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Boho Mom: how to maintain your serenity?

Boho Mom: how to maintain your serenity?

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To be a mom is probably the most beautiful experience in the world... Your heart is overflowing with love ❤️ for your little baby and every day you marvel at watching your little one grow. Yet, between the sleepless nights, crying, feeding 🍼 and diapers, it's not always easy to feel relaxed 😓.

How to recharge, remain a woman and thrive when you're a boho mom? Here are some helpful tips for staying zen.

Get some rest and relax...

When you're a mom, taking time for yourself is necessary (and vital). Since you are constantly in demand by your child and your family, you probably feel the need to be alone from time to time. This can become a real challenge. However, you can (and should) take advantage of your child's nap time or other quiet moments to take a little break yourself as well.

If you're a couple, ask dad to take over so you can relax for a while. Better yet, arrange childcare for at least a few hours a week to take the pressure off. Skip the household chores and allow yourself some me time.

Take a little nap

If you need some rest, enjoy a quiet moment to relax and get some sleep. Lie down on your couch or bed, close the blinds if necessary and turn off your phone. Disturbance is strictly forbidden 🤫. 

Relax by watching a TV show

Nothing better to relax than lying on your couch, curled up under your plaid and watching your favorite TV show. A mug of tea, a few treats and some Netflix to unplug your brain are all you need.

Immerse yourself in a book

Reading a good book can be a great way to escape for a while. Whether on paper or kindle, the whirlwind of words will carry you away from the daily grind. Fiction, biography, personal development... You will surely find the literary genre that corresponds best to your interests.

Taking care of yourself

When you are a mom, you sometimes tend to forget yourself a little. We often prioritize comfort and simplicity at the expense of appearance. Yet, it is essential to feel good about yourself.

Take a comforting break

In case you find a moment for yourself during the evening, you may like to enjoy a bath 🛀. Warm water will relax those knotted muscles and soothe your mind. Use the opportunity to pamper your skin and hair by applying anything that makes you feel good: a scrub, a mask, a facial or hair care 🧴... Add some scented candles and pleasant music to your foaming bath to create a zen atmosphere conducive to relaxation. You may also ask your loved one for a little massage.

If you feel like it, and if you have the possibility to arrange a babysitting service, you can also plan a beauty treatment at the beautician. Feeling comfortable in your body is important. Another pleasant option is to plan a nice and relaxing SPA session with some friends 🧖‍♀.

Go for a wardrobe makeover

When you don't have the time or inclination to spend three hours in front of the mirror in the morning, getting dressed, doing your hair or putting on makeup, know that the boho style is perfect for busy and fashionable moms. Combining comfort and nature 🌸, the boho wardrobe will sublimate your look in the blink of an eye. A pretty flowing cotton dress, a few jewels and you're all set! And in terms of hairstyle, nothing more simple as you can leave your hair natural or opt for very simple hairstyles. In the end it is not so hard to stay stylish - even when you are a mom.

Relax your body and mind

Between work, appointments, errands, the nanny and taking care of your baby, it's not always easy finding a moment to take care of your own body. However, by combining a healthy diet with regular exercise, you will improve your well-being. And this will help you to keep your nerves in check on a daily basis.

Practice meditation

Relaxation exercises are a great way to manage stress, let go and regain your serenity. Lie down in a comfortable position and take a slow, deep breath ☯. Focus on the present moment, on your body sensations. Observe your thoughts, your feelings and accept your emotions, without judgment. In case you are tired, you might be carried away by sleep. It doesn't matter; the main thing is to rest!

Try out yoga

Yoga 🧘‍♀ is a particularly recommended activity to promote well-being. In addition to giving a sense of relaxation, yoga is also excellent for developing flexibility, toning up, improving posture, focusing and working your muscles in a gentle way. Perfect for a pretty body shape while taking care of your mind.

Work out and breathe fresh air

If you enjoy being active, sports are ideal for releasing pressure and maintaining your figure. So, drop your little one off at the nanny's and practice your favorite sport. Maybe a fitness, dance, swimming 🤽‍♀ or judo class will do you a world of good: beneficial for your morale and for your body!

Similarly, outdoor activities are great for recharging your batteries. A walk in nature, a short run, a horseback riding session, or a ride on a bike will perfectly oxygenate your exhausted brain 🤯.

Practice relaxing activities

If you like writing, drawing or making music, then why not use this time to rediscover your favorite activity? Boosting your creativity is a true breath of fresh air for your mind.

Make time for yourself

We all know this: your time is precious and you might often feel like you're running 🏃‍♀ in all directions since the birth of your child... For sure, it' s an obstacle course. So, rather than losing yourself in this downward spiral, it may be time to rethink your priorities. Optimize your commute and chores and focus on what's important: your family and your well-being.

Spending time with your partner

With a baby, time together can become quite rare. Between tiredness, routine and overwork, you can tend to forget about your relationship. However, just because you're a mom doesn't make you any less of a woman; so, keep the spark alive should remain a priority.

Grow the romance ❤️ and enhance moments together by increasing small attentions and surprises. For example, you may write some sweet notes on the refrigerator, invite him to the restaurant, prepare his favorite meal or buy him some flowers. Flowers are definitely not just for women! If you have the possibility to drop off your baby at the family' home, why not plan a love weekend or a romantic trip?

Visit your friends

The arrival of a child can disrupt your social life. However, your friends will be your oxygen bubble. By spending time with them, you will laugh, share your doubts, remake the world and share your best advice. Don't deprive yourself of these true moments of happiness.

Reflect on your goals, projects and ambitions

You are happy in your role as a mother; your child overwhelms you with joy and you love taking care of him or her. However, you may not feel fully fulfilled as a woman. It's time to reflect on your life plans and goals! It is totally possible to be a fully fulfilled boho mom! 🌞

Caught up in the routine, you've sidelined your projects 🌈 ? Know that it's never too late to make your dreams come true. You have the desire to create a lodge in the heart of the nature, to start a music band or to create your own organic products business... Just go for it!

Realize your travel desires

Having a child does not necessarily mean being settled. Although it's much easier to get organized in everyday life while staying in one place - especially when your baby is just born - it is totally possible to consider traveling with your child 🌎. The key word is ORGANIZATION. In any case, you will have to be careful not to disturb the rhythm, habits and landmarks of your little one. You'll see that it's quite possible to live a boho life while assuming your role as a mother.

It's not always easy to keep your serenity when being a mom, however, allowing yourself some me time, whether solo, as a couple or with your friends, and by taking care of yourself, you will improve your serenity in all circumstances. That's also part of being a boho mom 😉

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