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Gypset Style: Navigating the Intersection of Luxury and Bohemian Elegance!

Gypset Style: Navigating the Intersection of Luxury and Bohemian Elegance!

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At home in the world, that is the motto of Julia Chaplin, founder of the famous gypset movement, a boho lifestyle with a touch of luxury.

The gypset style is a nomadic lifestyle that combines the luxury of the jet-set life with the authenticity of travel. This hippie-chic trend appeared when a New York Times journalist decided to change her lifestyle.

Let's discover the basics of this new fashion trend, both cool and bourgeois, which is very much in vogue among people.

What is the gypset style?

This term, invented by Julia Chaplin, is a mixture of "gypsy" and "jet set". It's a trend inspired by both the gypsy lifestyle 💃 and the celebrity lifestyle ⭐.

According to the Guru of this hippie chic movement, the gypset is a philosophy that combines an unconventional approach to life with a sophisticated and exotic lifestyle. A real mix of bohemian and luxury!

This lifestyle, inspired by the 70's hippies, favors a nomadic and carefree life, marked by beautiful and unexpected meetings as well as a fashion attitude with a pronounced taste for aesthetics, fashion, art and decoration... as long as it's vintage!

A true gypset family: Keith Richards, his wife Patti Hansen and their children on a Caribbean beach in 2012 (©Bruce Weber for the Vogue magazine)

So, who exactly are the gypsetters?

Gypsetters often are artists, musicians, authors, creators, celebrities or simply kids of the rich. A community of globetrotters (many of them from the jet-set) that travels through beautiful, unspoiled places while living in accordance with well-defined conventions. Adept of travel, surfing, meditation or yoga, this neo-nomadic tribe has a cool attitude 🤘.

The gypsetter is on the lookout for lost paradises all over the world. Looking for fashionable spots, in search of chic but confidential places that matches the inspiration of the moment. Its favorite destinations: trendy spots, yet untouched by mass tourism, all over the world - in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Italy, Greece, India, Morocco, Vietnam or Australia... Authenticity, yes, but not without luxury!

The gypset tribe settles on paradisiacal beaches 🏖 from the north of Goa in India to the creeks of the small Aeolian islands. Between two surf sessions🏄‍♀, you can find them among the fishermen's huts either in Montauk (New York), in Cabo Polonio (Uruguay) or in Guéthary (France). Gypsetters will enjoy a stroll around the old artist's lair in Deià (Mallorca) or go to Alto Paraiso (Brazil) for a spiritual retreat.

While most gypsetters will travel in private jets, they do prefer tepees and (luxury) yurts to the overcrowded famous palaces.

Julia Chaplin, founder of the gypset style

Julia Chaplin, The writer of Boho Manifesto, released in 2019.

Behind this boho chic trend is an American journalist, paid to travel around the world. What a dream 🙏 ! Julia Chaplin, travel writer, writes for the New York Times and other well-known magazines. As a true guru of the gypset movement, this charming, intellectual surfing girl inspires a whole tribe of neo-hippies.

This 40 year old trend setter is also the author of a series of books about the gypset lifestyle. The adventuress invented the word "gypset" while searching for an ideal, inspired by the glamour of her New York life and her hippie background ☮.

Since her childhood, Julia Chaplin has travelled all over the world with her parents. That's probably how she caught the globetrotter's passion! Her father, himself a journalist, and her mother, always enjoyed packing their suitcases for a trip to Todos Santos, a small fishing village in Mexico where a few hippie tribes lived. It is in this paradisiacal setting that Julia, free as air, blossomed.

It was also the encounter with Garth and Euva, a charismatic neo-hippie couple, that gave her the idea to create a new art of living. Their relaxed attitude and lifestyle perfectly embodied the gypset philosophy. Enjoy every moment to the fullest, in style 👌.

For Julia, the gypset life style is a new and sophisticated conception of existence, based on travel, epicureanism, cultural mixing and luxury. To be a gypsetter is to know how to let go and integrate into the world for an indefinite period of time while cultivating a cool attitude and a certain sense of aesthetics.

How about gypset inspired home decor?

Somewhere between surfboards and cushions with ethnic motifs, the gypset decoration trend calls for travel.

The gypset style isn't just about lifestyle or clothing. It's about creating a universe, chic and authentic, inspired by the 4 corners of the world.

Combining seventies glamour and hippie philosophy, gypset design embodies both the bohemian spirit and luxury.

The gypset fashion is similar to the ethnic style, but less sober. It is based on accumulation and mixture of materials. The idea consists in associating a vintage 70's decoration with your travel souvenirs.

It's the art of tastefully combining handcrafted pieces from all over the world with antique objects and furniture with a patina. We love the ethnic motifs on carpets and cushions, rattan chairs, exotic plants as well as macramé drapes. Opt for raw or chic materials such as wood, satin, velvet, linen and embroidery.

Regarding colors, the gypset decor favors white, nude and soft shades while we play with colors and prints to create a hippie chic universe.

How to become the perfect gypset girl?

Hair in the wind, loose and flowing clothes, ethnic prints and a heavenly beach: gypset fashion makes us dream.

Go for a hippie chic look

The perfect gypset girl wears baba cool clothing with a touch of exoticism 🍍 as well as vintage label pieces. In her wardrobe: lightweight tunics, long dresses, clothes from all around the world. In casual fashion, she carries denim shorts and a faded t-shirt or a loose shirt over her swimsuit. For a chic touch, she adorns her outfit with lots of boho jewelry and accessories that she mixes with designer pieces.

As a "child of the world", she likes ethnic pieces such as Peruvian ponchos, djellabas and handcrafted clothing. Based on the no shoes attitude, she swaps her heels for a pair of sandals or stays barefoot on the sand. As an expert in patchwork, the gypset girl knows how to perfectly mix styles, materials and patterns in order to obtain a chic and elegant outfit. She wears her hair in a fishtail braid or in a wavy style for a surfer's look.

Show your insatiable thirst for travel

Adventurous by nature, the gypset girl travels from destination to destination, following the wind, depending on her mood of the moment. Thus, she traverses the whole world in search of still-secret paradises. She avoids the tourist places and prefers the lost (but chic) spots. Instead of the luxury hotel chains, she shelters with friends, in a tepee or a caravan.

Feel like a change of scenery? Treat yourself a vacation at the Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali (©Brian Hodges)

Opt for a world inspired decoration

Her home decor reflects her many travels. Indian hangings, Berber carpets, Aztec cushions... Behind each piece there is a memory or a story. The gypset girl decorates her house or apartment with style in order to create a hippie chic atmosphere where she feels good. She mixes materials, shapes and colors with taste and doesn't hesitate to find the rare pearl at the flea market. Within her decoration, among the ethnic objects, some great designers' pieces are scattered.

Favour your connection with nature

The gypsy-girl loves seaside destinations, perfect to practice her favorite activities such as surfing or yoga. Always in search of spirituality, she likes to spend her time outdoors in osmosis with natural elements, according to the seasons.

One motto: At home in the world

That is the motto of the perfect gypsy-girl. After all, as a result of travelling so much, she knows how to adapt wherever she goes, and feels at home wherever she sets down her suitcases. Without limits, the whole world can become her home.

Between luxury and bohemian, the gypset style is dreamlike! After reading this article, you probably feel like abandoning it all and enjoying a bohemian life in some of the coolest places in the world. Know that it's possible! According to Julia Chaplin, no need to have an astronomical bank account to become a gypset girl. You just need to know how to share and cultivate the cool attitude around you... in style.

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