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Vintage Boho Bags

Vintage is a philosophy of life

Vintage boho fashion is a philosophy of life, especially for vintage boho bags. It is a way of conceiving the accessory by reflecting on the notion of time. The vintage boho bag is inspired by what is anchored in time, since it is part of a past era. It goes from the 90s to the 50s.

When you adopt the boho vintage style, you are wearing heritage, a past vision of the woman's body and interpreting it in the present. Vintage fashion is also a social philosophy. When you wear your vintage backpack, you want to share it, discuss it, tell its story, mention the name of the brand, say where you found it and why it convinced you.

It's a much more passionate, enthusiastic view of fashion. Vintage boho fashion is a bridge between the past and the present, and between generations. You can wear vintage hippie tote bags that look like they were worn by your grandmother or great-aunt and that you want to pass on to your future children!


The vintage tote bag, a must-have!

Whether you are a fan of retro fashion or not, it is still interesting to have at least one vintage piece in your wardrobe. To adopt it gently, there is nothing like a vintage tote bag. In leather, suede, canvas, brown, black or red, the vintage tote bag comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're into big bags, tote bags or backpacks, you'll find a multitude of vintage bags on the market. Today, it is impossible to ignore this trend.

Whatever your style, a vintage tote bag will always have its place in your look. Chic, hippie and boho, a vintage boho bag will enhance your look and give it an authentic feel. The idea is to choose your tote bag carefully. To do so, consider its size and its use. Will you wear it occasionally or daily? Do you only carry your wallet and phone or a computer? For everyday use, it is advisable to choose a model that is versatile but original. Preferably choose a leatherette model, which will be more resistant.

If you are more into bold or unusual looks, don't hesitate to buy more daring models. Checkerboard, fringed, patchwork... don't deprive yourself of original and vintage tote bags!