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Boho Earrings

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Earrings are very trendy and now almost basic jewelry since they are within everyone's reach. Once seen as a simple piercing, the many models of earrings enchant the new generations and this more and more.
The boho earrings are the ideal jewels to brighten up the faces of the women and thus to attract the attention. Golden or silver, the quantity of models is amazing and diverse : in resin, wood, with feathers, pearls, steel, ... There is something for everyone. Although they can be worn discreetly, they can still hide some facial defects that can be unsightly.
These boho jewels can be worn on any occasion, you just have to match them with your outfit, accompanied by a nice sophisticated hairstyle and a chic makeup. Whether it's a dress or a simple sweater, there are so many choices that you're sure to find something you like on our site.
Today's women usually have a good collection and never get tired of them. The earrings are worn constantly by our grandmothers to our little sisters, they never leave them. However, it remains very important to balance the shape of the earrings with that of the face so that the style is completely in harmony.

How to choose them according to our face ?

For example, for rectangular shaped faces, round earrings will be preferable because they will make your face more tender. If your face is round, it is better to choose small earrings and avoid round and imposing shapes. For women with a square face, choose models with a wider base to highlight the face. For long faces, we recommend not to wear earrings too long but rather small dangling earrings.

Earrings but at what price ?

Think again, investing in costume earrings won't cost you much. Most of these jewels are sold at a very good price and not very expensive. You can find them everywhere nowadays, even in the big food stores. It's up to you to choose the ones that will suit you best among the different variants available!