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Boho Rock Look

How to Embrace the Boho Rock Look ?

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The boho rock women is a daring one who loves her independence. Carefree and enjoying the present moment to the fullest, without thinking about tomorrow. Impulsive, slightly rebellious and defending her values against a backdrop of decadence 🎸. Artist at heart, she lives an unconventional life, not caring about what people may think of her. Can you identify yourself in this description or does it inspire you? It's time to adopt the boho rock look!

In this article, you will find out about the fabrics, colors and clothes to favour in order to achieve a flawless style, not forgetting the must-have accessories. You will also find 3 exclusive examples of boho-rock outfits to be adopted.

The boho rock style

Do you know the boho style, with its vaporous tunics, long and ample dresses, floral fabrics 🌻, ethnic patterns, etc.? This style blends remarkably well with the rough side of rock.

Go for a trendy look by adding a few rock 'n' roll touches to your boho outfit. Enjoy breaking the style rules. Dare the contrast between a pretty floral dress and rebel Rangers. Add a few well-chosen pieces and accessories and you'll get a 100% boho rock look.

In the rock style, we find some similarities with the boho style especially regarding the used fabrics such as leather, jeans and more delicate fabrics such as crochet, silk and lace. However, the colors here are darker.

In both trends, the clothes often are baggy and we play on overlapping.

Patterns are trendy and we're going to focus on the leopard �?�, checks, flowers, skulls and vintage patterns in the rock style. Lastly, in both styles, we love scarves and fringe.

Boho Rock Style

Essential fabrics

As you may know, leatheris the must-have fabric in rock style, it adds that sensual and rebellious touch typical to this style.If you are against animal abuse, consider imitation leather that will also be cheaper.

Jeans or denim are also very appreciated by both rockers and bohos, especially if they are ripped, worn or washed out.

We also find openwork fabrics such as mesh, crochet and lace, which are more sophisticated.

Add some metallic details to your outfit by using metal zippers, ornaments and buttons for example.

Selecting the colors

As in a Chinese portrait, if there was only one color to be chosen for the rock look it would definitely be black. Dark shades add the elegance and depth of the rock'n'roll spirit. However, the range of colors is more flexible in the boho rock style where you can also combine with bright clothes.

For example, you can opt for just one dark element in your outfit and complete it with white, grey or brown. Feel free to go for slightly washed out colors to add a little bit of a casual look. If you like bright colors, you can add some red touches to a black outfit.

The must-have items for the boho rock look

boho rock

✔ The leather (or imitation) Perfecto

This biker jacket is a must-have for the bohemian rock style. Short and fitted, it matches perfectly with a bohemian dress. Ultra trendy and timeless, this jacket is a real must-have item in your wardrobe.

✔ The loose tees

The graphic vintage t-shirt also is an absolute must-have. With designs from psychedelic to girl power, mythical rock bands like Led Zeppelin etc: they will bring a casual touch to your outfit. Preferably opt for a loose fit, with a round collar and a slightly faded color. To wear either tucked in the skirt or pants, or just freely. Other possible option: the tank top.

✔ The crochet or lace top

A nice crochet top to match with a skirt, jeans or shorts will perfectly compose your bohemian rock outfit while adding a chic touch. Do not hesitate to borrow a few boho chic style items, if possible, to break this boyish side and bring some softness in your outfit.

✔ The checkered shirt

Go for red and black, with large checks and knot it at the waist in grunge mode. With a short skirt, you'll get a great boho rock combo.

✔ The sweater with big stitches

Granny's old knitwear is back in the spotlight with a looser, more casual style. The sweater or vest with large stitches will warm you up during winter while raising your style.

✔ The slim ripped or skinny

The rocker's main piece: the black or grey slim, a great classic. Opt for a ripped and used version for a cool look. Wear them with a puffy blouse and a poncho, for example.

The long dress

Opt for a flowing dress with long sleeves and prints, the emblem of the boho style. Accompanied by a leather jacket, boots and a hat and you'll get a really fashionable look.

The mini skirt

Feminine, the black leather (or velvet) short skirt or straight mini skirt will reveal your rebellious side with sensuality. For a complete boho rock look, opt for a mini skirt with floral embroideries.

✔ Tights

To dress your legs, choose a pair of patterned or fishnet tights. There exists some very pretty ones that will give pep to your outfit.

The boots

A pair of Santiag, Dr. Martens or Rangers are ideal but any pair of black boots will do the job. You can also pick some sneakers for a sportier look. 

Boho rock accessories not to be ignored

Whether it's for your clothes or accessories, think about metal studs and fringe that will bring some character to your bohemian rock look.

boho rock

✔ The leather belt

Add a leather belt with metal ornaments such as studs, rivets, spikes or metal plates.

✔ The scarf or bandana

Tie a scarf around your neck or in your hair. Think about leopard, skull and crossbones 💀 and checks patterns.

✔ The felt hat

What would the bohemian rock look be without the felt hat? A Trilby or wide-brimmed hat will add that finishing touch to your outfit.

✔Silver jewelry

Collect old metal, silver or leather jewelry, they will sublimate your look perfectly. Long silver necklaces, cross pendants, leather bracelets, skull and crossbones rings and others on the same hand... play it provocative! In addition, tattoos are very common in the rock world.

✔ Sunglasses

Preferably opt for round and black ones. They are perfect to hide your tired eyes, after an improvised night out.

✔ The leather bag

No one leaves without his leather handbag decorated with rivets, zippers, chains, snaps and silver elements. Even fringe items are possible!

3 examples of boho rock outfits

Decided to go for the boho rock style and looking for some outfit ideas? Discover our 3 examples of ultra trendy boho rock style outfits �?.

Boho rock style
  • A black boho dress , black shoes and silver necklaces will reveal your rocker soul in a boho spirit.
  • A leopard printed long skirt with a vintage graphic t-shirt. Add a leather perfecto and the belt of your choice for a wild boho rock look.
  • Slim jeans or used shorts worn with a vintage graphic t-shirt of your choice, a denim jacket and Dr. Martens for a casual, contesting look.

Classy, rebellious and casual at the same time, the boho rock look is very fashionable. Maybe it's that touch of craziness and carelessness that makes it so appealing. Dare to reveal your personality and change the world by adopting the bohemian rock style.

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