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How to adopt a Boho Bedroom Decor ?

How to adopt a Boho Bedroom Decor ?

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Your lifestyle reflects your state of mind 😇. Apart from the way you dress, the boho lifestyle is expressed through your ideals, your way of acting and your universe. As such, decoration is one of the key elements of the bohemian way of life wherein every room in your home must be conducive to well-being.

Today, we will have a closer look on how to adopt a boho bedroom decor. Materials, colors, inspiration... find out how to create a serene and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

Why choose a boho decor for your bedroom?

Your bedroom is a place entirely reserved for yourself. A place that resembles you, your secret garden, and a place that you can decorate according to your desires. A decor in line with your bohemian soul will bring you harmony and will allow you to better connect with yourself.

An inspiring room to recharge your batteries

Your bedroom is the ideal place to recharge your batteries after a long day at work. It's a place to rest and relax in which it's very important that you feel comfortable. A bright and soothing boho decor will bring you a lot of serenity and well-being 🧘�?♀.

A boho chic decoration: absolutely trendy!

Natural materials, soft colors, ethnic or vintage inspirations... the bohemian decoration is particularly chic and cozy. Over the past few years, the boho trend has made a strong comeback in our interiors, and for good reason: it offers an atmosphere which invites you to travel and makes you dream. Both elegant, pure and enchanting, the boho decoration seduces the greatest designers.

Our tips for a beautiful boho bedroom

For a pretty bohemian bedroom decor, choosing the right materials, colors, furniture and accessories is fundamental. Here are a few basic rules:

Natural materials and color schemes

Because the bohemian style is all about nature and elegance through simplicity, the materials and colors used should be natural. No more plastic and flashy colors! Make way for raw materials and authenticity...

Wood, bamboo, rattan, wicker and woven fibers are excellent for creating bohemian furniture or accessories with a retro charm.

Go for neutral and soft colors such as white, ecru, beige, ivory, and grey, as well as all sorts of natural shades such as green, blue, terracotta, or even powdery shades for a more romantic style. Favor light tones and pastels over dark, garish or flashy colors that really don't belong in the bohemian world 🙅. Likewise, you can opt for a touch of vibrant color to create more of a gypsy vibe.

Fabrics to warm up the room

Regarding textiles, we will start with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, burlap, hemp, silk, velvet or wool for bedspreads, curtains, cushions or other bohemian decorations. Once again, we love the woven and openwork fabrics such as macramé and crochet. Similarly, embroidered fabrics, adorned with tassels or bangs that bring an ethnic touch are very popular.

Accessories, wherever you like! 

Among the boho accessories, there are plenty of decorative objects, lights, hangers and wall decorations. Consider ethnic-inspired cushions, rugs and wicker baskets to dress up your room. You can also create a subdued atmosphere 🕯 with candles, string lights and lanterns.

For a hippie chic style, hang lampshades in natural fibers and attach round rattan mirrors, macramé dream catchers and other wall decorations. Decorative accessories can be brought back from a trip or found at flea markets and garage sales. We love vintage furniture and handcrafted pieces coming from other countries.

Determine your boho bedroom style

The boho bedroom decoration is declined in several styles... retro, country, romantic, ethnic... there is something for all tastes!

The retro boho room

The boho trend blends perfectly well with furniture and accessories inspired by the 70s. For a deliciously retro boho chic atmosphere, opt for furniture with vintage features, aged materials and prints. Go for a distressed wooden wardrobe or chest of drawers, a rattan headboard, bedside table or lamp and macramé wall hangings. A seventies effect guaranteed!

The boho jungalow style

This decor trend, invented by Justina Blacckeney, a bohemian designer and blogger, has been in vogue for the past few years. A cross between the jungle 🌴 and the bungalow, this eclectic style inspired by exotic plants, travel and crafts has everything to seduce. In addition to bringing nature to the forefront, we will play on diversity by accumulating multicultural influences and varied trends.

The boho jungalow style gathers all kinds of green plants in order to make a very lively interior (cactus, ficus, hanging plants, climbers...). In a bedroom, we will limit to one or two plants that will not be placed too close to the bed to avoid the CO2 accumulation rejected by the plants at night. Similarly, avoid plants that are too fragrant and may disturb your sleep, instead, opt for a bamboo or ivy plant with its depolluting properties. And finally, recall the lush nature by adding some tropical patterned tapestries. Include several small and colorful rugs on the floor or hung on the wall, an ethnic inspired bed frame, embroidery, wall hangings and colorful cushion covers with oriental motifs. Don't forget to integrate ethnic handicrafts, such as ceramic pots that you brought back from your travels, into your decor.

A boho country decor

For a boho country decor 🌾, focus on light colors like beige, ecru and white that will bring a lot of softness and brightness to your bedroom. A round jute rug, a pouf made of plant fibers or a straw suspension will look just perfect. Similarly, place large bunches of dried flowers (pampas grass, graminae...) in rattan vases or wicker baskets and smaller ones on raw wood shelves. Combine a boho country decor with cushions and a macramé bedspread for a very pleasant and cozy effect.

The romantic boho bedroom

What more poetic than a pretty romantic boho decor 🌹? For a touch of softness and a magical side to your bedroom, a subdued and intimate atmosphere can be created with string lights hung on the walls and candles or small lanterns placed on your bedside table. Opt for soft colors such as white, ivory and powdery tones. Likewise, choose natural and elegant materials such as wood, cotton or silk. For even more romance, dare to add a hanging chair or swing, a baldachin or even a bed canopy. Lastly, decorate your room with flowers, feathers, dreamcatchers and pompoms.

The bohemian bedroom decor that makes you travel

An ethnic boho decor will definitely create an atmosphere that will transport you to all 4 corners of the world 🌎 in the blink of an eye. The mix of cultures and influences will provide you with a delightfully inspiring setting. For a boho chic ethnic style, simply combine exotic pieces with vintage furniture.

We love handmade objects like the famous Berber carpet from Morocco, Aztec cushions, woven baskets from Argentina or a hand-carved African stool. And why not hang a hammock with bangs to remind you of your nomadic side or a travel trunk at the foot of your bed?

Regarding textiles, the Indian, Oriental or Peruvian patterns are the order of the day! Go for neutral or warm colors such as terracotta to decorate your walls. Lastly, if you like the Scandinavian style, know that it marries very well with an ethnic bohemian decoration.

So, now you have all the ingredients to compose a boho bedroom decor, it's time to put your creativity into practice. Don't forget the importance of creating a space that reflects your personality and where you feel comfortable above all.

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