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5 indisputable signs that you're a bohemian

What does it mean to be bohemian? 5 indisputable signs!

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Being bohemian does not necessarily mean that you have to come from a Gypsy family or belong to a nomadic tribe. However, you don't become a bohemian just because you are wearing long floral dresses and baba-cool tunics: it's a way of life.

We enter the bohemian world because freedom flows in our veins... because of our sensibility, our lust for life and, above all, because we love the universe and people 😍.

Are you bohemian? In order to find out, we have identified 5 signs that really won't deceive you. Whether you hate routines, consider your freedom to be sacred, avoid the fashion world, have limitless creativity, or are passionate about other cultures... it is highly possible that you are a bohemian. Don't wait any longer and release the wild spirit that slumbers inside of you! 🌾

1. The subway - work - sleep routine ain't for you

If there's one thing you can't stand, it's routine! ⏰  The 9 to 5 work life ain't for you? Nothing worse than waking up at the same time every day, doing the same thing and coming home at the same time every night... It gives you the impression that each day is the same and that there's no room for the unexpected. You're getting the hang of it. Besides, you have an offbeat rhythm and you may be described as an unstable person. Don't worry, this is a common attribute among bohemians.

Your thing is to wake up naturally, to eat when you are hungry, to work when you feel like it, even if it means working longer days in order to be 100% focused on what you are doing at the very moment. That's just the way you find your inspiration and the way you're most effective.

Your friends phone you to drop by unexpectedly? Awesome! You love to be surprised. A last minute change in your schedule? No worries, you will adapt without any problem. The unexpected - it stimulates you!

2. Your freedom is precious

sacred freedom


Who do you think you are, trying to take away my freedom? If respecting conventions, traditions or laws makes you feel like you're chained up, you must be a bohemian.

The thought of being told what to do or what to think turns you nauseous 🤢. That's just why you act according to your own codes and you may sometimes break the rules when you disagree with them.

Likewise, you hate conformism, which prevents individuals from thinking by themselves and from being emancipated.

As a supporter of counter-culture, you question all traditional values. Your future does not need to fit into a classical plan: study, work, marriage, home, children... Moreover, you are living an unorthodox life and you are rather proud to do so.

You refuse all forms of authority and power. For good reason: the bond of domination, which is used to control the people, is inconceivable. For this reason, you run away from all sorts of patriarchy, capitalism and elitism. Religion isn't in your ideas or else you tend to evolve according to your own belief.

3. You do not follow the fashion trends 

Far from being a fashion victim, you simply cannot understand the value of paying attention to the latest fashion trends. Dressing as others do and buying brand names just because you think it's cool, it doesn't make any sense to you. Who's the fool that brought this into existence😅?

Why dress like everyone else when you can just show your difference?

The way you dress is a way to express your personality, and the fashion dictatorship basically just takes that freedom away. As a matter of fact, you have chosen not to suffer any social pressure and your rebellious nature makes you feel like going against the grain. Whether you prefer the country style, the hippie chic or the casual look... you adopt the style that suits you... according to your current inspiration!

Tight-fitting stretchy clothes are trendy and sexy? You opt for ample and flared pieces made of natural fabrics. Short tops and big knit sweaters have become old-fashioned? You're reviving your 90's crop tops and reinventing granny's knitwear! Nostalgic wink to the sixties and seventies that you will revisit wearing a vintage dress, a romantic lace blouse and hippie sunglasses. You are off-beat and you look fabulous!

Your elegant yet casual outfits with their retro charm are so stylish that you are about to become a fashion trendsetter, in spite of yourself 🤷

4. You are an artist at heart, with a creative spirit



You are a passionate and talented person, often described as a dreamy and original individual. Thanks to your sensitivity, you are able to appreciate the beautiful things in the world while feeling strong emotions 💚 ... a true gift of nature.

Music, dancing, writing, painting and decorating are your favorite hobbies. You may also have a manual or artistic profession 🎨.

Creativity enlivens you every day. It' s what spices up your days. Without imagination, life seems boring and uninteresting. Your artistic activities soothe you like a therapy. For this reason, you can spend hours imagining the lyrics of a song with a little guitar riff or writing poems for example.

5. You are open minded towards other cultures


You're an open-minded person willing to explore the world 🌏. As a result, you love to travel, either physically or through your thoughts. Among your various journeys, you are inspired by ethnic trends that you enjoy whether in lifestyle, culture, art or decoration. This is reflected in your style of clothing: Indian jewelry, cashmere patterns, tribal hairstyles, textures, colors and prints ... simply by looking at you, one can escape the world for an instant.

If you like to travel to unknown countries, watch reports or read books about other cultures or if you plan to travel around the world in the itinerant mode 🎒, you certainly have a boho spirit.

However, we wouldn't be surprised if tourism is not your cup of tea. Instead, you prefer to live with the locals or even better, with the tribes to immerse yourself as much as possible in the different cultural backgrounds.

You cannot understand that one can be interested only in its own meadow. Our universe is particularly rich, whether in terms of cultural or natural diversity. Therefore, you assume that by discovering the world, you will forge your philosophy and your character... and you are absolutely right!

Developing your mind is extremely important for you as well as for the education you wish to pass on to your children. The boho life offers so much beauty to those who are able to see beyond the tip of their nose.

Lastly, if you ever find yourself beginning an Ayurvedic cure, enjoying a Lebanese tabbouleh in your room adorned with Indian tapestries, just before your yoga class... you may also be a real bohemian, unaware of it for the moment.

While reading this article, you may have discovered your bohemian characteristics, or at least a slightly rebellious and creative spirit? Remember, being bohemian means being original and having a particularly rich vision of the world. You don't become bohemian just because you enjoy fashion or because it looks nice. You're bohemian because it's part of your DNA and you feel it deep inside. So, how about you, which bohemian characteristics revealed your true nature?

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