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What to wear as a guest to a Country Wedding?

What to wear as a guest to a Country Wedding?

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A romantic event in a bucolic setting... the country wedding 🌾 is both chic and rustic and has been trending for several years already.

With its wild flowers, authentic materials, pastel colors and spring freshness, the country theme wedding is absolutely charming and delightful.

If you are invited to such an event, we have some tips on how to follow the dress code and choose the perfect wedding outfit.

The country wedding dress code

Each wedding theme has its corresponding dress code! The wedding guest's outfit must be chosen with care to be in perfect harmony with the theme. For a country wedding, soft colors are a must while natural and authentic materials are favored. We focus on the fluidity of the fabrics, on the charm of floral prints, and above all, we don't forget the accessories!

Country colors

If the bride and groom have not indicated a specific color code, be inspired by the natural hues that can be found in a meadow. You can go for pastel tones like sky blue, mint green, peach, apricot, light yellow, parma, pale pink, or other soft colors. Neutral shades like gray, beige, nude, white or ivory are also fine choices. It's best to avoid dark colors, too bright colors and glitter.

country wedding guest's outfits

©Jonathan Borba

Country-style fabrics and materials

Whatever your outfit, be sure to opt for fine and lightweight fabrics that will allow easy movement without constricting your body. Muslin, viscose, tulle or crepe fabric are particularly flowing materials that will be particularly suitable for a country wedding.

Silk, cotton, linen, and fabrics made of natural fibers are an excellent choice as well, especially since they won't make you sweat on hot summer days 😓.

Lace, guipure or even English embroidery will sublimate your clothes while bringing a touch of romanticism. As for shoes and accessories, you can rely on woven straw, wicker, leather, suede, canvas and cotton.

Country prints

You may also opt for the total look by wearing a fully patterned dress or jumpsuit, mixed with neutral items or simply with a few highlights added to your outfit (belt, bag, headband...).

Consider floral fabrics 🌸  that perfectly evoke the country spirit. Small patterns and Liberty are absolutely on point. Similarly, the gingham print and its checks are divinely reminiscent of the countryside and the 50s. A retro dress with polka dots will also be very stylish. Besides the prints, you can also choose pieces with floral embroidery.

dress code country wedding

©Omar Lopez

Country accessories

If your outfit does not have floral prints, you can also bring in a touch of nature with an accessory of your choice. Opt for a flower crown 🌼 or fall for some vegetal boho jewelry. Nature-themed earrings, a necklace or a bracelet will be just perfect.

Likewise, straw bohemian hats such as a boater or panama hat 👒  will definitely be in the country spirit. Also think about clutches and handbags made of plant fibers. Another way of reminding the country theme is by wearing sandals with braided rope soles.

To vary from flowers, you may also wear a headband, a scarf or a belt with gingham or polka dot print. As for men, they will go for silk or linen bow ties, floral boutonnieres and suspenders to evoke the countryside.

Which country dress to choose as bridesmaid?

Find your country wedding dress at affordable prices!

The bride frequently sets a dress code for her bridesmaids. If this is not the case, you will need to coordinate with your fellow �? �?�?♀�?�?♀�? in order to match your outfits.

You can either choose the same dress or agree on the color and material (which will allow you to adapt the fit to your body type). Naturally, white should be avoided so as not to steal the show from the bride.

Also, know that the empire or trapeze styles are suitable for most of the body types. Another option consists of choosing shades that blend perfectly together (pastel palettes, for example).

If you opt for dresses with prints, make sure that there is some consistency in the style and size of the patterns. Lastly, remember to respect the codes we mentioned above (soft colors, natural materials, fluid fabrics...).

3 guest outfits for a country wedding

As a wedding guest, you are looking for a suitable outfit to be in harmony with the country theme? Check out these 3 gorgeous outfits that are totally in line with this kind of event.

how to dress for a country wedding
  1. The Bohemian Chic Lace Dress is particularly fluid and light and will enhance your curves thanks to its empire fit. Both chic and casual, it offers an elegant and natural style. We fall 💙  for its lace wrap neck, its loose sleeves and its ribbon belt that delicately marks the waist. This very comfortable dress will match well with small leather sandals. Paired with a small Boho Leather Purse, you'll be perfectly in theme.
  2. The Bohemian Mid-Thigh Slit Gingham Dress is perfect for reminding us of a vacation to the countryside. Delightfully retro with its gingham print, it enhances slim silhouettes. We love 💙  its smocked bustier, square neck and puffed sleeves. Wedge espadrilles or sandals in a neutral color will match very well with this pretty checkered dress. With a floppy hat or a straw hat, you will completely fit in the country universe. Opt for a round straw boho bag, some big dangling earrings or other boho jewelry to sublimate your outfit.
  3. For those who wish to opt for something different than dresses, the Boho Chic Maxi Skirt is ideal for composing a beautiful country guest outfit. You can combine it with a strapless or short-sleeved top in a light color or floral pattern. This skirt, which is worn high-waisted, will slim your legs and enhance your silhouette, without a doubt. Plus, we love 💙  its airy ruffles and pleated fabric. For a country chic look, add a braided belt, fine jewelry and pumps. Lastly, a woven boho bag will bring a touch of spring to your life.

What country style outfit for men?

The country style creates a chic and casual atmosphere. A true opportunity for men to wear an original and elegant outfit.

As previously explained, it is best to choose light colors over dark ones. A two-piece suit in beige, blue or grey will be perfect as well as all pastel shades.

For the materials, we will remain in the vintage world with velvet or tweed for the fresh seasons and lightweight fabrics like linen, silk or cotton in summer.

We can for example start on a white blouse 👔, with a bow tie and suspenders that we will associate with a pair of chino pants. Similarly, a suit vest will give a very appreciable air of guinguette. For the jacket, choose a rather casual model or a blazer. Don't forget about retro prints and accessories such as floral boutonnieres, liberty ties and hats that will bring that extra country touch.

And lastly, regarding footwear, opt for leather Richelieu shoes for a chic country wedding, suede derbies and moccasins for a more casual celebration, or simply dare to wear your canvas sneakers, depending on the style you are looking for.

Inspired by the bohemian and retro universe, the country wedding honors nature 🌻. Also, the choice of your guest outfit must respect the dress codes in order to create complete harmony. By following our tips, you will definitely be in the theme.

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