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How to prepare a Boho Maternity Photoshoot ?

How to prepare a Boho Maternity Photoshoot ?

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Such a great miracle of life, pregnancy is a unique experience for any woman 🤰. Therefore, many boho moms wish to capture this magical moment through a photoshoot at their image.

However, for a successful session with beautiful souvenir shots, it is worthwhile to prepare it carefully.

What are the best moments? The most beautiful places? How to dress?

Boho Vibe answers all your questions about the Boho Maternity Photoshoot.

Prepare your maternity photo session carefully

Your pregnancy suits you wonderfully well with your rounded belly, your resplendent face and your feminine curves. What more magnificent than a pregnant woman in full bloom 🌸 ?

How about a photoshoot to remember this exceptional time in your life forever?

There are no secrets. Although the talent of the photographer is the key, the preparation is as important to make your maternity photoshoot a success. Once you have found the professional that will be able to highlight your natural beauty and make you feel confident, spend some time preparing your session.

What is the best moment for a maternity photoshoot?

There is no good or bad time for a maternity photo session. The main thing is to feel good in your body as in your head. However, it is preferable to have a well rounded belly. The last trimester is the one where the shapes are most visible... But do not to wait until the 9th month, at the risk of not being able to move anymore.

Thus, the 7th and 8th months are ideal, but you can plan a photoshoot with your favorite photographer starting from the 6th month of pregnancy. Most importantly, pick a time that you feel fit, as you may be prone to nausea 🤢 or very tired later on.

Some moms-to-be plan multiple photo sessions during their pregnancy, taking the same pose in order to see the evolution, this can be a very nice idea. Note that depending on their notoriety, professional photographers can have a very busy calendar, so be sure to plan ahead.

The location: indoor or outdoor?

While a studio photoshoot allows you to have a more controllable result, a nice landscape can be particularly romantic. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of these two possibilities.

An indoor photoshoot:

In a photo studio, the photographer has the necessary equipment and lighting (which he controls) to highlight you. With a neutral background, you will be at the heart of the attention. You may also dare to take more intimate portraits, and perhaps more naked. And last but not least, no bad surprises with the weather.

Some professionals will come to your home. This is a great solution if you like a reportage style. And finally, it is possible to arrange a little boho setting with dried flower bouquets, country objects or by having your picture taken on a rattan chair.

An outdoor photoshoot:

While it's not the easiest or most practical solution, having an outdoor maternity photoshoot can add a very unique boho feel. By capturing the natural light of the moment ☀ the movement of your hair with the wind, your photos will be unique!

It can also be in a symbolic place for you and your partner if you are accompanied. For example, a beach or a park that you both love. However, you are not safe from a rain shower or from the eyes of curious walkers. In addition, there will be no restrooms or places to change clothes. So it is up to you whether you take the risk or not.

Getting ready for the shoot

Before heading to your boho maternity shoot, make sure you look great. File your nails, get a hair treatment and pluck your eyebrows if necessary. To be fresh for the session, you can plan an anti-fatigue treatment the previous day. Don't forget to drink plenty of water 💧, get plenty of rest and most importantly, don't stay up too late.

On the big day, remember to hydrate your skin and lips before applying makeup in a very natural way. Apply a BB cream, a little blush on your cheeks and mascara to enhance your eyes. You can also put a little eye shadow (choosing a very discreet shade) and a touch of pink on your mouth. Your hair should also be pampered to achieve a pretty, soft and luminous texture. Lastly, adopt a boho hairstyle by favoring volume with wavy hair, a loose bun or braids.

Which dress to wear for a maternity photoshoot?

For a bohemian-themed maternity shoot, you will need to carefully select your outfit and accessories. Colors and materials should be natural and soft. Fabrics that are flowing and lightweight in order to nicely fit your round belly. You may opt for some floral prints 🌼 and lace, however keep in mind that it is your body that should be highlighted and not the details of your outfit, so sobriety is a must. Also, we selected some pretty bohemian dresses for you that will perfectly enhance your rounded curves.

Our selection of boho maternity dresses

With its loose fit and flowing fabric, the boho dress is more than perfect to fit your round belly while highlighting it. But which dress to choose? Great news, you'll find a wide range of dresses at Boho Vibe.

👉 Discover our Boho Dresses!

We preferably select an empire fit that flares out under the chest or a wrap around fit that closes on the side. In all cases, it is necessary to choose a style that is wide enough under the chest in order to accommodate your round belly 😉

If there's a model you're eyeing, but you're not sure about the fit, simply contact our customer service for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you the best advice!

They trusted us 💚 :

What about accessories?

Regarding accessories, do not hesitate to bring a bohemian hat. You may also wish to bring a flower crown, a scarf or a headband to enhance your hairstyle, according to your desires. However, be sure to schedule some time with the photographer in order to place them properly on your head, without stress. Depending on the desired effect, you can wear jewelry such as several large necklaces that harmoniously fall on your belly, rings and bracelets. It's up to you. But be careful not to overdo it!

A solo or family photoshoot?

Here again, choose according to your desires. Either you keep this moment only for you, or you share it with your buddy 🙆�?♂�? and/or your children if you have any.

Loving glances, a hand resting on mom's belly... couple photos can be particularly romantic. It's also a great moment you'll both share. The father-to-be will probably be very happy to participate and to keep these beautiful memories with you.

Naturally, the gentleman will also need to choose an appropriate bohemian outfit with loose, light and comfortable clothing. As for the lady, focus on light colors, neutral tones and natural materials. A flowing shirt with rolled up sleeves, linen pants, chino or jeans will be just perfect.

As for family portraits with children, it's a little more complex to set up. First of all, you have to get the whole family together at the same time. Then, the children will need to be in a good mood to be photographed. If your little one doesn't stop crying, it might not be very pleasant. However, it is a very beautiful moment of tenderness to share with the brothers and sisters of the future baby, without forgetting that each one will take pleasure in looking at the pictures later.

Be inspired for your boho pregnancy photos!

And the last step... Find some inspiration! In order to determine the style of photos that best suit your needs, we recommend using the internet as a source of inspiration. This way, you'll be able to spot trends, settings, clothes and accessories that you possibly didn't think of. We will make it easier for you with some great boho maternity photos.

Maternity is an incredible time, full of doubts and happiness at the same time. Being pregnant is such an important step in a woman's life and that's why you should not hesitate to immortalize this unique moment. A well-prepared maternity photoshoot will definitely bring you beautiful memories, filled with emotions 💕 to look back on later with your family.

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