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How to Wear A Boho Jumpsuit ?

How to Wear A Boho Jumpsuit ?

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We love the boho style and its flowing clothes with a vacation feel! Among the essential pieces: the boho jumpsuit has our attention with its various styles. Rompers, pantsuits or shirt jumpsuits, there is something for everyone!

All the difficulty is in finding the piece that will suit you best according to your silhouette.

How to wear a jumpsuit according to the situation? Well, here are some tips provided by Boho Vibe!

💘 The boho jumpsuit and why we love it?

This set combining pants (or shorts) with a top is the perfect match for a casual outfit that sublimates all women. Ideal for a quick chic and casual look: this ultra-trendy two-in-one garment is very easy to wear. Indeed, it can be adapted to every woman, season and occasion!

👱‍♀️ For all women

The boho jumpsuit is one of the must-have pieces in your wardrobe. There is a multitude of fits, colors and fabrics that highlight all women, whatever their morphology and age. Rompers, long jumpsuits, Bardot necklines, shirt collars or strapless, no two are alike! Whether you're luscious or spindly, petite or tall, the right jumpsuit will always give you a dream-like silhouette.

👁 A trendy look in the blink of an eye

If you don't have time or don't feel like searching for clothes that go well together, the jumpsuit is just what you need! As a 2-in-1 piece, it simplifies your life just as much as the bohemian dress. That's right, the jumpsuit takes only two seconds to slip on. All that's left to do is accessorize it and you're all set!

👍 For all occasions

On a day-to-day basis, the jumpsuit can be worn oversized in a casual style. With a long, slim fit, you can create a sophisticated look for work. A party is coming up? A short jumpsuit or strapless jumpsuit will allow a sexy look. The cotton suit is great for strolling in the streets especially during the hot summer months. Lastly, know that this piece is not reserved only for summer since velvet and wool are also invited in our wardrobe.

🤔 Choose the right jumpsuit based on your body type

Whether you're short, tall, thin or full-figured, you're bound to find a bohemian outfit that will flatter your figure, no matter your age!

If you are short

You will love the romper that, by uncovering your pretty legs, will make you gain height. Even more so if you wear heels! Also, small figures will avoid long and loose models that risk to pack them.

If you are tall

Tall women will turn to a loose and light fit that will elegantly dress their figure. If you have a slender build, the Palazzo jumpsuit flared at the bottom will look great on you.

If you are thin

Lucky you, you can afford anything! Preferably choose a fitted cut, especially if you are small. On the other hand, a loose fit will bring volume for very slim figures. A suit that is rolled up or tightened at the ankles is ideal for H-shaped figures, while ruffles and puffed sleeves are perfect for balancing out the small shoulders of A-shaped figures. On the other hand, if you have a large body, frills and other details should be on the lower part of the body.

If you are full-figured

Round women can also wear the jumpsuit. This garment is perfect for hiding small complexes in no time. If you have curves, opt for a plain color, or a jumpsuit with small patterns ... Cherry on the cake: The high or empire fit will make a small belly disappear. Women who have round thighs and hips should opt for a straight style pantsuit to avoid accentuating their shape. Do you have a nice bust? Don't hesitate to highlight your cleavage with a V-neck. Whatever your curves, go for a slim-fitting model or one with a tie to mark your waist.

If you are over 50

A chic jumpsuit can look great on a woman of a mature age. Just avoid short pieces, plunging necklines or bare backs. Viscose, satin, linen or even polyester or silk crepe are materials to be favored after 50.

👌 How to wear the jumpsuit? Some tips!

What's cool about the jumpsuit is that it really adapts to all occasions. While the fit and material matter, the accessories will also elevate the outfit. 

👩‍💼 At the office

If you're putting on a jumpsuit for work, go for a chic and elegant pantsuit or a shirt jumpsuit. Opt for a straight fit and neutral tones like grey, beige, or white and don't skimp on chic details like collars, gathers, or a belt to tie at the hips.

Avoid loose, casual styles that can be saved for the weekend. Heels that uncover the ankle will complement your outfit nicely. You may also complement your outfit with sneakers or wedges, depending on your figure. Don't hesitate to add some well-chosen jewelry, a handbag and a small jacket with cuffed sleeves to upgrade your look.

☀ On vacation

On vacation, go for a floral jumpsuit with bohemian sandals. Fall for puffy or batwing sleeves as well as ruffles and bows on the front! Play with patterns to make a statement and express your style.

💅On a night out

For the evening, long jumpsuits are on point for taking the aperitif outdoors. The short embroidered jumpsuit with bare back or strapless jumpsuit is a must have to be comfortable and sexy on the dance floor. And, if you embellish your outfit with a pair of pumps and a handbag, no doubt you will look like a femme fatale.

🌸 Special events

A boho chic jumpsuit is a particularly suitable outfit for events like a wedding or christening. Go for a gathered fabric, ruffles or even an open back that is particularly elegant.

💎 Accessories not to be overlooked

In the boho chic style, accessories are essential to structure and refine the look.

The belt

To avoid a fashion faux pas, make sure that your jumpsuit is a minimum marked at the waist. Many models have a belt or an elasticated waist, but if this is not the case you will have to find a ribbon to structure your silhouette.

The jacket

To counterbalance the casual side, you can add a leather perfecto or a blazer for example, especially if you go to work. Go for a short jacket fitted at the waist or on the contrary a very long one like a trench coat.


Essential accessories of the bohemian style, jewelry is a must with a jumpsuit. Adorn yourself with large necklaces, big earrings, without forgetting the rings and bracelets in accumulation.

The shoes

For a casual style, choose a pair of sneakers or sandals. Why not opt for mules or spartan shoes with a romper? However, pumps will be helpful to bring some class to your outfit.

The jumpsuit is the chameleon piece that can be worn everywhere... Nevertheless, it is necessary to know how to wear it with style. With these tips you will perfectly know how to wear the bohemian jumpsuit.

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