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Boho Crossbody Bag

Discover our collection of boho cross-body bags!

Half urban, half boho, the cross-body boho bag is the intermediary between the traditional handbag and the purse, or even the backpack. Its advantage: you can keep your hands free. The same model can be used in all everyday situations, you just have to find your style!

Are you looking for a comfortable and practical boho cross-body bag?

You are on the right page. Shoulder bags in chain, fringe, imitation leather and even straw or beads.

Explore our wide choice of boho shoulder bags! Our favorites inspired by you!

Women's cross-body bags are elegant and practical hands-free kits. Apart from the reassuring feeling of security that you get when you feel your personal and precious belongings against you, coupled with a feeling of freedom of movement, there is a certain kind of serenity in wearing a tote bag slung directly against your body and chest, whether it is made of imitation leather just like the small boho crossbody bag, fabric, embroidered, neutral or colored.

Against you, it is always with you and is even part of you and your clothes. As a purse or tote bag, it can even match your backpack for busy weekends.

Some questions to ask yourself when making your choice:

It has handles at the right height and can be carried in your hand or slung over your shoulder, as you wish, without disturbing the swing of your hips; it will fall right on top. It will become one with you, in all circumstances.

To do this, it must be chosen with discernment by connecting your tastes to the functionalities, themselves linked to your measurements: is the compartment dedicated to the computer compatible? Are the pockets numerous and well arranged so as not to hide the designs, to be accessible and useful, and to be sufficient in themselves?