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Boho Sandals

Wear our sandals with elegance. We have deliberately chosen sandals of very different styles, from flat lace-up sandals to sandals with slight heels and leather. Because it is important to understand that the boho chic style is very broad and corresponds to a lifestyle of self-acceptance and these tastes. It's an attitude, and we at Boho Mood think that you can wear a lot of different things but always be in the Boho style, you just have to assume and appreciate what you wear!


In our store we have all kind of clothes that will match perfectly with our sandals. In particular our white boho dresses for a solemn ceremony, or a small skater skirt with a crop top for a more rock style, do not hesitate to combine it with a long dress and a hat to show all the elegance that you have in you!
Summer or winter you just have to find the occasion to wear them my chic boho sandals will sublimate your feet ! No doubt with them you will be romantic as you are looking to be.
You will soon be able to find the accessory to combine with your shoes; ankle jewelry or a beautiful hat. Carry the bag that will put the extra touch to your style!