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Guide and Ideas for Boho Braid Hairstyles Inspiration

Guide and Ideas for Boho Braid Hairstyles Inspiration

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Bohemian hairstyles are on the rise. Used at major California festivals, they give a very trendy romantic look 🌹. Volume, movement and fluidity are the key words!

The boho braid, in its basic, fishtail, Dutch, French or crown version, is a real must for a hippie chic look. Whether you wear it to work, to a party or to a festival, the boho braid can be worn on a daily basis and looks great on any face, whether you have long or short hair. Plus, this easy-to-do hairstyle doesn't take much time.

How to do a bohemian braid and what are the most beautiful boho braid hairstyles? Follow our tutorials and get inspired!

How to do a boho braid?

As this hairstyle is both elegant and easy to do, it can be worn on just about any occasion. Whether you're on a vacation, at the office, or at a fancy event, the braid matches all your outfits. In everyday life, braids are ideal for a natural and romantic style. Combine it with a boho maxi dress, a tunic or a blouse and perfect your hippie look. The braided hairstyle in its wild and sexy way is ideal to accompany you to festivals. Lastly, braids are also very popular for weddings.

Many types of braids and variations exist which can be endlessly mixed and matched in order to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. Let's check out some of them!

The classic three-strand braid

The classic braid is really easy to do, all you have to do is separate your hair into three equal strands and place the outer strand over the middle strand to place it in the center, alternating left and right. For a hippie touch, pull the edges a little to create some volume.

The fishtail braid

This beautiful bohemian two-strand braid is quite simple to achieve, once you get the hang of it. First of all, separate the hair in two sections of the same thickness, then, take a small strand from the outer edge of one of the strands and bring it over to the other strand. Next, repeat the process on the other side, alternating left and right. Once you have finished your fishtail braid, pull on the strands to loosen them a little and obtain some thickness.

The French braid

To realize a French braid, we divide the hair into three equal parts and start with a classic braid. Then, unlike for a normal braid, we add an extra strand to the outer strand before passing it over the middle strand.

The Dutch braid

A variation named the Dutch braid, consists in proceeding exactly the same way as for the French braid, except that we will pass the outer strands below the middle strand instead of above.

The waterfall braid

We begin with a braid stuck on the top of the head up to about the ears, and then we proceed in the same way except that instead of incorporating hair in the strand below, we will drop the strand and replace it with a new strand at each time. You may continue the waterfall braid all the way around to the other ear to get a braided crown or you may stop earlier depending on your wishes.

Accessories that can be added

To embellish your braids, do not hesitate to add some hairpins, clips or barrettes adorned with flowers, pearls, jewelry or feathers. In addition to holding your hair in place, it will add that extra boho touch. Transparent elastics are also practical so as not to weigh down your hair. You may also complete your hairstyle with a headband or a bohemian scarf. Consider hair jewelry such as rings that can be added along the length of a braid to enhance it.

Bohemian braids for all hair lengths

Whether you have long, medium-length or short hair, braids are suitable for all hair types.

A boho braid on long hair

So if you have Rapunzel's hair 👸 with beautiful lengths, you'll have a lot of fun. You can mix and match all types of braids in order to achieve very original hairstyles. For example, you can continue a twisted half-tail with a fishtail braid or make a braided crown on all or a part of your hair. You can also play with the number of braids by opting for a double braid or several braids. The lengths of your hair will allow a maximum of volume.

Here is a very original braid to do on long hair:

  1. Make a half-tail without taking the hair on the front of your head. Then, pull on a few strands to add some volume to the top of the head. With the tips, make a simple 3-strand braid and loosen it by pulling on the edges.
  2. Divide the remaining hair on the top of the head into two parts on each side of the face. Lacquer the strands and run them through the curling iron, then twist them on themselves to obtain a voluminous and flexible curly effect.
  3. Tuck the strands on each side into the first strand of the braid. Be careful not to tug too much for a loose look.
  4. Repeat the process with the hair below, curling it and then incorporating it on each side, strand by strand, into the different layers of your braid. Continue until all of your hair is included.
  5. Once you have finished styling your hair, work the look for maximum volume and re-spray with hairspray.

There you go! A beautiful mermaid braid!

💡 The trick: to bring volume to your hairstyle and get that wow effect, consider extensions!

A boho braid on medium-length hair

Seen on Pinterest.

The braid also adapts to medium-length hair. Try a side braid, which doesn't require length, or opt for a French braid at the back of your head. You can also make several small braids with the hair on top or go for a half braided tail. For a quick and easy tutorial, click here.

A boho braid on short hair 

Seen on Pinterest.

Short hair can also be braided! As with medium-length hair, you can opt for braids that are glued or plastered to the front of your head while leaving part of your hair free. Also consider the twist braid that goes from the front to the ears. To realize a boho braid on short hair, follow this tutorial.

The most beautiful braided bohemian hairstyles

The boho braids bring a natural and chic side to your look while magnifying your hair. There are countless irresistible hairstyles that can be achieved with bohemian braids. Below are a few that are worth checking out 😮.

The bohemian braid can be worn for any occasion. With or without accessories, it sublimates your face and spices up your look without effort. Simple to achieve, you don't need to be a hair expert to achieve a pretty hippie chic hairstyle.

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