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Quick and Easy Fashion Tips

Quick and Easy Fashion Tips

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When it comes to dressing up, we, as ladies, can have some little issues that guys can't even imagine! Too much plunging neckline, lack of shape, rubbing thighs... Boho Vibe reveals some of the finest fashion tips to solve these little everyday issues in the blink of an eye.

🤿 Is your neckline a little too plunging ?

« Help, my boho dress is super beautiful but with this ultra-sexy neckline I don't think anyone will look me in the eye… »

Have a generous chest or on the contrary small breasts and your neckline reveals more than it should? No worries, we have some beauty tips that will preserve your privacy.

Slip a tank top under your outfit

A camisole in a neutral color or in tones that match your outfit will allow you to find a slightly more conservative neckline. With its thin straps, and its fit that only covers the chest, the tank top will be very subtle. Better yet, you can match it to the color of your dress or blouse if the shape allows it. Discretion guaranteed!

Fix with double-sided tape

Another way to keep your cleavage in place to avoid it getting out of control is by using double-sided tape. Stick a small piece of tape on the edges of your plunging neckline and press it against your skin. A completely invisible fashion trick!

Use an earring or pin

By bringing both sides of your neckline together with a brooch, pin or earring, you'll prevent your neckline from being too deep. Ingenious isn't it?

�?? Your silhouette is not defined well enough ?

We're not all blessed with Monica Bellucci's luscious figure with wasp waist and sensual curves. However, H-shaped women can rejoice, because there are a few simple tricks to visually reshape the silhouette.

Tie your shirt with an elastic band

A very simple and stylish way to mark your waist is to make a knot with the fabric that protrudes in order to shorten the t-shirt. First, cross the two parts of each side and then with the tip, form a kind of bun. Lastly, maintain the whole with an elastic.

Wear your belt differently

If you have a slightly androgynous figure, you can wear your belt low and loosely, so that it rests on your hips. Your shoulders are small compared to your hips? Opt for a trapeze dress and tie your belt just below your chest to balance the volumes. This will make your thighs and hips look more effaced.

👙 Your bra is too much visible?

Depending on the model of your dress and its type of neckline, your bra may be showing off a little too much. Don't panic! There exist solutions to palliate this problem.

Remove the straps or opt for a bandeau bra

Smaller breasts can afford to take off the removable straps, especially with dresses that are elasticated above the waist. You can also wear a bandeau bra designed to give you support while respecting the cut of your dress or blouse.

Eliminate your straps

With a strapless top, or an off-the-shoulder neckline, the ideal is to completely hide your bra straps. To do so, you may keep only one strap by passing it behind your back and hanging it on the opposite hook. Tighten well at the adjustable buckle and you're done! For a crew neck top, cross the straps behind your back, no one will notice!

🧣 Don't know what to do with your pretty foulards?

If you have a whole collection of scarves and foulards in your wardrobe. Know that you can divert them and spice up your look.

Accessorize your outfit with a foulard

With their silk like material, colors and patterns, scarves are perfect for adding a little boho flair to your outfit. You can tie a foulard on your wrist, or around your waist or even on your bag.

Turn your foulard into a crop-top

In summer, tie a foulard around your chest like a crop top. You'll obtain a pretty and original bohemian top that you can tighten as you wish. Match your scarves with pallazo pants and long skirts for a casual vintage look!

�?� Your outfit is wrinkled and you're in a hurry?

While natural materials are super comfortable to wear, some like linen or 100% cotton have a tendency to wrinkle if the clothes are folded incorrectly. Not a fan of ironing? Don't worry, we have some great tips to make your life easier!

Unwrinkle your dress in a quick way

To restore a wrinkled garment to its intended appearance, simply dampen it before drying it on a hanger. You can hang it up and spray a little water on it before letting it dry naturally. A quarter of an hour later, the result is already better! Don't have much time? Hang it up while you take your shower. The steam will do its job.

Iron lightweight clothes with a flat iron

What's similar to an iron but lighter and less cumbersome? A flat iron, of course! With its metal plate that heats up, it's a formidable weapon for smoothing clothes. Go over the folds without staying too long on the same spot so as not to burn the fabric. You'll see, it's very practical and above all it doesn't take up any space in your suitcase!

🔥 Your thighs are rubbing in summer?

What's more unpleasant than that feeling of skin rubbing when temperatures rise. When the thighs touch, you can feel a certain amount of heat, especially when you perspire. Pain, irritation, redness and sometimes even itching... thighs that rub are a real problem. We rarely talk about it and yet it seems that this problem affects a large number of women and not necessarily overweight ones! A question of body types! Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you prevent this problem.

Wear biker shorts or anti-friction bands

Put on a cyclist or a microfiber or cotton shorty underneath your skirt. Thanks to its soft material, this underwear will be perfect for limiting chafing. Its role? To avoid that the skin sticks and to support the slip. Similarly, you can put a layer of Vaseline or baby changing cream, designed to avoid irritation. Another solution is to invest in anti-friction elastic bands that you wear like stockings. For just a few euros, you can find some nice models.

Use natural powder

As you know, sweat is the sworn enemy of chafing thighs. So, mineral powders will help to limit the phenomenon of perspiration and thus the small inconveniences. As an alternative to talcum powder, you can use cornstarch or white clay, which effectively absorb sweat. No more redness - enjoy your bathing suit!

With these fashion tips, there's no excuse for not wearing your most beautiful boho dresses and tops. And you, have some life-changing tips to share with us?

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