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How to wear a Bohemian Skirt?

How to wear a Bohemian Skirt?

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The Bohemian skirt, a must-have for this summer : 

The skirt in winter as in summer is essential in the wardrobe of a Bohemian woman. The garment adapts to the all the seasons, with any solid color or patterns. The Bohemian skirts, airy and naturally light, will be a hit garment of your dressing for this upcoming summer, a hot summer. Plain or patterned, the Bohemian skirt will give your outfit a boost thanks to its various colors and will sublimate your legs in the sun.

Made from quality fabrics like polyester, cotton and spandex, with reinforced seams, high-end Bohemian skirts are waiting for you to stroll anywhere. On the beach, in the fields or in the streets, the Bohemian skirt will make you radiant feminine regardless of its shape. And whether it's short or long, split or closed, it won't change the fact that it will make you sexy by shaping your body.

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A hippie, chic and casual look :

Both the Bohemian skirts and the Bohemian dresses allow women to have a hippie and chic style while being casual. By its length, it allows you to reveal more or less your beautiful legs according to your preferences. You should know that we can find different shapes depending on the model, which allows each woman to be unique, and to stand out from other women with a 100% Bohemian look. Unlimited and different looks thanks to Bohemian skirts are now possible thanks to boho-mood.com

Do you prefer a short, slit or vintage skirt to a long or flared skirt? Don't worry further, we have the solution made for you. A very wide choice of Bohemian skirts, for all sizes, all prices, all colors, but also all shapes to enhance your silhouettes this summer. We also have floral print skirts to follow the trend of this season and make the world more flowery. All Bohemian women's expectations regarding their sartorial tastes will be fulfilled with these skirts.

This chic and casual hippie side of your Bohemian skirts are very trendy. Ladies, indeed, it allows you a comfortable style while being ultra feminine, a hybrid look between opposites, that's all you dreamed of. It's perfect for all ages. Allied by accessories such as jewelry, a hat and shoes, your skirt will make you a true fashion icon who follows the trends.

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Don't hesitate to accessorize your Bohemian skirt for a total hippie look :

Accessorizing your outfit starts with choosing your jewelry correctly. This step is essential, you will have to choose the earrings that will enhance your face, the necklace that will bring out your neck and your shoulders, as well as rings that will sublimate your hands to the tips of your fingers.

These jewels will highlight your femininity, but for that you have to choose the right jewels. For a total Bohemian look, you will have to pay attention to the colors of your jewelry so as not to lose them in the outfit. Choosing your jewelry is deciding to add fantasy, life to your outfit without associating the color of your jewelry with your skirt. You absolutely have to differentiate them so that they can break the style of your skirt.


Find the Bohemian hat which will help you to stand out : 

To further enhance your outfit and shine more beautiful, you need to find the perfect Bohemian hat. This chic and timeless accessory is one of the most important in your look. The latter will not only allow you to protect yourself from the sun, but also to sublimate your outfit with a hippie and casual style. Whether it's white, beige, sky blue, red, black, it will complete your 100% Bohemian look, but be careful not to get lost between the color of the hat and your skirt. Remain simple, the hat will be just as effective for a total look whether in Winter or Summer.

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Wear your prettiest pair of shoes to complete your 100% Bohemian outfit : 

A look without shoes is not an option. Indeed, the ideal pair of shoes for your total Bohemian look will depend on your activity of the day. If you want to have a picnic, or take a stroll along the beach, opt for a pair of flat sandals or wedge sandals flat or wedge sandals.

On the contrary, are you going in the evening? Hence, opt for a pair of heels or pumps in the summer to refine your figure. For the Winter, your skirt goes perfectly with a pair of boots or sneakers, so wear it every season and leave it in the back of your wardrobe.

Boho Sandals boat | Boho Mood
Boho Sandals Sea | Boho Mood 

Be careful ; avoid "fashion faux pas" to obtain a perfect Bohemian look : 

To have a 100% Bohemian look, you must avoid putting pants or leggings under your Bohemian skirt. Opt rather for a pair of flesh-colored or black pantyhose, depending on the season and your look. With pantyhoses, you allow your legs to breathe, but also to show their shapes. Your legs are beautiful, ladies, so strut them to us.

We also avoid the big down jacket with a Bohemian skirt in winter, favor wool coats, denim jackets or even leather jackets and a good wool scarf. Note that woolen cardigans also go perfectly with a Bohemian skirt.

Also mind the colors of your outfits. Your outfit can be colorful, but you shouldn't look like a real rainbow. Favor a top, a T-shirt or a shirt that is solid and light enough to enhance your skirt. For jewelry, a hat or a pair of shoes, this advice is also the same. Don't match too many colors, favor light colors when your skirt is multicolored or has a floral print. A beige hat, jewelry that breaks the style of the skirt and a pair of wedge sandals will enrich your outfit without burden it. You will get a hippie and casual outfit with a chic side that will make you more feminine.

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Find out our wide Bohemian skirts collection for this upcoming Summer : 

As you will have understood throughout the article, the Bohemian skirt is a must-have for this summer season. Whatever its shape, length, color or even its patterns, it's the garment to have in your wardrobe. The Bohemian skirt will be able to be magnificent by pairing with many accessories, regardless of the context in which you wear it. All the cards are in your hands, we let you make the right choice.

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