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How to choose the right Boho Accessories?

How to choose the right Boho Accessories?

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The bohemian style is timeless and trendier than ever 🤩. With its natural fabrics, soft shades and flowing fits, the boho look has what it takes to please.

If the main pieces are dresses and flowing clothes, the boho accessories definitely bring that finishing touch to your outfit. Bags, hats, jewelry, scarves and belts, these are the essential ingredients to create a boho look.

Find out how to choose your boho accessories!

The boho bag, a practical accessory not to be ignored

The boho bag is the ultimate, practical accessory that will perfectly match your bohemian look. It will complete your outfit while distinguishing you even more, depending on the style you have chosen.

No more need to load your pockets because the boho bag allows you to carry everything you need with you... house keys, wallet, papers, phone and other essentials. You may also slip in a small makeup kit or sweater in case you need one. Thus, you are entirely free to go wherever you want, whenever you want 🌎!

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How to choose your boho bag?

For a boho look, opt for a natural fabric bag 👜 that matches your clothing. Leather, suede, wool or crochet perfectly complements the hippie chic style. For a vegan version, consider cotton, braided straw, raffia, rattan or wicker bags.

Choose your bag either natural or adorned with boho elements. Remember tassels, embroidery, floral prints, ethnic motifs as well as fantasies such as pompoms, feathers, shells or pearls. As for the shape of your bag, there is plenty of choice: shoulder bag, tote bag, purse, pouch, pocket, rounded bag - it doesn't matter … as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. To get an even more precise idea, discover which bag to choose when wearing a boho dress.

Boho jewelry, unmissable for a stylish look!

Among the boho accessories, �? jewelry is a definite must-have that will enhance your look. Bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings - all essential to accessorize your outfit. Also think about anklets which will give that little gipsy touch to your style.

It's the accumulation of various jewelry that will create the boho look. Thus, don't hesitate to carry multiple necklaces or bracelets by mixing sizes, shapes and materials. Whether in winter or summer, jewels are your allies.

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How to choose your boho jewelry?

Opt for costume jewelry in gold, brass, silver or aged metal. Ethnic, handcrafted or handmade pieces also are excellent options. Leather, wood and woven items offer a more natural look. You can embellish your jewelry with pendants, pearls, shells, feathers and semi-precious stones for a delightful boho effect. For a hippie chic style, consider fine golden jewelry.

The boho hat, an elegant addition to your look

Assert your style and bring a unique touch to your outfit with the boho hat 🎩. A multitude of boho hats are available to suit all seasons. In felt, straw or fabric: different models and materials can be adapted to satisfy all of your needs ( as well as your wardrobe).

Go for the discreet touch with a Trilby or draw attention with a floppy hat. Have no idea of how to style your hair today? Simply put on a Fedora and style up yourself in the blink of an eye. 

How to choose your boho hat? 

The choice of a bohemian hat depends on the shape of your face, the desired style as well as the season. In summer, the braided straw hat is perfect to protect you from sun and to match your country outfit. The Panama Hat and the Boater also provide a great boho summer style. In autumn and winter, a Trilby or a newsboy cap might be more appropriate.

While oval shaped faces can wear just about any type of hat, angular shaped faces may favour a Boater while round shaped faces will be more harmonious wearing a Fedora.

You like the boho rock style? Opt for a felt Trilby. Feel like poetry? The wide brim of the floppy hat will reveal your romantic side. If you' re nostalgic, the newsboy cap will bring a retro touch to your outfit. Lastly, if the folk look inspires you, go for a Fedora.

The scarf, a bohemian hair accessory

The bandana was adopted by the hippies in the 70s and today is one of the key elements of the boho style. A great accessory to achieve pretty vintage hairstyles. The scarf can be worn in many different ways either on attached or detached hair. As a bandeau, a headband or tied up with a ponytail or a fuzzy bun. Allow your imagination to create gorgeous boho hairstyles using a scarf 👱�?♀�?.

How to choose your bohemian scarf or bandana?

For an irresistible boho look, opt for a fine silk scarf in a rectangular shape, decorated with patterns. You can choose either: liberty floral prints for a spring style, polka dots for a retro look, or Indian scarves for an ethnic touch. Colors also matter. As for all bohemian clothes, natural tones are recommended ( white, ochre, beige, brown, green, blue, yellow...). Naturally, you will need to adapt the colors and patterns to suit your outfit. If you wish to diversify, hair jewelry and headbands are also very trendy.

The boho belt, a detail that will make all the difference

Boho dresses are characterized by their fluidity and freedom of movement. Therefore, the belt can be a real good solution to gently mark your waist and structure your silhouette.

With a skirt or pants, the belt will prevent the clothes from slipping off your hips. Besides being practical, this boho accessory brings a nice finishing touch to your boho outfit �?.

How to choose your boho belt?

Here again, leather, suede and braided materials are favored. We appreciate camel, brown and beige shades. The bohemian belt can be adorned with pendants, stones or embroidery. Consider wooden buckles in antique metal or engraved with refined motifs.

Smaller women should opt for fine belts to avoid packing down their figure, while pulpy women can opt for larger models that can be worn below the bust. Those with strong hips should wear their belts in a fitted, high waist position. If you have a slender body type or broad shoulders, do not hesitate to wear your belt loosely so that it slides over your hips. This will add some volume to your hips.

When wearing clothes with prints, go for a rather simple belt or, conversely, opt for a patterned belt 🌸 together with a plain dress. Carefully chosen, this item will make all the difference.

What would the boho style be without the accessories that accompanies? A true cherry on top �?�, all these small details are a must to give character and bring a personal touch to your hippie chic look. Now that you know how to select the right ones, all that' s left to do is create your own unique style.

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