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Long Boho lace Kimono with flared sleeves

wine red
  • Description of the Long Boho lace Kimono with flared sleeves

    This long boho lace kimono with flared sleeves is a type of garment that combines elements of boho style with vintage-inspired lace details. It is a long, flowing kimono style jacket that adds an effortlessly feminine touch to any outfit. It is made from a lightweight lace fabric that features intricate details and patterns. Its falls below the waist and often reaches the ankle, creating a dramatic and flowing silhouette. The open front design of the kimono adds to its casual and comfortable feel, making it a perfect piece to layer. The boho style of the kimono can be seen in the unique lace details and patterns, as well as the overall relaxed, free-spirited feel of the garment.

    • Boho style
    • Fabric: lace
    • Character: ruffle
    • Available in three models: wine, red, white, pink
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping