a zombie in the long run. Yeah, just because you don't see anyone doesn't mean you shouldn't dress decently 😉

Without necessarily going to extremes, maybe you're one of those people who, after washing up, will slip on the first comfortable piece of clothing that comes along in order to look decent; but is that really satisfying? Don't forget that your clothing reflects your state of mind at the time. Dressing like this will take a toll on your sex appeal and in addition, you may not be able to get off the couch in front of your Netflix series. But if you make a small effort to be fresh and attractive, even in natural style, you will feel much better about yourself. And your day will be all the more enjoyable as a result. Moreover, by feeling attractive you will spice up your life as a couple. Admit it, it's much nicer to be with someone who takes care of their appearance. That's right : forget the pajamas and old rags, the shapeless joggers and the old t-shirts with holes in them, and adopt outfits that make you feel pretty.

🧘‍♀ Positive habits

So how to avoid falling into the trap of letting go and staying beautiful, even at home? All you have to do is adopt a simple and effective daily routine:

After breakfast, take off your night clothes! It's time for a good shower in order to wake up. Then, get into comfortable yet flattering clothes. No need to be dressed up too much either... An oversized t-shirt, some basics? Yes, but not just any basics. We choose our clothes with care, just like we take the time to do our hair, put on makeup or wear some jewelry to please ourselves. It's essential to put yourself in good conditions for the day ahead.

💜 The flowing bohemian dress, your best ally

Swap your nightgown for a bohemian dress that will accompany you all day long without restricting your movements. Feminine as can be, the flowing bohemian dress is an excellent choice combining comfort and aesthetics. Whether it is short or long, this outfit will flatter your figure for sure. Made of soft and breathable natural fabrics like cotton, linen or silk, it will be very comfortable to wear and will not stick to your skin if you perspire. In the summer, you'll love the short sleeves and bare backs, while in mid-season the long sleeve or batwing dresses will be warmer.

💛 The long skirt, to combine according to your desires

Long Bohemian Skirt / Boho Midi Skirt / High Waisted Boho Skirt.

For a casual style, opt for a long boho skirt for wearing at home. This flowing garment offers a nice and dancing movement. We love the wrap-around fit that allows a glimpse of the legs, as well as details like the play of gathers and ruffled hems. Pairing a maxi skirt with a vintage t-shirt will give you a nice retro look while a biker print will give a bohemian rock touch! With a loose sweater in winter or a crop-top in summer you will get a very stylish hippie chic look. Boho girls who love to create new looks will love the long skirt and all the variations it offers!

💚 The boho kimono, the ultimate touch

Bohemian Kimono / Floral Boho Kimono / Short Bohemian Kimono.

For a casual look, the boho kimono is the perfect piece for bringing a cool, chic style at home as well as on the go. This light and flowing jacket is a perfect complement to your bohemian outfit while adding an exotic, travel-friendly touch. A long printed kimono worn over a summer top will look great with jeans or denim shorts. The mid-length or short kimono will suit taller figures while the maxi-kimono will elongate the waist. Paisley, vintage, leopard or liberty patterns, once again: you have plenty of possibilities!

💙 The jumpsuit, the all-in-one garment

Boho Wedding Jumpsuit / Boho Romper / Boho Chic Jumpsuit.

This outfit is great for those who like to keep it simple. With a one-piece set you''ll get a very elegant look in the blink of an eye. This summer, opt for a loose or floral combi-short. A meeting on zoom? Go for a boho chic jumpsuit and the palazzo fit that covers the leg. The ribbon belt will nicely mark the waist to highlight X-shaped body types, while the ruffles and puffed sleeves will bring volume and movement. If you have a small chest, consider the V-neck, square or Bardot neckline that will perfectly suit you. Lastly, strapless models will highlight your cleavage for a sexy look.

🧡 Shorts and pants: ultra-comfortable basics

Plus Size Boho Pants / White Boho Shorts / Boho Chic Pants.

Because elegance does not rhyme with discomfort: Exit tight tops and tight clothes! Shorts and pants are really pleasant to wear when staying at home. Flowing, they offer us a very appreciable freedom of movement for daily activities and unavoidable household tasks. When the weather is hot, a nice pair of bohemian shorts are a must have for dynamic women and gardening enthusiasts. Don't hesitate to match them with a little tank top, a hippie t-shirt or a little white lace tunic. Loose and lightweight, the bohemian pants offer a very chic and casual style. We love the seventies pallazzo fit or the large and slit fit that offers even more freedom of movement. With its high waist, it enhances the figure of any woman, especially if you wear it with heels. Dare to wear a crop top that lifts the waist or an embroidered blouse for even more refinement!

With these 5 comfortable yet sexy boho house clothing outfits, you'll feel at home, all day long. So, how about you, what's your favorite homewear?

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