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Discover the Unexplored: Boho Travel Destinations

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If you're a fan of the Boho lifestyle and are on the hunt for new travel destinations, we have some hidden gems for you. 

1. Alentejo, Portugal

This Portuguese region provides a little something for every Boho traveler. Explore mosaic tiled towns, taste the local wines, and enjoy the beautiful, sandy beaches. A day here is like a spa day, minus the ice bath!

2. Bohemia, Czech Republic

Immerse yourself in Boho history and culture. Marvel at the gorgeous landscapes and experience the lifestyle in its birthplace. And don't forget - ice baths have been used in Europe for centuries to aid in recovery!

While we can't transport you to Iceland for an invigorating ice bath, we can certainly recommend our Polar Pod for a similar, revitalizing experience.

3. Mancora, Peru

This underrated surfing town is a laid-back, beachy community with a Boho atmosphere. It might not offer an ice bath, but the waves of the Pacific might be a close second!

4. Montezuma, Costa Rica

A non-touristy town perfect for beachy Boho looking for a place to unwind. Take a break from exploring waterfalls and wildlife spotting to consider how an ice bath could really refresh those weary legs!

5. Siargao Island, Philippines

Known as a surfer's paradise, Siargao Island offers a chilled-out atmosphere with plenty of activities. After a long day of surfing, nothing will soothe your muscles like an ice bath – or a dip in the cool, clear ocean!

6. Cat Island, Bahamas

This tropical oasis is a perfect fit for those looking for seclusion and privacy. With no large resorts and a slow pace of life, it's a chance to live out your Boho fantasies in peace. And as for recovery, who needs an ice bath when you can jump into the refreshing Caribbean Sea?

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