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How to Adopt a Boho Lifestyle?

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Through fashion, a way of thinking, lifestyle, spirituality? Are you wondering what it's like to “ live the Boho life ”? More than just a way of being, it is above all a state of mind, based on the Carpe Diem motto. It's all about living now, without worrying about the daily grind or the future.

Being a Boho woman is to dare to be yourself, to break away from superficiality, and to fully enjoy your existence within a shrinking society. To live a boho lifestyle is to live differently, in complete freedom, far from the pessimism and fatalism that characterize today's reality.

Great concept, don't you think 😊? But what does it mean to be a Boho nowadays? 

One might think that the Boho is an outsider, marginal, in full rebellion against a society which they reject. In reality, they evolve according to their own rules in an attempt to fully live their dreams. Open-minded, looking for artistic or literary ideals, the Boho is endowed with a great sensitivity towards their environment, animals and the planet as if they are all somehow connected. 🌿 This is what makes them so spiritual.

Far from the clichés of the vagabond on the outskirts of society, or the wandering fortune teller, the Boho Woman has a free and healthy state of mind. They are beings who do not wish to pollute their minds with thoughts and values that do not match their own.

So, where does the expression “living the Boho life” comes from? What does it really mean to be a Boho nowadays? And how do you fully live out your destiny as a Boho? These are exactly the questions we are going to answer in this article.

What is it like to live a Boho life?

Boho Lifestyle

The origin of the expression dates to the 19th century, when it was erroneously used to refer to Romani people coming from the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. These people had actually arrived from India and settled in various regions and in one such region impoverished artists, musicians, poets and other literary people opted to settle in these lower rent neighbourhoods. 

The Romantic movement 🥀would also develop this image by preaching freedom and by criticizing the absence of morality which characterized Bohemians in literature. One can particularly think of Henry Murger's novel Scènes de la vie de Bohème (sometimes translated as the Latin Quarter) and its numerous artistic adaptations.

So... do you need to originate from a Romani family to live a Boho life?🤔

Subsequently, it turned out that the crisis of the 60s broke society's codes. At that time, youth was in the midst of an existential crisis and in rebellion against the world that governed them. A real awakening, a social rupture was taking place. The Hippie and Rock ’n Rollmovements that resulted from this were to be a source of inspiration for Bohemian culture. In the 1970s, the term bobo appeared in the media to refer to a rather well-off (bourgeois) person – a partisan of the counter-culture and boho idealism.

Nowadays, when an individual has a rather atypical way of life, a little on the fringe, and does not bend to the rules of the masses, it is said that he or she is living a Bohemian life.

It is also a way of qualifying an artist who is drifting through life and lacking in objectivity, or even a person who cultivates a kind of intellectual freedom, with a sometimes eccentric style of clothing. Have you ever been called something similar ? 🤭

It's probably because you have that rather special, slightly quirky side. Well, you can be proud of your uniqueness! 

What does it mean to be Bohemian nowadays?

Boho Lifestyle

According to the definition, Bohemianism is defined as the practice of living a bohemian life.

This involves having an open and carefree state of mind, and a connection to natural surroundings. If we dig a little deeper, we can say that to be Boho is to free oneself from the excesses of today's society (materialization, mass consumption, industrialization, societal pressure, and other harmful shortcomings...).

A Boho woman has pacifistic ideas, is an optimistic person 🌈, and is eager to enjoy the present moment. With a certain appeal for art, music and literature, a high level of spirituality ... these are all characteristics of the Boho life.

To be a Bohemian nowadays means to simply be true to yourself: free to think, to believe and to be. The most important thing is to be in harmony with your values and to follow your own ideals without worrying about how others regard you. And now, the question is: Are you a Boho Woman ?

How to live a Boho life?

Do you find yourself with this state of mind and wish to adopt a Boho way of life?

Here's a short guide to help you:

🌻 Open up your mind

As travel goes hand-in-hand with open-mindedness, Bohemians across the world like to discover new horizons and immerse themselves in new cultures. Far from touristic spots and traditional roads, Boho womans will opt for the small steep paths, in search of authenticity. Always in search of their true selves, they will use meditation techniques to increase their consciousness.

🌻 Opt for a healthy life without superfluous materialism

Today's Boho society favors a sober lifestyle that comes close to poverty threshold and where material needs are not seen as a priority. They opt for a healthy diet in order to preserve and maintain their physical well-being. Leaving aside anything superfluous, they focus on the essential and get connected to their true inner selves.

🌻 Preserve nature and the planet

The Bohemian is a nature lover who cares for the environment and protects it as part of the family. No question of using pesticides or building an airport that would destroy the ecosystem! The Bohemian is benevolent in all circumstances, whether it is towards family members or towards the planet.

Boho lifestyle

🌻 Live your life to the fullest

Thirsty for life, thirsty for love, the Boho is an epicurean who takes a big bite out of life: singing, dancing, playing music. Expressing themselves artistically, the Boho is a happy being, and you can tell that! Life is synonymous with pleasure first and foremost.

The Boho is carefree, not because of a lack of maturity, but because they know that by following this lifestyle they will live life to the fullest without worrying about the future and without putting any obstacles in their way. The goal is to enjoy the present moment 100% of the time.

The Boho defends peaceful ideas and conveys personal values in the expectation of a more beautiful, simpler world. 💜

🌻 Prefer the Boho clothing style

Some Bohemians wear clothes that fit in with their lifestyle and reflect their inner personalities. Loose fabrics, comfortable materials with vegetal patterns and without superfluousness to live the Boho life in harmony, with handmade Boho jewelry, and free hair styles to stick to the Boho style. The key words are homemade, casual, natural!

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The 10 golden Boho rules:

To live a Boho life according to its principles, certain things are indispensable:

    • Detaching oneself from the superfluous to focus on the essential
    • Living 100% in the present moment
    • Believing in a better world and defending its values
    • Developing awareness and creativity
    • Reconnecting with nature
    • Opening your mind
    • Leading an unconventional life
    • Freeing oneself from complexes and pressures from society
    • Detaching from the consumption model and industrialization
    • No rules...😉

As you have understood, beyond looks and lifestyle, Boho life is an ideal which aspires to a better world and above all, it is a true message of hope and love.

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