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6 Boho Bun Hairstyle ideas you can create yourself!

6 Boho Bun Hairstyle ideas you can create yourself!

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Whether for a wedding, a night out or for everyday life, Bohemian hairstyles are particularly gorgeous. Simple yet elegant, they always create that Wow effect!

The boho bun is a relatively simple to do hairstyle that consists in twisting and rolling the hair on itself. The bun allows many creative variations. We love them messy, braided, low or high, worked or tousled...

No matter your hair is long or short, here are 6 ideas of boho buns that are easy to redo at home 😉.

The braided boho bun, the chicest

This sophisticated yet natural bun is at the cutting edge of the boho chic style. There are various types of braids that you can mix and match in order to achieve countless different hairstyles, to name a few: the classic 3-branch braid, the French braid and the 🌾 fishtail braid, with only 2 strands.

How to do? Follow these simple steps:

☑ Start by making a half ponytail, using the top hair, without pulling too tight to leave some volume on the front of your head.

☑ Then take all of your hair and separate it into three strands to make a classic braid. Once you're done, you can give your braid some extra volume by slightly pulling on the outer strands, as if to loosen the braid.

☑ Finally, roll the braid up onto itself to form a bun and then maintain your hairstyle with pins and hairspray if necessary.

😉 Even more easy: create a simple bun starting from a ponytail, then make a small braid on one extremity and wrap this braid around your bun.

Another version of the braided bun is to weave one or two French braids or fishtail braids that you secure with pins before gathering the rest of your hair into a bun.

👉 To do a French braid, start with a classic three strand braid, then, each time you flip a strand over another, add a small section of hair underneath to complete the braid.

👉 For a fishtail braid, simply separate the hair into two equal sections and then take a strand from each end and run it through to the opposite side. 

You're free to mix and match French braids, simple braids and fishtail braids in order to create your desired hairstyle. Do not hesitate to adapt the length of the braids by folding them back on themselves if necessary, before fixing them with your hairpins.

The high boho bun, classic and easy

A high bun is perfect to uncover your neck and highlight your face, whether you have fine or thick hair... For this hairstyle, all you need is a little bit of length 🙆‍♀️.

☑ First of all, tie your hair up in a high ponytail, using an elastic hair band, being careful not to flatten it too much at the front. For a slightly tousled, messy effect, pull out a few strands around your face.

☑ For Bohemian hairstyles, we like relief and suppleness. Comb your hair from the bottom up for more volume. If you wish to create a round hair bun, you can use a hair doughnut, which will add thickness.

☑ Next, style your hair all around your head like a palm tree and gradually roll your ponytail into a spiral shape without tightening too much so as to form a bump at the top of your head. You can vary the hairstyles by making a bun wrapped on the height or by realizing a more or less elaborate bun.

☑ Use hairpins to hold your high bun in place. As a final touch, slightly pull on some strands of hair to break the too much structured look.

The low bohemian bun, always fashionable

This chic hairstyle is timeless and easily adaptable: the banana bun 🍌 for a boho rock look, the rolled bun for a glamorous touch, or the twisted boho bun for originality.

☑ To start, put your hair a low ponytail at the back of your head, then roll your hair either in a banana bun, in a spiral, or inwards 🎯.

☑ You can start with a rolled updo bun by making a ponytail tied with an elastic hair band, and then you will have to pass the tip on the inside several times until you obtain a big twist.

☑ Fix the whole with hairpins, pretty clips or other hair accessories.

Another possibility is to start twisting your ponytail by tucking it inside and then continue on a fishtail braid before gathering it into a bun. Remember to loosen your braid before rolling it on itself and to hide the tip of the braid within the bun.

😉 Using a headband makes it even easier! Simply place it like a crown 👑 on your head and wrap the twisted strands all around it.

The boho half-up bun, the fastest one

This alternative to the boho bun allows to vary the styles while detaching a section of your hair. Quick and easy to do, this hairstyle is very much appreciated in the spotlights. Simply follow these steps:

☑ Start with a half tail and create a messy bun by creping your hair and wrapping it around the elastic.

☑ Once your half bun is fixed with hairpins, pull out a few strands for a tousled effect.

☑ The rest of your hair will then need to be worked on. Remember to keep your hair loose. To do so, you could create a few waves with a curling iron, backcomb your hair or leave it natural. You can also braid a few strands of hair to fine-tune your hairstyle. Whatever you choose to do, add some texture to your hair.

The easy-to-make boho half-up bun provides you with a casual, natural look. Besides, this hairstyle works for almost any hair length  💇‍♀.

The boho bun on short hair

Do you have mid-length or short hair? Know that you can also style your hair in a bun. On curly hair, you will create a kind of trompe-l'oeil.

☑ Instead of putting your hair in a ponytail, fix small and flat clips on either side of your wavy hair while keeping its volume.

☑ Release your neck by pulling your hair upwards, again with the help of clips.

☑ Do not hesitate to use some hairspray to fix small strands of hair.

😉 On a bob haircut, dare the half-up bun or the macaron bun, very practical to style short hair. Lastly, don't deprive yourself of the twist and braid effects that will be most effective on mid-length hair. Need some inspiration? Here are some great boho bun ideas for short hair.

The bohemian bun with a scarf, a winning duo

Perfect for fine hair, the scarf adds substance while accessorizing your hairstyles wonderfully. Moreover, the scarf - bun combo is very trendy this year, perhaps because it recalls the sixties and seventies style ☮?

☑ Tie your scarf as a headband with a knot on the top, then make your bun high or low, just as you like.

Another option :

☑ First create your bun and then wrap a nice scarf all around it. Leave a piece of fabric hanging out elegantly for a graceful finish.

See, boho buns with a scarf are easy to do! No need to visit your hairdresser for an elaborate bun, because this piece of fabric upgrades all your hairstyles in just no time. Plus, you can tie it whatever way you want.

👉 Looking for more scarf hair styling ideas? Check out our article 5 Boho hairstyle ideas with a scarf!

With these 6 boho bun hairstyle ideas, you'll be able to create beautiful bohemian hairstyles and vary different styles, no matter how long your hair is. From the braided bun to the scarf - bun combo to the half-up bun, explore all of the possibilities and find the ones that look best on you. With a little practice, you'll have some stunning buns in no time at all, good luck! 🤩

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