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The greatest Boho Style Celebrities and Icons

The greatest Boho Style Celebrities and Icons

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Ever since its arrival, the boho movement has been adopted by many artists and celebrities. Among them, some women perfectly embody this philosophy.

The boho style icons are famous personalities that convey the bohemian values through their way of clothing, of expressing themselves, of thinking or of living.

So, who are these actresses, musicians, stylists and writers who represent the boho ideology? From Brigitte Bardot to the Olsen twins, let's have a closer look at the celebrities who popularized the boho style throughout the years.

The icons of the sixties and seventies

Under a breeze of freedom, rebellion and Flower Power, the 60s and the hippie counterculture ☮ established new dress codes. Time to emancipate women and liberate the body. Thanks to their talent, style and personality, some women were to become true icons of the boho fashion scene.

Brigitte Bardot, the boho muse

We all remember Brigitte Bardot and her legendary style that marked the 50s and the sixties. With her puffy blouse, bare shoulders, flowing gingham dresses and hippie hairstyles, BB defied the fashion codes of that era. Her chic, casual and ultra-feminine style made her the muse of French fashion.

Great actress, sex symbol and animal rights activist, BB has become a true hero for a whole generation. Moreover, she still continues to inspire the greatest fashion designers.

Talitha Getty, the Gypset personality

Famous actress and model during the 60's, Talitha Guetty is the founder of the hippie chic style. Born in a family of artists, she grew up in Indonesia before moving to Great Britain where she became a key figure of Swinging London.

In 1966, she married John Paul Getty, one of the richest American heirs 💰 of that time. The couple embraced a boho lifestyle marked by a mixture of travel, luxury and debauchery between London, Rome and Marrakech. With her oriental-inspired clothing style that mixes silk caftans, embroidery, and jewelry, Talitha became the muse of the gypset.

Janis Joplin, the idol of Woodstock

No need to introduce Janis Joplin, right? The legendary artist of Woodstock and a symbol of the hippie counterculture. Her rebellious and audacious nature perfectly reflects her look. Elephant pants, tie-dye dresses, embroidery, floral prints, round glasses and lots of jewelry... Her memorable hippie style and her immense talent will always be remembered ⭐.

Janis Joplin unfortunately joined the so-called 27 club alongside Jimi Hendrix and other great artists.

Jane Birkin, emblem of the boho-chic style

This singer and actress known for her talent as well as her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, is the perfect embodiment of the boho chic style of the seventies. With her casual look, combining flare jeans with a white T-shirt or blouse and platform shoes, she transforms the basics into absolute must-have fashion pieces.

Jane Birkin alternates sexy outfits with her lace crop-tops, crochet dresses and Babydolls with her casual looks while maintaining her femme fatale side. Other examples are her famous trench coat, Converse and wicker basket. Nowadays, the legendary style of this Londoner still inspires the Parisian fashion scene.

Among the icons of the 60's and 70's, other well-known artists 🌟 knew how to bring boho fashion to the forefront through their personalities and unique clothing style.

boho style icons

From left to right: Anita Pallenberg, Stevie Nicks and Donna Summer.

During this period, Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg (partners of the Rolling Stones) highlighted the boho style with their long coats, puffy blouses, flared pants, flowing dresses, embroidery, ruffles and patterns. They were followed by the actress Ali Mc Graw as well as the singer Stevie Nicks, both of whom established the boho style through their numerous outfits and their free state of mind.

In a different way, the diva Donna Summer, nicknamed "The Queen of Disco" ignites the 70s and 80s👩‍🎤. Her style: a mixture of glitter and boho. She influenced fashion with her extravagant outfits, ethnic-inspired clothes with long sleeves and flowers all over.

Meanwhile, Cher, a US superstar whose real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian La Pierre, made her mark on the fashion scene with her daring style. Always a step ahead, she embraces the folk, pop, disco, dance and rock trends. Flared pants, crochet tops and boho jackets are all part of her look.

Today's bohemian style icons

Timeless, elegant and casual - the boho style inspires many celebrities. Today, some it-girls are considered true idols of boho fashion.

Rachel Zoe, the guru of boho-chic fashion

At 49 years old, Rachel Zoe is a famous American stylist, known for her celebrity makeovers and her strong fashion sense. The fashion designer launched her own line of high-end clothing in 2011. With collections of vintage dresses, elephant pants and retro blouses, she revisits the look of the seventies. Her signature: accumulate chic jewelry 💍, bangs, round glasses and the leather bag.

Nicole Richie, ambassador of the hippie-chic look

Influenced by Rachel Zoe, the actress and singer Nicole Richie became a true icon of the hippie-chic style. She established herself on the fashion scene by creating her own boho brands. Her favorite clothes and accessories: Maxi dress, flare jeans, kimono jacket, bug-eye glasses, without forgetting the headband or the hat 👒 to style her pretty blonde manes.

Vanessa Paradis, the natural charm

Teenage starlet in Joe le Taxi 🚕 Vanessa Paradis has grown into one of the biggest stars in the world over the years. She is one of those charismatic women that exude natural beauty. Through her songs and movie roles, the famous ex-wife of Johnny Depp stands out with her clothing style. As the face of Chanel, Miu Miu and more recently H&M Conscious, Vanessa Paradis never leaves the fashion world. With her wavy hair, scarves, floral print maxi-dresses, flared jeans and lots of jewelry, she perfectly embodies the hippie-chic style.

Kate Moss, the boho rock it-girl

Known for her infallible look and her atypical silhouette, Kate Moss is a great fashion influencer. This famous supermodel continues to sign with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Calvin Klein, Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel, Dior... In addition, she launches her own collections of bags and ready-to-wear clothing. Inspired by rock, vintage and bohemian trends, her favorite pieces are: skinny jeans, floral boho dresses, blazers, leather perfecto, loose t-shirt, boots 👢… Nowadays, she runs her own modeling agency while still posing on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Sienna Miller, the ultra-trendy casual look

As a great emblem of the boho chic look in the 2000s, Sienna Miller has popularized major trends in boho fashion. Model and former model for Hugo Boss and the French brand Caroll, the pretty blonde created her own brand (Twenty8Twelve) in 2009, alongside her sister Savannah Miller. Among her essentials: ruffled or printed dress, trench coat, high-waisted jeans, gavroche cap and leather satchel 👜.

Vanessa Hudgens, the queen of style

The famous High school Musical actress 👩🎓 continues to wow fashionistas with her unique style: a mix of bohemian, vintage and luxury. Puffy blouse, flowing dress, long skirt, platform sandals, fringed suede, ethnic jewelry - some of the main elements of her ravishing look. At 32 years old, this pretty brunette is a true trendsetter that never commits any fashion faux-pas.

Florence Welch, the inspiring bohemian

The singer of Florence and The Machine influences the fashion world with her deliciously retro boho style. So much that it inspired Gucci, the brand for whom she lent her image. Her vintage style mixes pieces and volumes for a bewitching boho chic effect. Her secret: colorful patterns, flowing fabrics and a touch of audacity.

The Olsen twins, fashion designers

The Olsen twins, former TV stars, are nowadays involved in the fashion world. In 2006, the sisters launched a brand of luxury clothing inspired by the bohemian chic style, called The Row. Through their quirky looks and minimalist designs, the "Party at Home" starlets have become true style icons. They like to dress up in oversized sweaters, with big glasses, scarves, hats... and always remain in the spotlight.

From then to now, talented women inspire and make the fashion world evolve. Through their creativity, their charm and their notoriety they set new trends that all fashionistas are eager to imitate. Boho style icons are creating the dream, making the look even more glamorous than ever before 🤩.

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