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5 Boho Beach Outfit ideas

5 Boho Beach Outfit ideas

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Sunny days are approaching and you may feel like you are on a vacation. The pleasant warmth of the sun on your skin☀ and ready for a beach break? You can't stand the tight, suffocating clothing anymore and are in desperate need of a beach outfit that matches up with the boho fashion style?  Loose and lightweight clothes, aerial dresses, nothing better to fully enjoy the summer, right?

No more winter clothes and gloom, let's make room for the happy mood and festivities. On the program, relaxing while listening the waves, discovering the coastal landscapes and some adventure between two swims, but no way to neglect your appearance!

Discover 5 boho beach outfit ideas that will ensure you look fashionable, even when you're on vacation. Continue reading!

The boho beach dress to prevent sunburn

A light boho dress in a flowing fabric is particularly appreciated during the summer season. By opting for a maxi length and long sleeves, you will achieve a trendy bohemian look while preventing sunburn. Just as the greatest muses of the boho style, play on transparencies and wear your swimsuit 👙 underneath, for a complete, trendy look.

The bohemian beach dress is very pleasant to wear during summer. With its wraparound fit with a split on the side, this dress will enhance your silhouette. Made of fine and breathable fabrics, it is fully adapted to the warm days. With its long and ruffled sleeves, this beach dress will protect you from the UV rays with elegance. Comfortable and with a pleasant freedom of movement.

Both chic and sexy with its plunging neckline, this dress is very practical for a walk along the seaside. You will love its cashmere prints that will blow you straight to the Orient. To complete your boho summer look, opt for a panama style sun hat 👒 or a wide-brimmed floppy hat, a pair of spartans and you will be ready for a beautiful summer day !

The boho lace dress with transparencies

In the summer period, short dresses are a must ! The white color will be favored for its refreshing aspect, as well as the airy fabrics. For an ultra trendy outfit, opt for a boho-chic lace beach dress.

Both Romantic ❤ and feminine, you will love the Boho Lace Beach Dress. Perfect for going to the beach, this openwork dress can be worn over the swimsuit. With its semi-transparency, you will create the perfect bohemian beach look. Arm yourself with a wicker basket and some round sunglasses 🕶 inspired by Coachella, a pair of ethnic flat sandals and you're all set !

The white boho blouse for a casual look

Nothing more natural than a white blouse to relax on the beach. Minimalistic, directly above your swimsuit for a casual look or tied at the waist with shorts. The white blouse is a real must-have for the summer 🌞.

In a folk style, the boho white lace blouse reveals some subtle finishing touches. Openwork embroidery, a long fit and a folded shirt collar result in a both casual and sophisticated style. For a touch of sensuality, open a few buttons along the neckline.

A fedora or a braided straw hat will bring a little chic touch to your outfit. Prefer a pair of tennis shoes or converse, for walking along the steep paths of the coastline, and flip-flops adorned with pearls, shells or Brazilian weavings for an expedition on an idyllic setting.  Don't forget your woven rush basket for your beach towel and sunscreen.

The boho mini dress to show off your legs

Whether for a warm summer evening at the seaside or just to enjoy a day at the beach, the short dress is a must have piece to pack in your suitcase. For a boho chic look, opt for an aerial one, with lace or embroidery, patterned or plain color, according to your taste.

The sexy boho short dress, with its smocked bustier and empire fit, is perfect to sublimate your silhouette and highlight your tanned legs. Add a sexy touch by wearing it with bare shoulders. Its squared neckline, floral patterns 🌼 and short puffed sleeves are completely in the boho spirit.

At the beach, wear it with tropezians while sipping a cocktail 🍹 with your friends. For a chic night out, grab your pumps as well as your fringed or fabric handbag. Don't forget to bring a jacket. Lastly, for a sporty getaway, consider white sneakers that will give you a look that is both trendy and comfortable.

The vintage t-shirt to knot over your swimsuit

The t-shirt belongs to the summer as the sweater belongs to the winter. Particularly comfortable, it can be adapted to all your desires. Compose your style by matching it with canvas pants, a boho skirt, a pair of shorts, or a lightweight jacket. The t-shirt will be your ally to avoid a sunburn especially at the warmest moments of the day.

Go for a white t-shirt with bright patterns to be in the summer mood. Tied at the waist and with an Indiana Jones hat, it will give an adventurous touch to your bohemian style.

The boho t-shirt with vintage print will give you a trendy, casual boho look. Exotic and retro patterns are absolutely fashionable in summer. Complete your bohemian beach outfit with a pair of used denim shorts, an Indiana Jones fedora and a pair of sneakers to climb some beach rocks.

Comfortably light and natural, boho beach outfits are perfect for vacations. Whether you want to relax, go for a walk or for a night out at the beach, unveil your sensuality and your wildness through your boho look. Also, make sure to have a look at our boho beach collection !

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