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How to wear the boho winter style dress?

How to wear the boho winter style dress?

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Even during winter, the boho dress remains an essential element... Some will opt for a sweater dress, but it also is possible to adapt the boho summer dress to the winter season. Yep... Boho fashion adapts itself to all seasons!

Tights, jackets, sweaters, accessories as well as other ideas to face the cold 🥶... Discover our 7 tips to wear the bohemian dress in winter ❄.

Tip #1: Wear tights with your dress

Tights are obviously the easiest way to keep you warm in winter, even with a lightweight dress. Whether in nylon or wool, thin or thick, transparent, opaque or even patterned, you''ll find some for every taste ! Tights are a must-have for your winter wardrobe. However, be sure that they match with your dress.

The black opaque tights, in addition of being warm and cozy 🔥  are perfect to lengthen your silhouette and refine your legs. They will match most dresses, especially those with prints. Just do not wear them with a black dress in order to avoid toppling over to the dark side. You can also combine them with large colored socks folded over your shoes or gaiters for a cocooning effect.

The semi-transparent tights ensure a highly feminine look. With some pretty geometrical lines or patterns, you will obtain a sexy retro look. Lastly, choose them in skin color in order to match them with a sleeveless dress and give the impression of naked skin, reminiscent of the summer. Be sure to carefully select the same skin tone as yours to prevent a false tan.

With a plain boho dress, you can wear some colorful tights. Here again, you have plenty of options. Whether you play it tone-on-tone, or with more colors. Lastly, to contrast with a different color is absolutely possible, but be careful to not turn it into something too much. Similarly, you can opt for colorful patterned tights while wearing a neutral dress.

Again with a simple, casual bohemian outfit, fancy lace tights are an excellent choice. They exist in many different designs for a sublime result.

For those who can't stand to be tight around the waist, consider thermal fabrics. Likewise, stockings can be a great alternative when the weather conditions aren't too cold. Just as for tights, there are plenty of different designs to choose from.

Tip #2: Wear leggings

In a hurry? A pair of leggings is much easier to put on than a pair of tights. These thin and elastic pants perfectly follow the forms of your legs in order to shape them. Just like the opaque tights, they can be matched with many different types of dresses, giving special attention to the short or medium-length dresses. However, make sure to hide the stitches at the waist with a belt, for example, especially when the fabric of your dress is thin. Lastly, note that leggings can be worn with boots, moccasins, ballerinas or even sneakers.

Tip #3: Wear a winter jacket or coat

In addition to the scarf, the extra-large scarf 🧣 and the hat, the jacket or coat will be truly indispensable in winter. Whether the Perfecto, trench coat, bomber, pea jacket, blazer, cape, parka... there is an infinite variety of jackets to suit all your desires. Although each model has its own unique style, don't forget to adapt the length and shape with your bohemian dress. Effectively, it would be too bad to completely camouflage your pretty boho outfit beneath a jacket that is too long.

You'll find even more fashion tips on which jacket to wear with a boho dress here.

Tip #4: Wear a bohemian sweater or cardigan

The wool sweater or cardigan are essential clothing items for your winter wardrobe. Large knit sweater, puffed sleeves, oversized crochet top, knitted cardigan or even a poncho, these winter pieces are increasingly stylish. They can be worn loose fitting together with most of your boho dresses.

However, you may wonder what kind of collar you should go for? Besides the turtleneck, which is ideal to face the cold, note that the round collar will also work with the majority of dresses, no matter the neckline. Depending on the length of your dress, opt for a short or long sweater.

Adding a touch of indigenous artistry to your winter wardrobe, the Aztec cardigan stands out for its bold patterns and rich colors. Often crafted from thick, warm wool, these cardigans feature geometric designs that reflect Aztec cultural motifs, making them not only practical for cold weather but also strikingly fashionable. Whether worn open for a more relaxed look or buttoned up for warmth, an Aztec cardigan is a versatile and eye-catching addition to any ensemble.

Tip #5: Layering

The boho style also consists of the art of layering garments to perfection. Stay warm while developing your style! For example, you can slip a lace top beneath a strappy dress. Another option that will delight even the most cold-sensitive women: a t-shirt or a long-sleeved turtleneck undersweater.

In order to face the cold, nothing stops you from wearing a technical garment underneath. Just remember to opt for a thin, tight and seamless garment for greater discretion. By tucking it into your tights, you will avoid unpleasant air drafts at the lower back and belly.

Tip #6: Wear boots or booties

Because they often are the first to suffer from the cold, don't forget to warm your feet with some nice boots or booties 👢. Ideally, wear warm and woolen socks to slip under your pair of shoes.

Leather or suede boots will perfectly match the boho style, especially if you accessorize them with bangs, embroidery, pompoms, beads and other fantasies. The higher they are, the more they will keep you warm. Moreover, high boots are very sexy together with a casual short dress.

Black, gray, brown and camel are the main colors of the bohemian style. Opt for cowboy boots to get a boho folk look and black leather boots to show off your bohemian rock side. Lastly, feel free to pick boots made of a well-insulating fabric in order to protect you from the cold. Comfort guaranteed!

Tip #7: Go for the bohemian sweater dress

The easiest and most efficient solution to wear a boho dress in winter is undoubtedly the sweater dress. With its thick knit, long sleeves and turtleneck, even the most cold-sensitive women are sure to stay warm. Moreover, we can easily combine it with a pair of lined opaque tights and furry boots. The perfect combo for harsh winters.

The bohemian sweater dress is very elegant yet casual. A belt can be added to highlight your waistline. No more need to think about the way you will layer your clothes in order to be warm, the sweater dress is the ultimate winter piece. So why do without?

To face the winter gloom, continue wearing your usual bohemian dresses, but no need to worry about getting cold. Comfort is a high priority according to the boho spirit, and if you maintain an elegant look all year round, you will never have to suffer in order to look good. Bohemian women ain't mad 😏! These winter tips will help you to stay stylish and warm, even on the coldest days.

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