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How to define the Bohemian Style?

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The origins of the Bohemian Style : 

Today's large and iconic Bohemian style has its roots in the rise of the hippie movement in the 1960s, along with major musical events like Woodstock. Besides, the peace movement named Flower Power movement came from there.

Background :

The Bohemian style was born out of a protest movement and in opposition to its contemporaries, indeed this style was created in a very rigid society, indeed in the 60s, the United States Armed Forces had a major place in the society. The racial segregation was still topical at that time and above all the country was engaged in the Vietnam War, the very strong political power repressed by violence the pacifist demonstrations in favor of the repatriation of the soldiers.

This rigidity was felt in the mentalities of people being directed, following the established rules and having plain clothing in dull colors, it is in this situation that the Bohemian look was born, in a search for freedom, protest and newness. This explains the diversity of the fabrics used for instance, indeed the creators of their own outfits bought rolls of linen, silk, lace, chiffon… and what about the solid color. We called this movement the Flower Power because of floral prints, which at the time were reserved for curtains or tablecloths. We began to imagine new looks also with less straight and regular cuts, more of flared pants, large tops, fluid and very comfortable.


What is the typical Bohemian look of this era?


Bohemian Girl


During these years, the slim cuts close to the body, the thick cotton clothes were predominated, often the colors were solid, dresseswere less present, skirts or fashion pieces were raised with checked and striped prints.

During the 60s, it has been surprising to see the emergence of this colorful movement with many asymmetrical and very floral patterns, provocative necklines, thin straps that left the shoulders in plain view and loose outfits, made of very fine fabrics never before used for clothing.

The Bohemian style is a look for women, at the time it was also used to claim the emancipation and independence of women, until then very confined to the home and the education of children. The Bohemian movement beyond beautifying the wardrobe is a pacifist and feminist movement that argues for the freedom of women in the face of any authority.

To define the Bohemian style :

The bohemians in the 19th century were referred to as the marginalized people, not integrate into any social circles or religion because of their lifestyle, their beliefs, their home and sometimes their style of dress. Hence, from its origins, the word Bohemian meant people who didn't recognize themselves in the rules and defied them. Subsequently, we could see the gypsies of the time being called Bohemians, territories being called Land of Bohemia ...

A galvauded and modern term :

This word has managed to cross eras, styles especially through art, poetry and song to find itself in the 60s and be confused with the protest hippie movement, marginal and not recognizing itself in the established rules as well. In this way we noticed a melting pot of different styles, looks and trends giving rise to a whole new way of dressing. What about chic outfits, strict clothes and uniforms required at school or at work. During this period, under the influence of the youth aspiring to a new era of freedom, the classics were jostled at all levels, whether in wardrobes by welcoming clothes of all colors with quite unusual prints. But also in art, music was the major distribution channel via Rock, Pop, let us quote some big names such as Jimi Hendrix, Charles Aznavour, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin or the famous group Queen and its emblematic singer Freddy Mercury. At the end of the 60s and the lull of this cataclysmic movement on the way of life of the whole world, the Bohemian fashion which had then mixed and confused with the hippie movement fell out of fashion and was put at the bottom of the wardrobes.

It was then during the 90s that this movement reappeared under the name of Bohemian chic style or Bobo (a portmanteau word meaning: Bohemian Bourgeois), this movement affirms femininity and shouted at women of to have a style that they like even if it means having a different style, to accept their morphology and first to seek freedom and joy in their life. This movement also introduced very widely the arrival and the return of the pants with flared cuts at the level of the heels. The Bohemian style was reinvented while keeping its origins, low-cut with many stripes, checks and other flowers patterns.

Assets of the Bohemian Style :

The Bohemian fashion although being very represented during the beautiful days of the year is worn all year round including during the winter when the days are long and often where we are gloomy.

Some points to know :

It is known that light and certain colors have an influence on our mental health, here is a small list of the effects of certain colors which will make it possible to make a small decorative point in your house and in your wardrobe:

- Blue : Blue brings serenity, peace and a relaxed atmosphere

- Green : Allows soothing and remind the natural environment which is refreshing for our body, every day soothe your life with this green Bohemian dress

- Yellow : Would be perfect to promote concentration

- Orange : Brings a smile, joviality and vitality

- Red: Stimulates creativity, however be careful with this color because too much of it would promote aggression and in a bedroom it would disrupt sleep

- Pink : Would reinforce the optimism and the joy of living

- White : Which makes it possible to illuminate a room and therefore to fight against seasonal depression, however this color must be accompanied by colors or decorations to give a style different from that of a hospital personnel and not to give an environment that is too impersonal. Brighten up a wedding with the retro Bohemian white dress

But where is this exhibition of the different influences of colors leading us, you ask? Don't you have an idea? Obviously the Bohemian style and yes what other fashion can applause itself of having such colorful chic outfits, with values ​​embodying freedom, femininity and joy. Having a style that is out of the ordinary, of the beaten track, isn't it a way of expressing yourself and renewing your energy every day, of asserting your personality.

Adopting the Bohemian style is above all making the choice to be good in your clothes and to be good in your skin. In addition, this style has become so wide that there is something for all tastes and all body types, you can wear an outfit that can be loose without looking hippie, a sexy outfit without being vulgar and therefore dress Boho to go. From the school until the workplace, you may also have specific clothing desires and yet still find something that fits.

This is especially what makes the strength of the Bohemian, its width and its openness to all looks, whether sexy, glamorous, comfortable, high waist, slim, all styles for women are accepted in this movement of ever more freedom.

How to wear the Bohemian Style? :


Bohemian girl in the fields | Boho Mood


Now you know a little more about the Bohemian style and its origins, you have to discover the codes to wear this magnificent style that is the bohemian. The Bohemian style is a style that can seem easy to wear, but be careful, there are some rules to stick. There are 5 tips that will allow you to become a true Bohemian fashionista in any occasion :

Don't worry ; dare an original, feminine and unique look :

The hippie style is a very feminine and atypical style, but not everyone dares to try it, for fear of being ridiculous or otherwise. One of the codes of the Bohemian style is never to worry about the gaze of others, and to wear whatever we like in our wardrobe. You never dare to dress yourself in a beautiful long sleeve dress with a pair of heels for a party or wear a leopard print skirt with a pair of sneakers? Don't think further that, wear whatever makes you happy! Dare to wear a beautiful floral blouse or a colorful shirt, Bohemian clothes are colorful clothes with a lot of patterns and prints of all kinds, reminiscent of the Bohemian life.

Make the Bohemian dresses your new must-have :

A Bohemian dress is the hit garment in a women's wardrobe. On Boho-Mood.comwe offer a wide choice of Bohemian dresses and especially for all tastes and all body types. You can choose between a very chic lace Bohemian dress accompanied by a pair of heels or an off-the-shoulder dress for a casual look. The Bohemian dresses are very light and comfortable, you will hardly feel it settling on your figure, our dresses are made in linen, cotton, velvet or also in embroidery with quality fabric. You will understand, you will inevitably find the dress of your dreams among our collections of Bohemian white dresses, long dress or short dress! However, how to make your Bohemian dress as the main piece of your outfit? It's very simple, you just have to match your accessories with your dress by wearing a hat in the color of the dress or even wear Bohemian silver jewelry with a white dress. You can also opt for a leather belt around your dress to give a vintage side to your Bohemian outfit.

Add some vibrant colors in your outfits : 

The Bohemian style is not a boring style. Indeed, if you want to become a true Bohemian fashionista, you need to have colorful clothes and streetwear style clothes like jeans, shirts, oversized pants, or even shorts or t-shirts. Your clothes should be colorful, casual, with patterns like stripes or polka dots. Drop the classic style that all women wear and dress in a colorful 🌈 and atypical style!

Dare sexy and fancy clothes : 

Ladies, wearing a low neckline or a simple dress with straps is not only reserved for a chic evening or a dinner. Dress in a feminine and sexy way when you want it, a flowing sleeveless dress with a pair of boots is much more glamorous than a tank top, so dare and especially do not be fooled by what you say the others. The Bohemian chic style is a style that is very often sexy and romantic, with rather fitted clothes for more femininity. And don't forget, dressing in a glamorous way is not only associated with spring / summer, you can very well wear a black tailored dress or a small short fitted dress in winter, you just need to add a jacket or a cardigan.

Be creative to obtain a total Bohemian chic look :

A word to remember about the Bohemian style : creativity. Let your creativity run wild and combine clothes that you wouldn't have dared to get out of your wardrobe before. For example, match a Bohemian woman's sweaters with a high-waisted skirtslet your heart speak for you to dress. It will be what you need and will make you happy, and above all make you chic and unique!

What accessories to wear with a Bohemian outfit? : 


How to wear Bohemian accessories ? | Boho Mood


In order to complete your Bohemian outfit and adopt a total Bohemian look, we advise you to opt for fancy accessories such as colorful Bohemian jewelry. Jewelry like a ring, necklace or bracelet will be the perfect accessories to complete your Bohemian outfit. If you wear a colorful plaid dress or an ethnic Bohemian tunic, avoid associating it with costume jewelry, the outfit will be too fashionable and colorful. On the other hand, if you wear a simple black dress, do not hesitate to add a touch of color to it with a colored ring or other costume jewelry. If your dress or blouse, for example, is colorful, opt for silver or gold jewelry, synonymous with simplicity. Don't forget to add a pair of earrings to your look, but be careful, if you are already wearing the jewelry listed above, avoid adding earrings, you risk overdoing it.

Moreover, you can also complete your Bohemian look with bags, scarf, hat or belt. It all depends on what look you want and what you like. We do not recommend that you wear everything at the same time, it will be too much. For example, wear a black leather bag with your hippie chic dress, with a colorful hat to make a chic look encore. On the other hand, avoid wearing a scarf as an additional accessory, you risk overdoing it and adding too many accessories to your outfit.

Some mistakes to avoid when you wear a Bohemian outfit : 

As you will have understood throughout the article, the hippie chic style is an easy style to wear, but which requires to be careful to make zero mistakes. Here are some tips to avoid making what is called a "fashion faux pas" :


Many women think they have understood the notions of Bohemian culture and add a lot of colors to their outfits by dressing in colorful clothes without necessarily marrying them. It's a mistake to combine your clothes so that there is consistency in your outfit without your besties feeling like you are dressing up for a theme party.


One of the major points of the Bohemian style is that the clothes are loose and flowing to give lightness to all your travels, so avoid dresses or clothes that are too fitted which could detract from the hippie chic style.


It would be a mistake to think that you are not fit to wear a style or not. The Bohemian style was created to adapt to all women and all body types, so take advantage of it and indulge yourself.

You are now an expert when it comes to Bohemian style and Bohemian fashion, happy shopping our now 100% Bohemian girls.

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