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Which jewelry to choose for a Boho Style ?

Which jewelry to choose for a Boho Style ?

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Layering loose and flowing clothes, sprinkled with ethnic elements and numerous boho accessories: the boho style is a whole art to itself. Among the essentials are natural fabrics, vintage pieces, patterns, embroidery and lace without forgetting the bags, hats and jewelry, without which the style would be incomplete.

From rings to bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets, let's have a closer look at the jewelry to choose for a perfect boho chic style.

Boho jewelry from the hair to the ankles

As for clothing, we will play on accumulating jewelry and diversity by alternating different lengths, thicknesses, materials, elements and styles. All together on an ethnic and colorful background.

As for materials, we opt for gold, silver, aged metal, bronze, brass, wood or stones. Whatever type of jewelry you wear - beads, feathers, shells 🐚, tassels and symbols 🕉 are a must. A special mention for the grigri and mystical jewelry that are particularly popular at the moment.

So, which jewelry to wear for a boho style from head to toe?

The headband and boho hair jewelry

Hair jewelry on wavy and natural hair is absolutely seductive. The headband is a great alternative to a scarf, flower crown 🌸 or a boho hat. This hair accessory is worn at the top of the forehead, over your hair or as a bandeau. Opt for a headpiece with chains, patterns, beads or feathers for example.

Ethnic earrings

Fancy earrings of ethnic influence are very popular in the boho style. Opt for rather voluminous models such as large hoops or drop earrings, adorned with stones or pendants. In case you have multiple piercings, do not hesitate to combine ear studs with hoops and drop earrings. Considering the latest Californian festivals, the trend is towards the mystical with models such as dream-catchers.

Boho necklaces & sautoirs

Among the boho jewelry, we particularly like the sautoir necklaces, chains and long pearl necklaces. You may combine multiple lengths or create several rows with a single necklace. Pendants and charms are also essential elements of the style. Think about fancy necklaces adorned with ethnic or spiritual symbols like mandalas, peace and love ☮ and tribal motifs. We love the big handcrafted Indian-style necklaces adorned with stones.

The hippie-chic bracelets

There exists a multitude of bohemian bracelets of different shapes and styles. So, to be in style, wear multiple bangles, fancy bracelets, wristbands. Golden or silver bracelets, worked or chiseled by hand are just perfect. Likewise, we love beads, made of wood or carved stones, all kinds of engravings and semi-precious stones 💎. Once again, the ethnic bracelets are a must. A small original touch: the upper arm cuff bracelet - the perfect piece of jewelry for summer and adored by boho women.

A set of rings

Many different rings 💍 - a fundamental of the boho chic style. Exactly, you don't wear just one ring, but multiple rings of different shapes and sizes. Do not hesitate to slip one or more rings on each finger. Think of phalanx rings, large natural stones as well as thin and twisted rings. Again, the silver Indian rings fit perfectly into the hippie chic trend.


In summer, anklets will bring an irresistible ethnic touch to your look. We love the ones embellished with bells, floral motifs and charms. In India, anklets are a traditional and essential piece of jewelry that is part of their culture. Worn with sandals or barefoot, the anklet highlights your tanned legs. Solid silver is great for swimming on the beach as it doesn't fade with sea water. Add a nice toe ring for a perfect combo.

Opt for ethnic jewelry

Ethnic jewelries are the flagship pieces of the boho style. Bohemian women indeed like to be inspired by different world cultures and travelling 🌎. Coming straight from Asia, Africa, Latin America or oceanic islands... Ethnic pieces are almost always handmade for an authentic effect.

Most of the time, ethnic jewelry is made of silver, natural, precious or semi-precious stones and beads.

  • Silver is a material that is associated with the energy of the moon and the tribal character.
  • Stones have, according to lithotherapy, a healing power. Turquoise, carnelian, agate, onyx ... each one has its own particular virtues. Thus rose quartz transmits energies of love, while the eye of the tiger gives self-confidence.
  • Beads can be made of wood, stone, resin or of biomineral origin like pearls found in shells.

Tinged with spirituality and exoticism, handcrafted jewelry transmits a story and exudes a unique charm. Ethnic pieces such as Indian jewelry compete in creativity and all look sublime. Moreover, they almost always are unique in their design 👍.

Jewelry stacking

As you probably already know, one of the golden rules of the boho chic style is the art of layering. First of all by layering clothes and secondly by stacking a variety of accessories and jewelry.

This trick consists of putting together different lengths of necklaces or mixing different styles of rings and bracelets. By combining several pieces of jewelry, you will multiply their impact.

Lastly, on a bare skin 👙, stacking of fine jewelry is of the most beautiful effect. So, dare to accumulate and, above all, vary sizes, shapes, thicknesses and materials!

Wear your boho jewelry, even in winter!

In winter ☃, with the large turtleneck sweaters and long sleeves, we tend to abandon our jewelry. And yet, these are not destined to be worn only against the skin. They have the advantage of accessorizing your winter outfits while giving them that little boho chic touch... So, in this somewhat gloomy season, don't under estimate jewelry!

To wear your boho jewelry over your winter clothes, you just need to make a few small adjustments. Large earrings will be visible even with a high collar or a scarf 🧣. As for the necklaces, we recommend choosing a number of sufficiently thick necklaces that will nicely contrast with your clothes in order to make them more visible. Lastly, when you're in a heated room, simply roll up your sleeves so that your bracelets are visible. As you can see, you don't have to wait for the warm weather to wear your favorite jewelry, it will also look great with your winter outfits.

Boho jewelry are your allies for bringing relief and sublimating your hippie chic look. When subtly associated with your outfit, they are the secret to go from a nice look to a totally trendy boho style look 🤩. So, as a child of the world, opt for ethnic jewelry, dare layering and... do not forget them in winter!

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