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How to wear the Boho Kimono?

How to wear the Boho Kimono?

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Lightweight, exotic and comfortable, the boho kimono has everything to please 🤩. Ultra-trendy, it can be found on the catwalks of the greatest boho fashion shows.

But where does this chic and casual jacket come from? And how to wear the boho kimono?

Let's focus on this must-have piece of the boho wardrobe.

The kimono, a key item of the boho style!

The kimono jacket is a must-have piece of the bohemian style. This garment, of Asian origin, fits remarkably well in the boho spirit thanks to its exotic look, its vegetal patterns and its flowing fit. In addition, it is a light and comfortable piece designed in quality fabric - often silk, linen or cotton. Whether long or short, the kimono matches many bohemian outfits to achieve that perfect hippie chic look 👌.

We love the flower power spirit of this long boho vintage kimono!

In Japanese culture, the kimono is the traditional garment that was formerly worn on a daily basis. Its name literally means "thing to wear". Today, it is reserved for special occasions, tea ceremonies or religious celebrations. This large T-shaped dress with characteristic long sleeves and a wide belt became the most popular medium of expression for Japanese artists. As a result, Japanese kimonos are adorned with beautiful patterns, emblematic of the Land of the Rising Sun 👘.

This garment is nowadays declined in many forms, and available throughout the world. It must be said that its casual style with its ethnic notes inspires the greatest fashion designers. Fashionistas are also seduced by this original piece of clothing and adopt it in every look. Moreover, it is an ultra-trendy jacket for streetwear fashion.

This long bohemian style kimono is perfect for enduring hot summer days!

In the 60s and 70s, hippies took over the kimono with Flower Power 🌻 and fringe designs. It was no longer worn tightly across the chest as in Japan, but rather casual, open and loosely falling over the hips. The fabrics are adorned with various patterns ranging from the most refined to the most extravagant. Floral prints, ethnic prints or tie and dye shades are highly popular!

How to wear the kimono for a boho look?

The great thing about the kimono is that you can wear it on just about any occasion, whether it's for work, a party, the beach or even at home. The colors, fabrics and patterns are adaptable to the seasons while the loose and flowing fit enhances the silhouette, whatever your body type.

To brighten up your office outfit, opt for this beautiful boho style floral kimono!

How to wear the kimono according to the occasion

The short kimono is perfect for going to the office especially when you opt for a straight fit and a plain or refined model. For example, a nice silk kimono adorned with a liberty print will bring you a boho chic style. You can wear it over a blouse, by associating it with straight pants, or jeans.

For a night out, you can wear a kimono over a plain colored dress for a casual and elegant look. You may choose a long or mid-length kimono with fringe to bring a boho touch to your chic outfit.

The long kimono, will accompany you for a trip to the beach ⛱ or for heading to a festival. Combined with a t-shirt and shorts, you will feel as free as a bird. Perfect for vacations, the kimono jacket will be your ally to gently protect you from the sun.

Sublimate your vacation outfit with this sublime white boho beach kimono!

How to wear the kimono according to the season

Although the kimono is the must have summer jacket for the bohemian women, it can also be worn in winter, over a turtleneck sweater or in its poncho version made of a thicker material like wool. This lightweight jacket will also be very practical to protect you from the wind in mid-season.

Similarly, if you like casual wear, you will appreciate the comfort of the kimono at home. You can combine it with a white t-shirt and cotton shorts, for a super comfortable yet stylish outfit. For a trip to the city or a short walk, simply replace the cotton shorts with a pair of jeans and you're all set!

Light and airy, this embroidered long boho kimono will brighten up your summer look!

How to wear the kimono according to your body type

Great news: the kimono is suits all body types, whether you are short, tall, round or thin, you will always find a fit that enhances your figure.

If you are tall, you can wear the kimono in any length. In the opposite case, if you are shorter, prefer a short or mid-thigh length kimono that will not pack your silhouette. If you have a small waist, you can wear the kimono opened, whereas if you have a figure 8 or hourglass ⌛ shape, you can cross it on the front and wear it with a belt.

Voluptuous women will choose a rather long and flowing kimono, plain or with small patterns, while slim women will opt for a more fitted version.

Have broad shoulders? Go for bat sleeves. If your hips are wider than your shoulders (A shape), a long kimono or one that falls at thigh level is ideal.

Easy to wear along with just about any outfit no matter the occasion... you won't get enough of the boho kimono jacket 😊.

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